Thursday, March 31, 2016

USMC deploys Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System II

(Iraq)  For years now the US has migrated over to Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) in which to accurately target the enemy, and reduce collateral damage. The problem is using weapons such as JDAMs, SDB, Paveway and Hellfire  costs a lot of money What the US has needed is a much cheaper PGM which they can afford to use on mass which will kill the enemy a lot cheaper. Yes that sounds awful, but when you are trying to combat a movement such as ISIS, but  have to answer to every man and his dog regards how you go about wiping out idiots such as ISIS (unlike the Russians who have simply carpet bombed their target area clear of idiots) then costs can restrict your ability to fight a protracted battle.

Most armed forces use rocket pods, which fire unguided rockets which are cheap plentiful, but as mentioned somewhat unaccurate , BAE systems have hit on the idea of affixing a laser warhead onto a hydra rocket and hey presto, a mini cheap PGM. Welcome to the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System or APKWS which is a third of the cost and size of most conventional PGMs  but rather than rabbit on, here's a wee video which tells you all you need to know.

A time line chart

Well as of yesterday the United states Marine Corps have started fielding the APKWS into theatre, starting off with the AV-8B Harrier II aircraft forward deployed to Bahrain.

UK: The Intolerance of Sunni Islam exposed

(Glasgow) So here we are a week after a Ahmadiyya Muslim was brutally murdered by another Muslim for the crime of wishing Christians a happy easter. Yup it appears that so inflamed did 32 year old Tanveer Ahmed get at reading this message of peace and goodwill to followers of the Book. (The Koran states that Jews and Christians are followers of the book and thus tolerance and autonomy is accorded to them in societies governed by sharia (Islamic divine law) that he got in his car and drove 200 miles north and stabbed Mr Shah 30 times.

Well today the Central  mosque in Glasgow held a press conference, but it was more about them trying to whitewash  the revelationthat  two of Scotland’s senior membershave been exposed as leading members of a proscribed organisation (Sipah-e-Sahaba) than the murder of Mr Shah a few miles from their door.  It appears that  Sipah-e-Sahaba a Sunni Islamic org doesn’t like sharing the name Muslim with Shia Muslims and so it has no problem going out of its way to murder as many Shia Muslims as possible. Well as this comes hot on the heels of another exposure of a prominent Scottish Muslim and his support of a Pakistani terrorist who murdered a Pakistani MP for the crime ofdefending a Pakistani Christian we can see that something rotten is to be found in the state of Scotland when it comes to so called peaceful Muslims. Now before anybody from up north tries to correct me (You can’t say that, have you met a real Muslim? Or just plain you are a racist.) let me point out, that I am an apostate from the gay death cult (Well they have no problem killing women for being friendly with men) and I know only too well from my own experiences with Pakistani Sunni Muslims  in the Uk (Like been told to change my name as it is Islamic and I am not, problem there is I have a penchant for the martial arts, boxing ,keeping fit and possessing a very stubborn streak, oh yes due to the physical abuse I received as a child , I have a very rare condition, which means I have a very high tolerance to pain, very handy in a fight)

So back to the story at hand, whilst the central mosque waxed lyrical about ‘Islamophobia’ and how Muslims can only be victims in the UK. I quote:
"Our community since 9/11 has struggled greatly with Islamophobia and we cannot afford this divide on the basis of our beliefs or religion.
They left out the very salient fact that yesterday(30/03/16) The local mosques and imams were invited to the Glasgow Ahmadiya centre on the morning of March 30th to show their solidarity with the grieving Ahmadis and to sign a joint statement. None came. So much for saying they cannot affords this division due to having different beliefs. But then the vast majority of Scotland mosques come under the umbrella of the Muslim council of Britain. That self-appointed (Pakistani) guardian of Islamic morals in the UK and here is what they had to say about the followers of Ahmadiyya Islam from a few years ago. For some very strange reason they have now removed that post from their website.

The thing is, we keep getting told that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, but it appears that the only branches that are, are those which the majority Islamic branch (Sunni Islam)  keeps going well of its way in which to eradicate. 

Russian Gunships (Mil-28) used in battle for Palmyra

(Syria) Moscow has released a short video of Russian Helicopter Gunships (Mil 28N aka Havoc) taking out a couple of targets during the recent battle for Palmyra. The Mil 28N is a dedicated gunship which in a nutshell is the Russian equivalent of the US AH64D/E \Apache. As the Apache, it comes with a 2 man crew, it designed to resist weapons up to 20mm and comes with a big gun under its nose.

The missile used appear to be laser-guided 9M123 Khrizantema 

The Mil 28N appears to have impressed a number of people, which is why the Algerian, Kenyan and Iraqi armed forces now field it.

New US medal for campaign against Islamic State

(Washington) The Pentagon showed off their latest medal for its servicemen and women who deploy out to the Middle East in which to take on ISIS. To qualify , a service member "must have been present in Iraq, Syria, or the contiguous waters or airspace of either country, on or after June 15, 2014, for a period of 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days," according to a Pentagon statement. "Service members who were killed or were medically evacuated due to wounds or injuries immediately qualify for the award, as do members who engaged in combat."

The front side of the new medal features an image of a sword piercing a scorpion -The hand clutching the sword appears to be wearing armor, and the sword itself is a variant of one commonly used in earlier U.S. military insignias. Known as the Sword of Liberation, the blade is prominently displayed in the emblem of U.S. Army Europe — although in the Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal, the sword is more of a dagger and the hilt is slightly altered. The reverse side of the medal has an eagle perched atop a banner that says, "For service."

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hamas digging tunnels into Israel, sees war as the only way.

(Gaza) The Islamic world loves to portray Hamas the rulers of Gaza as victims of the Jew. (Lets be honest here, whilst the Islamic world and left say they are not anti-Semitic, when they say Zionist, they mean jews) Poor Gaza under military occupation by Israel, Poor Gaza suffering a genocide, Poor Gaza under siege. (Doesn't kind of explain all the fat bastards living there (A study of Palestinian adults estimated the prevalence of overweight and obesity as 58.7% and 71.3% among men and women respectively)) Anyway after Hamas murdered 3 young boys, and then in which to profess their innocence lobbed thousands of missiles into Israel (Some siege) Israel fought back and was pillared by the Left and Islamic world for doing so. Anyway the world demanded that if if only Israel opened its borders, then peace would befall the region, because as we all know Islam is a religion of peace and Hamas would respect any overtures to peace. One such example would be for Israel to let in building materials in which to allow Gaza build the homes it needs to house its exploding population. Well since 2014 and the last set to, Israel has allowed in 3.5m tonnes of construction materials into Gaza , yet instead of building homes, Hamas has built tunnels, tunnels into Israel in which to start another war, a war of their own making designed to get the Israeli to retaliate and get the Islamic (and liberal world) to condemn Israel for fighting back and of course the real reason, to open up plenty of wallets in which to fatten the wallets of the fat cats who quite literally see war as a money making operation. Meanwhile the left continue to see Israel as the ones in the wrong here. On that note does anybody know of any Islamic country which is able to live in peace with its non-Islamic neighbours?

Watch Black student tell off whitey for wearing dreadlocks

(US) Cory Goldstein, a student at San Francisco State University was on route to lunch when he was accosted by Bonita Tindle a black student (and her male friend) for wearing his hair in dreadlocks. what then transpires exemplifies how f-ing stupid the Political correctness has become

Just to show how stupid this racist is, she,  when answered with the fact that dreadlocks originated in Egypt, asks
"Where's Eygpt?"
And she's a University student?. No doubt , nothing will be done in which to address this blatant racist behaviour. 

How the left reinvent the past

(Australia) A story currently doing the rounds in the left-wing media is how a university in Australia is informing its students that Australia was invaded and not discovered by Great Britain. Most people will laugh this off as just something that the ethical latte drinkers are getting upset about, but to be honest, we should all worry about how the left are rewriting history on the so called morals of today. So today the left loves to berate the British Empire as evil and that all the ills of the current day stem from it. Yet nobody talks about other empires, or if they do they wax lyrical about them. Islam for example spread out after the death of its founder and by 0718 AD, the Spanish peninsular was occupied by Islam. Yet instead of saying that al-Andalus was occupied, we are regaled to how Spain under Islam was a wonderful place to be. Really? The same is said about the Ottoman Empire , it (like the Islamic Empire) lasted for several hundreds of years and they didn't rule by being nice, yet, the liberal left remain ever so silent on it. The left love to berate the British for slavery, but for some strange reason they leave out the very salient part that Great Britain in 1833 banned slavery outright and it used its military power (The Navy) to enforce that stance on everybody else. why do the left never seem to mention that? Look at how Nazis Germany (Dresden) and Japan (Hiroshima/Nagasaki) have now been reinvented in victims of the allies . The Islamic world loves to wax lyrical about the Crusades. Yet the facts remain that at that time the Levant was(and still is) the Christian holy-land and that Islam was the invader. As a child growing up, I was told never to refer to a dark skinned person (I am brown by the way) as black ,as it was deemed offensive you had to say coloured. Now, you have to say black as coloured is deemed..offensive. Spokesman is deemed offensive you have say spokesperson, however spokeswoman is Ok. What this means is today, is that common-sense has gone out of the window and that idiots have been allowed to take control of the world. A world where everything is taken out of context and everybody is a victim. Unless of course if you are white and male.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hamas: Twitter account closed down

(Gaza) It appears that the world renowned Islamic freedom fighters loved by ethical latte drinkers everywhere  has lost yet another battle, when it found to its horror, that somebody had shut down their 'Twitter' account. Naturally the Allah ackba squad blamed the Jew:

 The manager of the account said in a statement posted to the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades’ website that “Twitter closed the page following pressure by Zionist groups.”

Anyway, before any leftwing heroes decide to report this to the UN, here's a video clip of the British comedy "Up Pompeii" Where Frankie Howards famous line was: "Titter yer not"

Germany finds answer to Islamic migrant rapists

(Berlin) Germany has a migrant sex crime problem and instead of dealing with the issue at hand, Political correctness has ensured that people try and find a way to resolve the issue without been deemed racist. This we saw at first hand on New Years day when after hundreds of women were sexually assaulted the Germans tried to cover up these attacks by not reporting them.

Well it seems that German railways have hit upon separate rail carriages for men and women. How stupid is this all where we have to emulate the Islamic countries these sex pests come from in which to protect our fairer sex. All in which to keep the PC crowd happy. What next...Hijabs and Burkas?

Hijacked Egypt Air aircraft lands in Cyprus.

(Larnaca)  An Eygpt Air Airbus A320 on a scheduled run from Alexandria to Cairo with 55 passengers  and 7 crew has landed at Larnca airport this morning after been hijacked by 27 year old Ibrahim Samaha,(Who holds joint US/Egyptian citizenship) after deciding that this was the best way in which to win back his ex Cypriot wife.

EgyptAir have confirmed the hijacking on Twitter.

An Airbus A320 of the type hijacked

It appears that everybody and his dog is now claiming that a man with a suicide vest who hijacked a plane across the Med, isn't actually a terrorist. :
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement: 'He's not a terrorist, he's an idiot. Terrorists are crazy but they aren't stupid. This guy is.
EgyptAir hijack: Larnaca hijacking 'not terrorism' 

Err, sorry to mention this, but he is a terrorist, simply because he terrorised 72 people to do as he demanded or he would kill them all. But it appears that in Europe, so scared have they become of terrorists that we can no longer refer to them as such.  Well the bBC does say that it is a loaded term. Unlike the idiots who unload their weapons or suicide bombs in which to get their way.

Well its all over, with the hijacker handing himself over to the Police, thankfully with nobody getting hurt.

How leftwing ideology has taken root within the British educational system.

(London) This past week, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) held their annual AGM and as per usual they promoted their Marxist way of educating the nations future as the way forward. So just what did the ethical latte drinking crowd push for this year:

1) Get rid of Red ink whilst marking. 
Apparently according to the keep the red flag flying crowd, marking pupils work in red ink is.."confrontational" and "threatening". Instead they have voted for pastel colours which are easier on the child.

2) Get rid of the anti-extremism strategy
Apparently teachers have taken offence to the anti-extremist strategy designed to have teachers report on vulnerable children been groomed by religious bigots. Yup according to the NUT, it stifles debate

3) Get rid of fundamental British values” lessons
It seems that the teaching of the UK’s democracy, law and traditions under Government guidelines will only make children believe other cultures are inferior according to the teachers union. Yes teachers are concerned that British values classes as encouraging cultural supremacy will make children “feel guilty about being British” and could “radicalise” children.

4) Get rid of Ofstead inspections as it stresses teaches
In the Uk, all schools are inspected in which to see if they are fit for purpose. But apparently teachers want rid of these snap inspections as it causes them more work and even stresses them out.

5) Get out of Europe as it is stopping people without the right passports from entering the UK.

Hard-left teachers want Britain to leave the European Union because it does not let in enough migrants and is not socialist enough.Radical factions of the National Union of Teachers said the EU was guilty of ‘murderous racism’ by refusing entry to ‘brothers and sisters from the rest of the world’.They said that refugees and migrants should be ‘welcome’ in Britain but the outer border imposed by Europe denied access to those without the ‘right passports’.

I've left out, how the NUT (Yes that really is their acronym)  have voted to go against improving the education of British children, how they have voted to strike and how they promote anti-Semitism kind of explains why they gave the Pro Islamic terrorist leader of the Labour party a standing ovation.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Iraq Situation Report: March 15-21, 2016

(Baghdad) With the opening of European borders to anybody who can cross them (Yes Germany I am looking at you), terrorist attacks in Turkey, Belgium and Pakistan, people have sidelined the fact , that a lot of the above stems from what is happening inside Iraq. Which is where the nice people at the Institute for the Study of War come in, they have been reporting on what is happening around the world on a  regular basis and help people like me understand exactly just what is happening out there:

Drone footage shows devastation in Palmyra after Syrian Army recapture city from ISIS

(Damascus) The Syrian Government has released a video of the ruined city of Palmyra after they recaptured it from ISIS this weekend

Syrian Government forces retake ISIS held Palmyra

(Damascus)  This past week Syrian regime forces comprising of Syrian/Russian/Iranian/Lebanese and Afghan troops retook the area around the ancient ruined city of Palmyra . Whilst the liberal world have reported on rescuing this historical city from the clutches of the religious bigots of ISIS. The real reason for the Assad Government is that it sits on a strategic crossroads, the seizure of which restricts the ability of ISIS to project force into Western Syria from its safe haven along the Euphrates River Valley and provides a much-needed buffer for several critical regime-held oil and natural gas fields that provide electricity to Western Syria.

Operations against ISIS in the Palmyra region commenced after the battle of Aleppo finished and despite the  draw down of Russian air assets announced by Moscow  on the 14th March 16. The Russian Air-force carried out at least 41 sorties against 146 targets near Palmyra between March 22 and March 24 alone, which kind of explains why people living in the area have reported that half the city has been destroyed.  On the ground  saw  the deployment of RussianTOS-1 (Video) and BM-30 ‘Smerch’ (video) heavy multiple rocket launcher systems as well as Mi-24 ‘Hind’ helicopter gunships in support of operations to seize Palmyra.   All this was supported by over 5000 troops comprising of Syrian Marines, Hezballah, Afghan Shias and the Iranian army. 

With the capture of this strategic crossroads,  the Syria regime is using the region as a stepping board in which to advance further into ISIS held territory now that it has solidified its position in the west of the country,

Egypt and Hamas hash out an agreement

(Cairo) It seems that a couple of years of hardball by the current Egyptian government sick to death of the murderous nature of the rulers of Gaza has led to Hamas agreeing to curb its terrorist activities against Egypt in return for a number of concessions these are:

Hamas pledges not to interfere in Egyptian affairs, and will supervise and control borders fighting all extremists in Gaza and stopping them from infiltrating Egypt through the Sinai Peninsula.
Hamas will save no effort in stopping arms trafficking through Sinai and will see through it that no organization links to the Muslim Brotherhood exist.
In return Egypt will:
Open the Rafah Border Crossing.
Release the four Al-Qassam Brigades, EQB members –who had disappeared in Sinai last year.
Commercial trade will resume through Rafah. However, Egypt refused to open Rafah without Palestinian official authorities monitoring the border crossing.
Hamas also asked that the media campaigns against the organization cease.
 A media campaign directed at the Egyptian public in which Hamas states how highly it values Egypt and the role it plays is anticipated. Hamas will portray its commitment on not interfering in Egyptian affairs and making sure that Gaza does not turn into a centre for conducting operations against Egypt.

China deploys anti-ship missiles to contested Island in South China Sea.

(Woody Island)  China has for the past few years strengthened its claim to virtually all of the South China Sea (under the remit of the 9 dash line) by the use of economic (favoured status) and military projection.

With over 30% of the Worlds trade transiting through the region, it doesn't take much to see why China is staking a claim on it. But the fact remains under the UN law of the sea, China has no legitimate right to areas that are over 1000 miles off its own coast line, but only 50 or so from the coast line of others. As the famous Chinese proverb states:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Well, it appears the Chinese are doing likewise with their annexation of the South China Sea.  Which is why they have been building small Islands up in the Paracel Island chain , in which to try and claim legitimately, that actually they are sticking to the rule book. which is why they have spent a lot of money on the tiny (Well not so tiny now) Island of Woody and declared areas around such claims as out of bounds and god forbid if you should happen to cross the Rubicon .

Which is exactly what the US have been doing further south in the Spratly Islands, specifically within the self imposed 12 mile limit the Chinese have declared 'Out of bounds' around Subi Reef.

Well, it appears the Chinese are taking small steps in consolidating their hold over their version of Sudentenland  have decided to arm their little sea forts, which is why in October last year they positioned their clone of the Russian Su27 (J-11BH/BHS on Woody Island, this they followed up with the installation of anti-aircraft missiles in February of this year and now, it is been reported they have positioned their version of the Tomahawk anti-ship missile (YJ-62) all in which to say, primarily to the US, now sail the USS Lassen within our self imposed 12 mile border.

Personally I feel that the militarisation of Woody Island is aimed more at Vietnam, than at the US, but the message remains the same:
We are here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

IDF takes delivery of armoured trailers

(Israel)  In its last big bun fight with Hezb-allah (2006) advancing Israeli armour found themselves runing out of fuel and water whilst inside Lebanon, and had to return to Israel under attack. Following the war, the army resolved to prevent this from happening again, and looked into ways in which to mitigate that risk and so began developing trailer models, and testing them with infantry brigades in a variety of terrain. 10 years later and the military is acquiring the trailers, which can carry 8 tons of logistical equipment, and be attached to all IDF tanks currently in service. But hey why listen to me rabbit on when there’s a film which can explain this much better

Pakistan: At least 70 Christians murdered whilst they celebrate Easter by the so called religion of peace.

(Lahore)  Easter Sunday the holiest day in the Christian calender and in Pakistan hundreds of people (primarily Christian) descended on Gulshan-e-Iqbal park in which to enjoy their day.  Unfortunately for these people, the Pakistani Taliban  decided to take no notice of their codex "The Koran" which states that Christians (like the jews) are people of the book and thus  tolerance and autonomy is accorded to them in societies governed by sharia.  which is why they detonated a suicide bomb metres away from a children's play area which has killed at least 72 people and injured hundreds more.

Jamaat ul-Ahrar, claimed responsibility and said Christians were the target.

“The target were Christians,” a spokesman for the faction, Ehsanullah Ehsan, told Reuters. “We want to send this message to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that we have entered Lahore. He can do what he wants, but he won’t be able to stop us. Our suicide bombers will continue these attacks.”

Has North Korea deployed troops to Syria in which to support Assad?

(Pyongyang) Credible reports have surfaced which state that North Korean troops are inside Syria supporting President Assad. The units named as Chalma-1 and Chalma-7, have been described by a former colonel in the Syrian Arab Army who now heads the Free Syrian Army in the south of the country, the North Korean fighters are “fatally dangerous.”
Whilst some people may scoff at the above North Korea ,Syria and Iran have strong ties. The most infamous link, is where the North Koreans helped build a Nuclear weapons plant which was subsequently wiped off the map by four Israeli F15i under a mission named as 'Operation Orchard'

A much deeper analysis of the above can be found her at 38 North 

How many times have you heard the lie that we (The US and UK) armed Saddam and ISIS

(ME) How many times have you sat down and heard some limp wristed ethical latte drinker opine that we (read that as the US and UK) armed Saddam , the idiots Assad fighting and now ISIS. Really? If anybody knows different please be so kind as to name the vast hoards of arms and weapons that bear the stamp made in the US/UK as used by the Saddam Armed forces, the so called good terrorists inside Syria and now ISIS. No seriously please do. (But if you do, I want hard facts and not something uttered by your mullah as he unzipped a little something for you to suck on, well you will swallow anything)

Well to take the above subject a stage further, the nice people at Oryx blog (Who have done a fantastic job of reporting of what is happening inside Syria) have knocked out a little spread on the vast amounts of ......Russian made arms and ammunition  stocked piled by the Assad Government which have been requestioned by those who utter 'Allah Ackba' when they murder somebody.  In this case ISIS when they captured the strategic Ayyash weapons depot.(NW from the city of  Deir Ez Zor ) Which ISIS reported to the world with this little social media message in January of this year

So exactly what did ISIS acquire on the banks of the Euphrates, nobody knows as the weapons depot was well overstocked so far ISIS have reported the following:
- 1,348,300 to 1,791,960 rounds of 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R ammunition.
- 17,140 rounds of 12.7mm ammunition.
- 158,996 rounds of 14.5mm ammunition.
- 119,768 rounds of 20mm ammunition.
- 450 rounds of 23mm ammunition.
- 223 rounds of 73mm ammunition.
- 72 rounds of 82mm ammunition.
- 2000 rounds of 85mm ammunition.
- 6 rounds of 107mm ammunition.
- 4 rounds of 120mm ammunition.
- 165 rounds of 120mm RAP ammunition.
- 576 rounds of 122mm ammunition.
- 1120 fuses for 122mm artillery rounds.
- 7 PG-2 rocket-propelled grenades.
- 1 PG-7VL rocket-propelled grenade.
- 1 TBG-7V rocket-propelled grenade.
- 1 OG-7V rocket-propelled grenade.
- 2 PG-29V rocket-propelled grenades.
- 2 M-57 rocket-propelled grenades.
- 9025 grenades.
- 36 rifle grenades.
- 98 9M14M Malyutka ATGMs.
- 1 9M113M Konkurs ATGMs.

- 7 3M9 surface-to-air missiles.
1 T-55(A)MV.
- 2 T-55As.
- 5 BMP-1s.
- 1 23mm ZSU-23.
- 1 BRDM-2.
- 3 2P25 TELs.
- 1 SURN 1S19 radar.
- 6 ZiL-131s.
- 2 GAZ-3308s.
- 2 GAZ-66s.
- 2 Ural-375Ds.
- 1 KamAZ-53212.
- 1 MAZ-5336
- 1 Tatra 815.
- 1 GAZ Sobol.
- 1 UAZ-469.
- 2 excavators.

Words mean little when you can see what I am talking about, here is but a small sample of ISIS's recent weapons and ammunition haul; (Here a short video of the arms depot)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

UK: Man arrested by police for tweeting he asked a Muslim about Brussels. Meanwhile a Mullah who praised a terrorist is still allowed to walk free.

(London) After the latest Islamic inspired terrorist attack on European soil a British business man tweeted that he asked a Muslim woman why? 

Well, faster than a speeding bullet, the British old bill, arrested and charged Mr Doyle for inciting racial hatred. Well the Crown Prosecution Service said it did not agree with the Met’s decision, adding that the force did not have the legal power to bring the charges and so Mr Doyle has been released without charge.

What is the world coming to? When people are denied the right to question. You know that world which demands white people apologise for : Slavery, shooting black thugs dead,Empire or even scholarships at Oxford , yet ask a Muslim about the latest in a long line of racially and religiously inspired terrorists attacks and your banged up faster than a fat copper can stuff a couple of doughnuts into his gob. Well Mr Doyle is going to take the Met to court and you know what, I hope he wins and sues the pants off Plod.

But what makes this story even more questionable is that the leader of Scotland's main mosque : Imam Habib ur Rehman has openly defended a terrorist who murdered a Pakistani Politician who defended a Christian woman accused of blasphemy . Has this man been arrested for expressing a much more polarised view than Mr Dolyle? Nah, he's free to do as he likes. That people is how militant Islam has emasculated the authorities in the UK.

Islamic intolerance in Belgium: Muslim knots and hides Israeli flag at Memorial

(Belgium) A Muslim woman has been caught on camera at a memorial for the victims of the murderous attack in Brussels covering up an Israeli flag . What is the world coming to, when Muslims who professed to being victims of that invented word 'Islamophobia'  openly express their hatred for non-Muslims at a venue for the victims of Islamic intolerance.

But, what is really disturbing, is how nobody confronted this intolerant bitch for her open ugliness.

Thankfully, somebody put right what this bigoted Muslim did.

Scotland: Muslim gets murdered for wishing Christians:" Happy Easter"

(Scotland) The other day 40 year old Ahmadiya Muslim, Asad Shah a shop owner in Glasgow wished all his Christian countrymen and women a Happy Easter on facebook :

Apparently that didn't go down well with a so called true follower of the Islamic faith. (Ahmadiya Muslims are persecuted by main stream Sunni Muslims) which is why on Tuesday evening a bearded Muslim wearing a long religious robe entered Mr Shah’s shop and spoke to him in his native language before stabbing him in the head with a kitchen knife. This he followed up by stabbing him 30 times

It appears that certain (the majority???) sections of Islam do not subscribe to the mantra they dole out to non Muslims in which to play the victim part where they are the minority , and that in order to keep Islam pure and undiluted they are more than happy to resort to intimidation and murder most foul in which to prevent them from living in peace with anybody outside their so called hallowed ranks.

But what really is most disturbing is how elements of the media, continue to portray this senseless killing as racially motivated:

Racially Prejudiced Murder???. The man who carried out this senseless killing spoke to Mr Shah in his own language, he was a bearded Muslim, which implies that the man was of the same race as Mr Shah,

When will the ethical latte drinkers out there wake up to the fact that for the vast majority of Islam, Peace,living in peace simply does not get a look in.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Islamic invasion of Europe update (March 3, 2016)

€20million... to the country that wants to send all the Calais migrants to Britain...
Posted by Geert Wilders supporters on Thursday, March 3, 2016

The best news I've heard this week.
Posted by Geert Wilders supporters on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

3rd intifada: Israel under terror (March 3, 2016)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

3rd intifada: Israel under terror (March 2, 2016)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3rd intifada: Israel under terror (February 29 - March 1, 2016)