Wednesday, January 10, 2018

UK: British Army goes all Politically correct

(London) The British army was pillared the other week when it ditched its mantra “Be the Best’” and calling officers 'sir' as somebody with a degree in knitting and drinking ethical lattes thought it was ‘non-inclusive’and elitist  . and not pertinent in this day and age.

In its place they have brought out a load of new recruiting slogans which have made the Army a fucking joke with adverts which ask  the following: “Can I be gay in the army?” ,“What if I get emotional in the army?” and "can I practice my faith?":

The idiots behind this campaign claim they are addressing a recruiting problem, but what they aren't acknowledging is that the Army has had a recruiting problem since the 1980s, an issue the present British Government exacerbated by handing over Army recruiting lock stock and barrel to  civilian company 'Capita'  in 2013 and which has failed every year to do  the job it is paid to do since, why here is a news headline about army recruiting from a month ago:

Capita or Crapita as it is known by members of the British Military has failed to do the job it was paid to do ,we can see that by its attempts to recruit the weakest of the weak to the do the jobs that only the best of the best can do.