Sunday, November 30, 2014

Al Qaeda plot to blow up 5 passenger planes in Christmas 'spectacular'

(Daily Express) The threat has been taken so seriously it came close to leading to an outright ban on all hand luggage, a senior insider has revealed.

Mobile phones and electronic devices could still be banned from plane cabins, with the threat of a 9/11-style coordinated attack on London and other major cities feared imminent.

The warning comes as Whitehall officials admit that a terror strike on the UK is now "almost inevitable" particularly with British jihadis returning from fighting alongside the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

An airport security source told the Sunday Express: "We've been told that five planes are being targeted in a high profile hit before Christmas. They've been waiting for the big one.

"We have many scares but this one nearly got hand baggage pulled from all airlines. The threat is still alive and real."

The plot, which has been known about for the past two months, is thought to involve Islamists smuggling bombs on to planes bound for major European destinations before Christmas.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Austria arrests 13 jihadist recruiters for ISIS

(Wien) Austrian police today arrested 13 people and raided homes, prayer rooms and mosques around the country in a mass operation targeting suspected jihad recruiters. This follows a two-year investigation into several people suspected of recruiting young people to fight in Syria.

As well as 13 idiots, the police also seized “terrorist propaganda,” computer files and money in various homes.

Austria, a majority Catholic country, has seen 150 of its citizens join the jihadist cause in Syria or Iraq, sparking concerns on the national security threat posed by those who are returning from the war-ravaged countries.

Nigeria: Bomb blast at mosque, 92 killed

(Kano) Yet again, in the northern Islamic half of Nigeria, which is run under Sharia law, Islamic terrorists have murdered their own in their attempt to rule all of Nigeria under Islam (err, what part of  'already under Sharia law' don't these idiots understand?) and outside a mosque on a Friday.

Well, the news is, there are 92 innocent people have been confirmed killed with another 120 injured after 3 bombs were detonated one after the other at 1430hrs (local time) at the Kano Central Mosque. It transpires that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the emir of Kano (the official Islamic leader of Nigeria), urged northerners to take up arms against the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram, and expressed his doubts on the Nigerian military's ability to protect civilians and end the insurgency.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

IDF Selects First Female Commander of Navy Ship

(TheJP) The Navy has selected Captain Or Cohen to become the first woman appointed as an IDF Navy ship’s commander, according to an IBA report.

Captain Or Cohen currently serves as a navigation and communications officer.

Cohen will be first appointed as deputy commander of a navy vessel, and following that will go on to take the Navy’s advanced commander’s course.

Naval commander General Ram Rothberg said this is part of the decision by the Navy to further integrate women into key command positions.

Women began to serve on IDF naval vessels in 1999.

In Israel, the army and navy uses the same ranking system. Captain is the equivalent to a Lieutenant in the US Navy, and a General is the equivalent of a Rear Admiral (upper half).
(INN) Cohen has considerable Navy experience already; she fought in Operation Protective Edge, and was one of the Navy personnel to raid the Klos-C weapons ship earlier this year. “This is a dream come true for me,” she said. “I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me.”

New Russian Stealth Jet Fighter Called ‘Super Weapon’ Giving Russia Edge Over U.S. In Skies

With China unveiling its latest 5th generation fighter, and now Russia, Obama looks incredibly stupid by canceling the F-22 program and scaling down the F-35. But then again, his plan has always been to downsize America.
(Inquisitr) A new Russian jet fighter, using stealth technology designed to conceal the plane from radar, is being called a “super weapon” by military experts who say that the fifth-generation Russian fighter jet actually surpasses United States fighters and could give Russia an advantage in the skies.

Known as the TA-50 PAK FA, the new Russian stealth fighter is developed by the Russian aeronautic giant Sukhoi and is set to go into action in 2016. Russia is developing the new super fighter together with India, which is kicking in 25 percent of the T-50 program’s $20 billion projected cost.

Each T-50 PAK FA stealth jet fighter costs about $50 million to build. Russia is India’s second-biggest supplier of weapons, behind only the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the new fifth-generation stealth fighter “superior to our main competitor, the F-22, in terms of maneuverability, weaponry and range.”

The Lockheed F-22 Raptor is one of the two most sophisticated stealth fighters in the U.S. arsenal, matched only by another fifth-generation Lockheed plane, the F-35 Lightning II. And according to U.S. military aviation experts, Putin’s claim was not just an empty boast.

“The analysis that I have seen on the PAK-FA indicates a pretty sophisticated design that is at least equal to, and some have said even superior to, U.S. fifth-generation aircraft,” said former U.S. Air Force intelligence head Lt. Gen. Dave Deptula, in an interview with the National Interest magazine. “It certainly has greater agility with its combination of thrust vectoring, all moving tail surfaces, and excellent aerodynamic design, than does the F-35.”

A top U.S. military aviation official, who spoke anonymously to the National Interest, seconded Deptula’s opinion.

“Performance-wise it certainly looks to compete with the Raptor,” the official told the magazine.

While the new Russian stealth fighter is said to be less “stealthy,” that is, able to evade radar detection, than its U.S. counterparts, it makes up for that slight disadvantage with its incredible maneuverability in the skies that experts say is at least on par with the Raptor and far exceeds the Lightning II.

But the U.S. fighters still hold one advantage — data technology. The U.S. fighter jets still have better “sensor and data fusion,” in other words, technology for processing information about the jet fighter’s surroundings and feeding it to the pilot in a way that lets him make quick decisions.
“In the future — while aerodynamic performance will continue to be important — [planes require] speed, range and payload to a greater degree than maneuverability,” Deptula said. “Even more important will be the ability to ubiquitously share knowledge to the point that we have faster decision advantage than any adversary.”
The Russians, however, are already at work on their sixth-generation jet fighters, which could solve the data problems and are scheduled to be ready for action by 2025.

Famous Bollywood actress Veena Malik sentenced to 26 years in jail for blasphemy in Pakistan

(Fox News) An actress was sentenced to 26 years in jail by a Pakistani anti-terrorism court for "malicious acts" of blasphemy, the U.K.s' Independent reports.

Veena Malik, along with her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, the owner of the network that aired the "blasphemous" television program, have been given 104 years combined in prison by the Pakistani court.

The offending program aired several months ago and features a couple reenacting their wedding vows based on the marriage of the Prophet Mohammed's daughter.

The judge asked for immediate arrest of Malik, her husband and Shakil-ur-Rahman who are reportedly living in the United Arab Emirates.

"26 years! Come on. 26 years is a lifetime...But I have faith in higher courts in Pakistan," Malik said according to Gulf News.

"I have faced highs and lows in my life. But I am sure I haven't done anything wrong."

The court's verdict will only be enforced in the city of Gilgit which is in shared control between the India-claimed Kashmir region and Pakistan.

The ruling will not be enforced in the rest of Pakistan as Gilgit is not considered a proper providence of Pakistan, the Independent reports.

The convicted parties were also ordered to pay a fine of 3 million rupees ($12,630) and surrender their passports.

The court case is the latest controversy surrounding the Bollywood actress.

In 2011, she caused a stir when she posed for risque pictures for Indian FHM.

Nigeria: Bomb blast at bus station kills 40

(Marabi-Mubi junction) In the north east of the Islamic half of Nigeria near the Cameroon border, Islamic terrorists set off a huge bomb at a bus station, killing 40 people.

Strange that the terrorist org behind this claims it is only against Western education, yet attack after after on Nigerians (mainly Muslims) tells me that these intolerant Islamic bigots are simply blood thirsty arseholes who love to Murder Death Kill.

And the socialists in the West actually subscribe to their viewpoint that they (the terrorists) are the real victims?

Taliban suicide bomber strikes British diplomatic convoy in Kabul, killing 6, including 2 Britons, and wounding more than 30

(The Guardian) At least six people including a British citizen were killed when the Taliban launched a devastating suicide attack on a British diplomatic convoy on the outskirts of Kabul.

The convoy was travelling on the road between Jalalabad and Kabul – about three miles (4km) east of the heavily fortified British embassy – when a suicide bomber struck. The bomber’s Toyota Corolla vehicle exploded – hurling a British embassy SUV across the road and blowing off its roof. Debris was flung across a packed area including a crowded mosque.

Later on Thursday there was a second explosion in Kabul and reports of gunfire. A military commander told Reuters that a car bomb targeted a guesthouse for foreigners in the Wazir Akbar Khan area, where many embassies and international organisations are located. The Taliban claimed responsibilty.

The UK foreign secretary, Phillip Hammond, said that two British embassy workers died in the convoy attack. One was a British civilian security team member and the other an Afghan national working at the embassy. A second British member of the security team was injured, Hammond said. The private security firm G4S said both the dead security guard and his injured colleague were its employees. [...]

According to the Afghan interior ministry, the blast killed several Afghan bystanders and injured more than 30 people, including five children.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Peace with Islam in our time? Muslims see peace as the end of the West

(FPM) Abdallah Bulgasem Zehaf-Bibeau, the crackhead turned Jihadist spawned by the mating of a Canadian immigration official and a Libyan Muslim Jihadist, just wanted peace.

He told a co-worker, “There can’t be world peace until there’s only Muslims.” Then he tried to usher in peace, the Islamic way, by opening fire near the Canadian parliament.

Meanwhile in Israel a reporter interviewing Arab Muslim settlers in Jerusalem found that they too wanted peace. On their terms.

“Yes we want peace,” one of them said, “but peace means no Jews.”

When negotiating peace with other cultures it’s a good idea to make sure that the words you are using mean the same thing. Most Muslims and Westerners want peace. But to Westerners peace means co-existence. To Muslims, peace means the end of your existence.

Ideas carry heavy cultural baggage. Peace in the West summons up images of Armistice Day, of the Christmas Truce of WW1 in which French, German and English soldiers could share meals and play soccer together. It carries with it the subversive idea that both sides realize the war isn’t worth fighting.

Such a subversive idea has no place in Islam. The Jihad is at the heart of Islam. To question the holy war is to also question the faith. When war is religion then peace through setting aside war is heresy.

The Western idea of peace is a wholly alien one to Islam. In Islam, peace does not come from men transcending their differences, but from destroying men who think and live differently. That is the function of the religious police of our allied “moderate Muslim” countries who seek out the practice of other religions and other ways of living in places like Saudi Arabia and suppress their practitioners.

Islamic peace does not come from diversity, from accepting the existence of other nations, religions and peoples, but from unity through Islam and eliminating as many differences as possible. If Islam is the source of peace, then all that which is “not Islam” is the cause of war.

Kill the Jews. Kill the Christians. Then there will be peace.

The Islamic idea of peace was aptly expressed by Zehaf-Bibeau and our anonymous Jerusalem Jihadist. It is not based on a recognition of the humanity of one’s fellow man, but on a rejection of their humanity.


Israel foils wave of coordinated terror attacks in Jerusalem by Hamas cells based in Turkey

(WJD) Israel's internal security force, the Shin Bet, announced on Thursday that they recently busted a Hamas conspiracy to commit a series of major terrorist attacks in Israel.

According to the JPost,
It was cleared for publication on Thursday that the network planned to target the landmark Teddy soccer stadium in Jerusalem, the capital's light rail system, car bombings, and kidnappings of Israelis in the West Bank and overseas.
The mass murder plot was apparently based in Turkey, involved over 30 terrorist operatives, and involved training operations in Gaza, Syria, and Jordan, as well as Turkey.

Besides giving the terrorists the barbaric pleasure of killing Israelis, the Shin Bet believes the conspiracy had the larger goal of enabling
Hamas to "move the spotlight" away from Gaza ... and drag Israel into a harsh response in Judea and Samaria, resulting in the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, which is one of Hamas' central goals.
Such a conspiracy, involving the use of sudden and near-simultaneous terror attacks, is not Hamas' usual style. It is much more ambitious, and seems to reflect the influence of groups like al-Qaeda and the savage Islamist organization ISIS.

Libya: Idiot films himself masturbating into food, gets shot six times, cafe gets blown up

(Tripoli) The penchant for idiots who film themselves doing something stupid and then upload it on the social media shows no bounds. Last week in the UK we saw a Labour (socialist) politician resign after tweeting her contempt for the common man. Then there was that stupid bitch in Wales who received a lot of abuse after she shoved her cat in its basket and then placed it in the bath.

Well, some idiot in Libya beats them all hands down.

It seems that a migrant worker in Libya filmed himself masturbating into food, saying that he was "putting HIV sperm" in the meals. Well, it seems that didn't go down well with the local population who found this idiot, shot him six times in the legs and then blew up the fast food outlet. Bet he isn't laughing now, is he?

A prime contender for a Darwin Award.

UK city votes to ban Israeli goods

(Leicester) Have you noticed that where Muslims are in the minority in the UK, they go well out of their way in which to promote themselves as only victims? Be it being denied the right to a new mosque, Islamic holidays or even refusing to work near guide dogs, alcohol or pork, all we ever hear is victim, victim, victim.

But the thing is, when Muslims are in the majority in the UK, then they have no problem enforcing their racist, bigoted ideology onto others. Which is why we have seen Sharia enforcement patrols in London attacking people for drinking, holding hands with women, or even getting attacked for being gay. We have Tower Hamlets council being taken over by the government due to the Islamic corruption within its halls. How about the Islamic rape gangs? Another 13 jailed today. Let's not forget the Trojan Horse affair in our schools where intolerant Islamic doctrine was drummed into children. And the list is endless.

Which is why I am not surprised to hear how Leicester city council voted on the 13th of November to ban all Israeli made goods because, as we all know, Jews and not Muslims are the most oppressive people on the planet. Yup, it seems that the the resolution calling for a ban on Israeli goods was proposed by Councilor Mohammed Dawood, and the nice Islamic population of Leicester voted it in.

Well, I say to Pakistani Mohammed Dawood, good for you. To that end, are you going to ditch your computer, mobile phone, medicine for heart disease and diabetes, your multi-locking front door, texting, USB flash drives, cherry tomatoes and the rest? Yeah, right. Can you see any Jew hater getting rid of any of the above?

Funny enough, it was reported today that attacks on homosexuals are on the rise in Leicester. It appears everywhere in the UK where the Islamic population becomes the majority, the incidents of Islamic intolerance do too.

13 Somali Muslims found guilty of child rape in the UK

(Bristol) Thirteen Somali Muslims have been convicted of a string of child sex crimes in England, involving the abuse, rape and prostitution of teenage girls.

Tried in July and sentenced for up to 13 years in jail:
  • Mustapha Farah, 21, Liban Abdi, 22, and Arafat Osman, 20, were each jailed for 13 years for paying for the sexual services of a child and supplying Class A drugs
  • Abdulahi Aden, 20, was jailed for 13 years for rape and supplying Class A drugs
  • Mustafa Deria, 22, was found guilty of rape and was jailed for seven-and-a-half years
  • Idleh Osman, 22, was jailed for 10 years for facilitating child prostitution and supplying Class A drugs

Tried in November and due to be sentenced on Friday:
  • Sakariah Sheik, 21, Abdirashid Abdulahi, 21, and Jusuf Abdirizak, 20, were found guilty of rape
  • Mohamed Dahir, 22, was found guilty of causing child prostitution
  • Omar Jumale, 20, was found guilty of having sex with a child
  • Said Zakaria, 22 was found guilty of rape and having sex with a child
  • Mohamed Jumale, age 24, was found guilty of sex with a child

I had to stifle a laugh when I read this from the Somalia community:
"The community is deeply shocked and shaken by the outcome of this case. They are unforgivable acts of cruelty against the most vulnerable members of our community."
Shocked you say. A close knit community as only found in Islamic circles and you didn't know about this aspect of the above dealings:
Four teenagers were paid £30 or given drugs, alcohol and gifts to perform sex acts on older men from the Somali community. The court heard some were persuaded to have sex with other gang members as they were told by the gang it was Somali "culture and tradition" and "men always have sex with each other's girlfriends". 
When will somebody in the government join all the dots up from all these paedophile rape gangs and come to the one major common factor in them all — Islam?

UK: Another bunch of Muslims arrested on charges of child rape

(Manchester) This past couple of years has been something of an eye opener regards the exposure of Islamic paedophile gangs who target white children in which to follow in the footsteps of their paedophile of a founder, Mohammed.

After years of political correctness, the authorities have had to take action, as the left-wing socialist government, which was more than happy to brand you as a racist for speaking about Islamic mores from 1997 to 2010, was replaced by the right-wing conservative one.

Since 2010, we've seen numerous Islamic gangs exposed, arrested and jailed for their peccadilloes towards little white girls.

Things really came to light when Rotherham council revealed that over 1,400 girls had been victims of Islamic gangs. Birmingham council revealed only this week that they have been covering up Islamic paedophile gangs for over 26 years, and yesterday I reported how a Pakistani family raped a girl when she fell asleep in the back of a taxis, resulting in one of the rapists doing a runner.

Well, you'd think with all this bad publicity Pakistani Muslims would be keeping a low profile. But no, they simply just can't keep their dicks in their trousers when a pre-pubescent child walks by. Which is why in a dawn raid in Manchester today police picked up 7 males (including a school boy) in order to confirm to the dickats of the left-wing socialist elites they reported the arrested paedophiles as belonging to a of mixed ethnicity.

Anybody else find it strange how not one of these very well paid political elites hasn't worked out that the vast majority of these paedophiles are Muslims and that something should be done about the repressive medieval codex of Islam which we are not only told to respect as a religion of peace, but which we are forbidden to complain about?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ex-Ukip leader condemned for Qur’an comments over Lee Rigby murder

Lord Pearson called on Muslims to ‘address the violence’ in the Qur’an and in ‘the life and the example’ of Muhammad.
(The Guardian) A former leader of Ukip has been accused of “diabolical” behaviour after he responded to the publication of a report on the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby by calling on Muslims to “address the violence” in the Qur’an and in “the life and the example” of the prophet Muhammad.

Lord Pearson of Rannoch, who led Ukip during the last general election, is to be reported to the speaker of the upper house, Lady D’Souza, after he suggested that the Qur’an had inspired Rigby’s killers.

Ukip defended Pearson’s remarks but the Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said the peer’s intervention showed that Nigel Farage led a “party of Islamophobes”.

Pearson, who defected to Ukip from the Tories in 2004, took issue with David Cameron’s statement that Rigby’s murder was a betrayal of Islam and of Britain’s Muslim communities.

He told peers: “My lords, are the government aware that Fusilier Rigby’s murderers quoted 22 verses of the Qur’an to justify their atrocity? Therefore, is the prime minister accurate or helpful when he describes it as a betrayal of Islam? Since the vast majority of Muslims are our peace-loving friends, should we not encourage them to address the violence in the Qur’an – and indeed in the life and the example of Muhammad?”


British Muslim jihadist brothers jailed for attending terrorist training camp in Syria

Mohommod Hassin Nawaz and Hamza Nawaz
LONDON (Reuters) - Two brothers from London on Wednesday became the first Britons to be convicted for attending a militant training camp in Syria as Western governments increasingly warn of the threat posed by fighters returning from conflicts in the Middle East.

Finding them guilty of conspiracy to attend a terrorist training camp, the judge at London's Old Bailey sentenced Mohommod Hassin Nawaz, 31, and his 23-year-old brother Hamza Nawaz, to four and three-and-a-half years in jail respectively.

The sentence comes as the British government brings in a new security bill to tackle Britons trying to travel to Syria and Iraq, and to deal with returning fighters, who it says pose a serious risk to national security.

The brothers were arrested in September 2013 after ammunition for rifles, cash and a balaclava were found in their car at the southeastern port of Dover, where they had arrived on a ferry from Calais.

Police found communications on their phones which indicated they had attended a training camp in the Latakia province of Syria.

"The sentence highlights the critical work police and security services carry out to identify individuals returning from conflict zones," said London police's Counter Terrorism Acting Commander Terri Nicholson.

"This comes at a time when the global concern about the threat posed by returnees is intensifying."

Some 500 Britons are thought by the authorities to have traveled to Syria and Iraq, and around half have returned home.

On Monday, Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May warned that Britain was facing the biggest terrorism threat in its history, and said about 40 major plots had been thwarted since suicide bombings killed 52 people in London in 2005.

Pakistan: Pregnant Christian woman stripped naked and paraded in the street after employer accuses her of not working to expectation

(Pakistan) A 28-year-old pregnant Christian woman in Pakistan was allegedly paraded naked for not working up to the expectation of her employer.

The victim, a resident of Christian Colony Rana Town of Sheikhupura district in Punjab province, who worked as a maid, claimed that she was made to walk naked for about half an hour for not working to the expectations of her employer. She said her employer’s son dragged her outside and tore her clothes with his four friends and left her naked in the corner of the street where an elderly woman gave her clothes. She was later taken to hospital by her relatives.

Flanked by her husband, the mother of four, said: “I was two-month pregnant and I lost my baby in the incident.

Pakistani police report:
“We are investigating the claim of the complainant that his wife was paraded naked by the accused,” Khan said, adding that police are trying to arrest the culprits."
Strange how Pakistani police are so quick to act when somebody is accused of blasphemy, yet pick on a Christian (including murder) and the Pakistani police make chief Wigum look good.

4 Polio workers shot dead in Pakistan

(Quetta) It appears that the warped nation of the Taliban knows no bounds when today they murdered 3 female nurses administering the Polio vaccine in Pakistan, their male driver and wounded 3 more nurses.
The team was on its way to the assigned union council after collecting polio vaccines in Killi Ahmzai area when armed men on motorbikes intercepted their vehicle on Link Road of Easter Bypass,” said an eyewitness, adding that masked men first shot the woman campaigner in front seat and then opened indiscriminate fire on other workers sitting in the back of the pickup.
Apparently, according to these religious bigots, the Polio vaccine is a con and it is actually a tool of the Americans to cause infertility amongst Muslims. So rather than protect their children these idiots want them to be blighted by a horrible disease.

Funny enough, the three nations blighted by Polio are:
  • Afghanistan
  • Nigeria (the Islamic northern half only)
  • Pakistan
Which, funny enough, are all states where administering the Polio vaccine can get you killed.

Anybody know what connects these 3 failed states?

Nigerian Islamic terrorists murder 20 villagers

(Chibok) Allah's favourite Nigerian terrorists poured more pain and grief onto the two villages from where they kidnapped 250 school girls earlier on this year when they struck Kamtahi and Galtimari villages Monday evening, killing at least 20 people, burning houses and forcing residents to flee.

And to think the media keeps telling me these idiots are only against Western education.

Burkas and niqabs banned from Swiss canton

(Telegraph) Just over 65 per cent of voters in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino voted in favour of banning the veil, according to preliminary votes of Sunday's referendum.

It comes as Britain debates if female Muslim doctors and nurses should be banned from wearing full-face veils such as niqabs and whether Muslim women can be ordered to remove their veils if giving evidence in court.

While the Swiss proposal did not specifically target Muslim women, it had become known as the “anti-burka” initiative.

It was pushed by conservative campaigners and had been criticized by Amnesty International.

As well as banning burkas, the full-body cloaks worn by some Muslim women, the initiative will also prohibit niqabs, which feature a slit for the eyes.

One of the main backers of the ban, former journalist Giorgio Ghiringhelli, said he wanted to put a stop to “the inevitable spread of niqabs and burkas.”

He said the passing of the referendum sent the message that the Swiss rejected “militant Islam” and told the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation that he hoped other cantons would follow suit.

Critics said it was almost meaningless because there were very few Muslims in Ticino who wore burkas or niqabs.

“You might see a few Arab tourists coming out of expensive boutiques in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse or Geneva’s Rue due Stand – but out in the sticks?” said an editorial in the Neue Zurcher Zeitung when the ban was first discussed.

While there are about 400,000 Muslims in Switzerland, only about 100 Muslim women wear burkas, according to official estimates.

Several Swiss regions had previously thrown out proposals to ban burkas and niqabs, making Ticino the first of the country’s 26 cantons to pass such a ban.

The prohibition is similar to a controversial law passed in France in 2011 which makes it illegal to wear a face-covering veil or other type of mask in public places.

Ticino’s burka ban is the latest of a series of moves in Switzerland which have been condemned as racist or discriminatory.

In 2009 there was international condemnation after voters backed a ban on the building of new minarets, beyond the four that already exist.

2 British police idiots in court over attacking autistic man with a mental age of 3

(Luton) You know what, I'm the first to come out of the blocks when it comes to attacking intolerance, which from me is usually aimed at the followers of Allah. But I'm actually a fair man and when I saw this story I thought... bloody hell.

This past February, 33-year-old Faruk Ali, a severely disabled autistic man, was doing as he did every Thursday by helping his mother by taking out the rubbish bins. Unfortunately for him, policemen Christopher Thomas and Christopher Pitts just happened to be driving by. When they saw Faruk, they stupidly spoke into a recording video camera.
'Fucking Paki.'
Then, after they drove past, they turned around in their squad car and chased down a very frightened Mr Ali. The thing is, the same video recorder in their squad car records them laughing their single brain cells off. They then jumped out and physically attack Mr Ali. This includes rugby tackling him, throwing him into some rubbish bins and then punching him (remember, this is a man with a mental age of a 3-year-old). When his family come outside to see what the commotion is, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber came out with a story that they were concerned for Mr Ali as he was not wearing proper shoes, and also said they thought he could be a burglar or have a knife. After making a quick getaway, they lied to their station chief saying that they were concerned for Mr Ali when they saw him running away.

Thomas (left) and Pitts outside court
Well, both idiots are in the dock, and you know what, throw the f-ing book at them. Both are a disgrace to humanity and hopefully, once inside prison, both will find the love of a fucking Paki every night as they are made to kneel and take what Allah has to give them. Idiots like this cause racism.

British Muslims don't like new tough anti-terror law

London (AFP) - Britain on Wednesday unveiled draft legislation to ban extremist preachers from universities, increase surveillance on suspected radicals and stem the flow of jihadists joining the Islamic State group.

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill has already come under criticism from Muslim rights campaigners and civil liberties groups who have raised concern about measures not subject to review by the courts.

"We are in the middle of a generational struggle against a deadly terrorist ideology," Britain's interior minister, Theresa May, said.

"In an open and free society, we can never entirely eliminate the threat from terrorism.

"But we must do everything possible in line with our shared values to reduce the risks," she said.

London (AFP) - British Muslim rights groups and ordinary faithful said they felt singled out by a tough new anti-terror law unveiled on Wednesday, labelling the planned legislation divisive and rushed.

While there is agreement on the need to prevent would-be British jihadists from joining the ranks of the Islamic State group, there is also unease over the government's hardline strategy.

"For us to live in the same community and work together, we have to fight together. I think these laws will separate us," said Fatima Ali, 46, a nurse.

"I think they were made too hastily," she said.

Britain has around 2.8 million Muslims, making up 4.4 percent of the population, and many are concentrated in London in ethnically diverse areas like Whitechapel where Ali works.

The area is home to the East London Mosque, billed as the city's oldest and as serving the country's largest Muslim congregation.


The new laws would increase surveillance and relocation for people identified as Muslim radicals, force universities to bar extremist preachers and toughen laws against would-be jihadists planning to leave for Iraq and Syria and those returning.

There is broad support from the main parties in parliament for the draft Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, which also includes the establishment of a civil liberties panel to monitor implementation.

But campaign groups like Liberty, the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and CAGE have already come out against the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, defining it as hasty and counter-productive.

"The new anti-terror drive seems to be more geared to creating otherness in our society than security," IHRC chair Massoud Shadjareh told AFP.

"I don't think there has been any consultation with the Muslim community," he said, adding: "The consultation seems to be only with a narrow group of people who think like the government."


Afghan mother kills 25 Taliban after they murder her son

(Kabul) Reza Gul's son was shot dead in front of her as he manned a checkpoint in their village at 5am during an attack by the Taliban.

Unlike the hoards of Afghan men who pack their bags and head west claiming asylum only when they reach a country which will feed them, clothe them and pay them to return to Afghanistan on holidays, she picked up a rifle and along with the other females in her family took the fight back to the Taliban. After 7 hours of fighting, 25 intolerant Taliban bigots lay dead and 5 others lay wounded.

Reza Gul (center), her daughter Fatima (left) and daughter-in-law Seema, killed 25 members of of the Taliban after watching them gun down her son
Woken up by the gunfire, Reza Gul told TOLOnews that she had no other option but to pick up a weapon after she found her son, who was in charge of an outpost, dead in front of her eyes.
"It was around 5 a.m. when my son's check post came under the attack of Taliban," Gul said. "When the fighting intensified, I couldn't stop myself and picked up a weapon, went to the check post and began shooting back."
A few minutes later, Gul was not alone when she found her husband, daughter, youngest son and daughter-in-law holding weapons and accompanying her in the fight against the insurgents.
"The fighting was intensified when we reached the battlefield along with light and heavy weapons," said Seema, Gul's daughter-in-law. "We were committed to fight until the last bullet."
The fighting lasted several hours, with 25 insurgents dead and many others wounded. Mrs Gul finished off with:
"Taliban are foreigners, they are servants of Pakistan, if they attack 100 other times, I will continue to defend my country and will shed their blood to not let them dare to enter my village."  

US A-10 ground attack aircraft arrive in Kuwait

(Ahmed al-Jabr Air Base) The US has committed several A-10s from the 163rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron to Kuwait in which to up the ante against the blood thirsty thugs of ISIS.

The irony here is that the current administration (as only the Democrats can) have scheduled the USAF to get rid of its entire stock of A-10 attack aircraft so as to save money. Money, I should add, the US has loads of to hand over to any foreign country or concern who simply has to ask for it.

A-10 ground attack aircraft photographed arriving at Kuwait's Ahmed al-Jabr Air Base to support Operation
'Inherent Resolve' on 17 December. (USAF)

British jihadist skips bail, taunts "shoddy" security

British jihadist Abu Rumaysah seen in a photo purportedly taken in Syria and posted to his Twitter account on
Nov. 26, 2014, with the caption: "With my newborn son."
LONDON (CBS) -- A British jihadi who told Clarissa Ward in an interview for "60 Minutes" that he couldn't even love his mother because she isn't a Muslim, has seemingly thwarted the U.K. authorities and managed to travel to Syria.

Siddhartha Dhar, a British-Indian who converted to Islam as a young man and adopted the name Abu Rumaysah, started posting messages to his Twitter account Monday claiming he has reached territory controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He taunts British law enforcement for letting him "breeze through Europe to the Islamic State."
What a shoddy security system Britain must have to allow me to breeze
through Europe to the Islamic State. #Tawakkul

— Abu Rumaysah (@aburumaysah1435) November 24, 2014
Ward met and interviewed Rumaysah, 31, for her "60 Minutes" report on Muslim radicalization in Britain. Rumaysah is a close associate of radical British cleric Anjem Chaudary, who has operated a series of banned Islamic organizations in London for years.

Shar, along with Choudary and a handful of other suspects, was briefly arrested on September 25 on suspicion of belonging to a banned organization and other terrorism related offenses. He was released on bail, on the condition that he hand over his passport to authorities.

British prosecutor Luke Ponte told "The Mail" he believed Rumaysah boarded a coach for Paris on September 27, just two days after he was arrested.

"He failed to comply with the conditions to surrender his travel documents to police. It's my understanding that he is no longer in the jurisdiction and that he is currently in Syria," Ponte told the newspaper.

If his tweets are true, Rumaysah joins an estimated 500 Britons who have traveled to Syria and Iraq to wage jihad. His case would be more of an embarrassment to the British government as it had clearly identified him as a potential risk and attempted to prevent him traveling abroad.


Israel revokes residency permit of Jerusalem synagogue Arab terrorist’s wife

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Interior Ministry revoked the residency permit of the widow of one of the terrorists who attacked a Jerusalem synagogue last week.

Interior Minister Gilad Erdan announced Wednesday that Nadia Abu Jamal will be required to leave Israeli territory and will be stripped of any financial benefits she receives from the state.

“All those weighing whether to engage in terror, all those thinking about harming innocent citizens, all those involved in terror, need to take into account that there will likely be repercussions, not only personally, but for his family as well,” Erdan wrote in an announcement on his Facebook page.

Nadia Abu Jamal’s husband, Ghassan Abu Jamal, and his cousin Uday last week attacked worshippers at the Bnei Torah Kehillat Yaakov synagogue and rabbinical seminary in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, killing four Jewish worshippers and a police officer. The two Arab assailants were killed by police responding at the scene.

Ghassan was a resident of eastern Jerusalem and a permanent resident of Israel. His wife, a Palestinian, was allowed to live in Israel under the Family Reunification Law.

Demolition orders for the terrorists’ homes were delivered to the family last week, and the government continues to withhold the terrorists’ bodies for burial.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My viewpoint of the Michael Brown shooting

Here is a picture of this poor innocent teenager minutes before he picked a fight with a man with a gun.

Victim my arse.

Muslim found guilty of rape does runner

(Bradford) I wrote the other week about how a taxi driver uttered 'Allah ackba' when a drunk young lady fell asleep in the back of his cab. Being a Muslim, he did the right thing by ringing his family up who proceeded to rape this poor girl.

Well, they had their day in court and all were found guilty and received custodial sentences. However, as this is the UK, one of the rapists, Wakar Akhtar, was allowed to skip the country, which he did by driving down to Dover and crossing the channel to France.

You know what I would do? I'd add his sentence onto the rest. That way, when they get out, they will go hunting this prick, and hopefully do to him what the law fails to do in the UK... Carry out justice.

Suicide bomb attack in Nigeria kills 30

(Maiduguri) Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist outfit which loves to kill, well, because it can, continued with its warped blood lust today by sending 2 women suicide bombers into a crowded market in the North Eastern (Islamic) half of the country. The resulting explosions murdered at least 30 people.

Maiduguri is a price long desired by these Islamic idiots, however, while they control a number of towns and villages around the regional capital, it still remains out of the terrorists hands, simply because it is too big. So, like spoiled terrorists the world over, if they can't have it, then neither can anybody else, hence the bomb attacks today.

80-year-old Mohammed in court over acid attack on 19-year-old

(Wolverhampton) 80-year-old Mohammed Rafiq wasn't happy when his relationship with 19-year-old Vikki Horsman ended. Yup, it appears that his Svengali ego took a hit and so he paid a couple of men to do likewise to Miss Horsman. Which is why when somebody knocked on her front door in April and she opened the door, that somebody threw a load of acid in her face.

Naturally, Mohammed has denied any wrong doing. But it appears that he handed over the acid to the two idiots, sat along side him in the dock, minutes before the attack.

BBC refers to Islamic terrorists as... 'militant traders'

(London) For years, people have bemoaned how the people who run the British Broadcasting Corporation have got into bed with Islamic terrorism, and for years, the bbC has denied this allegation.

Rather than go into the multitude of examples of bBC bias towards Islamic terrorism, here is a screen dump of a news article the bBC are currently running with:

Rather than refer to Islamic terrorists as terrorists, the bBC refers to them as... militant traders.

To be honest, the bBC does report on terrorists, but it saves that accolade for the Nigerian Army. I quote from the 4th paragraph:
On Sunday, Nigeria's top Islamic leader accused soldiers of "terrorising", rather than defending, civilians.
The bBC, the mouthpiece for Islamic terrorism.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Philippines: terrorists set off bomb in anger over peace deal

(M'lang) Terrorists offended at how another terrorist outfit had signed a peace deal with the Philippines government, expressed their anger by setting off a bomb inside a snooker hall in the in M'lang town in North Cotabato province, 930 km south of Manila.

Yup, it appears that members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (Biff) kind of got upset over how the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Milf) (who the hell comes up with these names and their acronyms?) had inked a peace deal with the Philippines government, and in order to express their displeasure they attacked those who can't fight back. Which is why a bomb was detonated inside a snooker hall in the town of M'ang, killing 3 people.

The irony here is that  religious terrorism on the southern island of Mindanao has resulted in the government creating a new Muslim autonomous entity by 2016, yet, apparently, that wasn't good enough, so kill for no reason whatsoever.

Turkish pocket dictator claims women not equal to men

(Ankara)You'll have to admit that you'd have to come out with something good in which to beat the statement that Muslims found America before Columbus. But I'll take my hat off to the Turkish pocket dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan who today came out with the statement:
"You cannot put women and men on an equal footing. It is against nature."
He polished off the above shit with the statement:
"Feminists did not grasp the importance of motherhood in Islam."
It seems that dickless feels threatens by the fairer sex, but hey, I'm talking about a faith which gets women to cover up and men to shave their arses. Equality for women is nothing about having them beat men at physical tasks, it's about treating women as equals in our day to day lives. Something Islam simply cannot afford, as dicks like Erdogan will lose out to women.

Somali terrorist facilitator loses case to clear his name in the UK

(Birmingham) A Somali asylum seeker who came to the UK 10 years ago knew exactly how to repay the UK, by funding terrorists in the country he left behind. He returned to Somalia (the country he sought asylum from), met senior Islamic extremists and couriered funds and equipment for terrorism-related purposes. He recruited and radicalised people and helped them travel to Somalia for terrorism-related activities, and he created extremist websites and raised money for Al-Shabab.

However, six years ago he was picked up by the security services for all of the above, but due to the absurd way the UK subscribes to the European human rights act (the one which affords more rights to terrorists than the people they want to kill), this man found that actually the UK couldn't jail him, deport him or even cut his benefits, and so they hit him with the politically correct version of a prison sentence. Yes, they issued him with a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure (Tpim) which is used by the UK in which to ensure that the human rights of Islamic terrorist aren't affected when they have been caught up to no good. So what is a Tpim?

Well, it means the person under question has to live at home and stay in at night, is barred from having travel documents and imposed limits on who he could associate with, his use of bank accounts and computer devices, and required him to wear a monitoring tag on his ankle.

Well, he didn't like that and he took the UK Government to court over his claim that being subject to Tpim went against Article Three of the European Convention On Human Rights - which prohibits inhumane and degrading treatment - were being breached. (Funny how the idiots who shout out the loudest about their human rights never mention the rights of the people they oppress.)

Anyway, the high court today found in the governments favour. The thing I can't understand is why this terrorist facilitator would wish to remain in a country (that gave him asylum) that he claims is oppressing him and not return to the country he left behind, but appears to have no problem returning to time and time again.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Egypt: Bomber blown up while planting bomb

(Cairo) A spate of bomb attacks aimed at the country's train system which has seen numerous people killed these past few weeks. Yesterday (Sat, 22nd Nov), police were called to investigate the site of a bomb explosion which transpired on the Fayoum-Beni Suef line between Cairo and Aswan. There they found the body of a man who apparently had been killed by the bomb he was planting. A further search by the police found 3 other devices planted against the rail line.

Elsewhere, the Egyptian army killed 10 Islamic terrorists who felt the need to attack a military checkpoint in the violence-plagued Sinai Peninsula. Eighteen other militants were arrested during separate raids in north Sinai, adding that 12 vehicles and 41 motorcycles used by the militants were also destroyed during the operations.

After bus attack, Kenya strikes Somalia, killing 100 terrorists

(Nairobi) After the murderous attack yesterday on a bus in the north of the country where 10 heavily armed Islamic terrorists murdered 28 innocent people for the sin of not being Muslims, Kenya has today revealed it has struck at the Islamic bigots behind this attack by following them back to their camp inside Somalia and wiping it from the face of the earth. The two pronged attack destroyed the camp, 4 technicals (4x4 armed with a heavy machine gun and over 100 people).

Deputy President William Ruto reported to the world:
"Two successful operations were carried out against the perpetrators of these murderous executions across the border. Our retaliatory action left in its trail more than 100 fatalities."
Ending with:
"Our message to them is clear - you may sneak and attack innocent civilians. But for any attack on Kenya and its people, we shall pursue you wherever you go."

China unveils its latest stealth fighter, Pakistan at front of queue to purchase it

(Peking) China has finally unveiled its latest stealth fighter. The Shenyang J-31, a twin engined fighter jet which has been designed primarily for the export market. Intended to be a rival to the American F-35 and Russian Sukhoi Su-35, the jet will be targeted at those countries which naturally have dubious human rights records and who don't like spending a lot of cash on Western weapons. Which is why Pakistan (which received £1 billion in aid from the UK alone) has signed up to purchase 40 of these jets. Anyway, the Chinese took the covers of their second stealth aircraft in as many years at the Zhuhai airshow the other week, where it regaled the audience to a flyby. (The video below is taken from a practice session).

Well, the J-31 is reportedly the bastard child of stolen American technology and as such may be more than a match for anything fielded by the West. Even more disturbing is how the Chinese will sell to anybody, wgich may result in nefarious nations using the J-31 to carry out clandestine attacks on the neighbours. (Iran/North Korea/Pakistan, etc.)

The irony here is, the peace loving Obama actually cut back on the production of the F-22 (and is looking at cutting back on the F-35) and now finds himself faced with not one, but two hostile nations fielding and willing to sell a 5th generation aircraft to those who stump up the cash.

Islamic terrorists murder 48 fishermen in Nigeria

(Lake Chad) It appears that the followers of Allah in the northern (Islamic) half of Nigeria just couldn't help themselves when they came across a village of peaceful fishermen near the border with Chad. Which is why they tied up 48 men, slit their throats to the utterance of 'Allah Ackba' and then threw them into the lake. The sick irony here is that the vast majority of people in the north of Nigeria are... Muslims.

Just what is it about Islam (and please don't tell me these aren't f-ing Muslims) which sanctions the murder of so many people? And the worst part, liberals and Muslims in the West keep on trying to brainwash me that Islam is a religion of peace and that they are the real victims.

Islamic terrorist murders 45 people at Afghan volleyball match

(Kabul) Yesterday I wrote, that not a day goes by without some 'Allah ackba' uttering idiot murdering somebody. And what do you know, in Afghanistan some f-ing Islamic bigot decided to detonate a bomb in the midst of a volleyball match, murdering 45 innocent people and injuring 60 more.

The attack took place in the Yahya Khail district of Paktika, a volatile Afghan province bordering Pakistan, where an idiot on a motorcycle bomb integrated himself into a huge crowd which had formed to watch a volleyball contest.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Egypt closes schools in Sinai towns in anticipation of open war with jihadists

ISMAILIA Egypt (Reuters) - Egypt has indefinitely shut schools in two border towns in northern Sinai as the army prepares to intensify a battle with Islamist militants that turned the daily trip to lessons into a "journey of death".

Local people say children's education has fallen victim while the military stages air strikes against jihadists, who are targeting soldiers and police, and have started beheading army informers.


Somalia's Al-Shabab jihadists murder 28 non-Muslims in Kenya

(Nairobi) Every day we hear from somebody that Islam is a religion of peace, that actually Islam is a victim of the West and that if Israel was to be destroyed, peace will befall the Earth. And every day we hear of the latest Islamic outrage where all of the above statements are shown to be false.

Which is why today we hear about how Islamic terrorists, angry that arms and ammo have been confiscated from 4 Kenyan mosques, decided to get their own back on the so-called intolerant Kenyans by stopping a bus near the Somali border, separating the Somali passengers from the non-Somali passengers and demanded at gunpoint for the non-Muslims to read from the Islamic holy book, the Koran. Those that failed this test were murdered in cold blood. A few Somali passengers who protested met the same fate.

And the apologists for Islamic intolerance will blame something or someone for this latest outrage.

According to the bBC, the Kenyan government is to blame. Strange, as I would be pointing at the Islamic bigots who carried out this ugly act.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Russian gang picks on wrong man

(Russia) When-29-year old Nicolai Vlasenko, took his wife out for a drink, I suspect they expected a simple night. However, when Nicolai returned from a visit to the toilet, he found his wife surrounded by a gang of men who were trying to get her to join their table. After Nicolai told them that she was married, the gang leader asked if Nicolai wanted to take the argument outside. Once outside, it appears that the gang tried to blind side Nicolai by distracting him by keeping him talking as the hardest of their posse took of their shirts.

Big mistake.

It transpires that Mr Vlasenko is not only a professional boxer, but a martial artist as well.

Afterwards, the gang tried to sue Nicolai for assault, but after the police looked at the video, they dropped the charges.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Palestinian Authority Must Face U.S. Trial Over Terror Support: Judge

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. victims of bombings and shootings in Jerusalem more than a decade ago have cleared a final hurdle to take the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization to trial in New York for supporting the attacks.

U.S. District Judge George Daniels in Manhattan largely denied bids by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO to dismiss the long-running $1 billion lawsuit ahead of a jury trial scheduled for Jan. 12.

At a court hearing on Thursday, Daniels also reaffirmed his decision in 2008 finding that his court had jurisdiction over claims against the Palestinian Authority and PLO despite changes in law at the appellate level.

Mark Rochon, a lawyer for the Palestinian Authority, said in court his client was "considering whether to seek appellate relief on that issue." He declined to comment after the hearing on Daniels' other rulings.

Daniel's ruling on the dismissal motion was issued late on Wednesday.

The lawsuit seeks $1 billion on behalf of 11 families who say the PLO and Palestinian Authority provided material support and resources for seven separate attacks in Israel that killed and injured American citizens.

"We are looking forward to presenting the evidence to the jury," said Kent Yalowitz, a lawyer for the families.

Should the case go to a jury, it would mark a rare trial in a lawsuit under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act. A federal jury in Brooklyn in September found Arab Bank Plc liable under the law for providing material support to Hamas.

The judge's decision allowing the case to go forward comes amid continued unrest in recent weeks in Jerusalem. On Tuesday, two Palestinians killed five people at a Jerusalem synagogue during morning services, the worst attack in the city since 2008.

The lawsuit, filed in 2004, accused the PLO and the Palestinian Authority of violating the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act through support of Hamas and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, which the U.S. government deems terrorist organizations.

In his ruling, Daniels said the plaintiffs had presented triable issues over whether the PLO and the Palestinian Authority directly supported Hamas and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades with money, weapons and personnel, as well as by harboring purported terrorists.

The judge also said most of the plaintiffs could pursue claims that the Palestinian Authority was vicariously liable for its employees' alleged participation in attacks in 2001 and 2002.

The case is Sokolow v. Palestine Liberation Organization, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 04-00397.

Egypt closes Gaza border, leaving thousands of Palestinians stranded, and nobody cares

(The Daily Star) Egypt’s decision to shut its border with the Gaza Strip has stranded thousands of Palestinians on the Egyptian side of the border while around a thousand people in Gaza are desperate to get out for medical treatment in Egypt, officials in Gaza say.

Egypt closed Rafah, the only crossing point between Egypt and the Palestinian territory, Oct. 25 after attacks by Islamist militants which killed 33 Egyptian soldiers, an assault that prompted Cairo to declare a state of emergency in the area.

It is also pressing ahead with a 1-kilometer buffer zone with Gaza, partly to clamp down on the smuggling of arms and other goods across the border, a business that helps finance Hamas.

One of the unintended consequences of the security clampdown is that some 6,000 Palestinians are now stuck in Egypt or third countries waiting to get back into Gaza.

Another 1,000 people suffering from medical problems including kidney failure, cancer and blood-related diseases seek urgent treatment or further diagnosis in Egypt, said Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry. “If the closure continues, their health conditions will deteriorate and we may start to witness some deaths,” he said.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kenyan Muslims go on rampage after weapons found in 4 mosques

(Mombasa) Acting on good intelligence, Kenyan police raided 4 mosques in the coastal town of Mombassa and found a good stash of weapons, including hand grenades, pistols, petrol bombs, and in the process arrested 110 people.

Well, that didn't go down well with the followers of Islam who felt that their honour had been stained. So, in response, hoards of Muslims rioted in the streets, attacking Christians and the like. 4 people murdered later by these Islamic thugs, with scores more attacked.

Naturally, Muslims have played the victim card:
Hussein Khalid, from the Mombasa-based civil society group HAKI Africa, warned Wednesday that "forceful and violent strategies only act to heighten tension in what already is a volatile situation." While accepting that grenades had been found, he also said police had a "reputation" among some Kenyans of planting evidence - claims the security forces have repeatedly denied.
Is there anywhere on Earth where Muslims can live in peace with non-Muslims?

Pakistani family who murdered female for honour receive death sentence

(Lahore) In May of this year, 25-year-old Farzana Iqbal was murdered by her family because she married the man she loved and not the man her family wanted her to marry.

What made this attack even more reprehensible was that Farzana and her husband were attacked on the steps of the high court after her family contested her marriage. During the attack, the police on duty just watched.

Well, today that honour killing paid dividends for her family when the high court issued death sentences against her father, brother, cousin, and another relative, who were also hit with a £600 fine each. Another cousin was hit with a 10-year prison sentence and the same £600 fine.

However, the family didn't like this news and are going to appeal the sentence.

Rural UK school marked down for being too white

(Lincolnshire) In the village of Middle Rasen (population 1,174 in 2011), the local school was marked down by school inspectors for being too white. Yup, it seems that the politically correct inspectors didn't like how in an area which is 95% English, there is a lack of non-white children. Even in the nearby and much bigger town of Market Rasen (population 5,417) there are were only 90 people born in EU countries, with 29 born in Africa and 62 born in the Middle East and Asia. And yet to the politically correct idiots from Ofstead this is a crime of the highest order, and so they gave the school a low mark for being predominately white. Nowhere else in the world would the locals accept such a blinked mindset, yet in the UK it is now the law.

That, people, is why the UK is a joke.

England: Pakistani doctor jailed for 16 years on charges of sexual assault

(Birmingham) Award-winning neurosurgeon Nafees Hamid was jailed this week for 16 years after been found guilty of sexually assaulting female patients while wearing a white coat.

It seems that when women were referred to him, Nafees would use his fingers to go wandering around the private regions of his victims, and even on occasion took to removing their clothing for them in which to make it easier for him to assault his victims.

Naturally, Hamid professed his innocence by claiming that some of the alleged attacks did not happen, while others were legitimate examinations which had been misconstrued.

However, with 10 victims on the other side of the dock, it didn't take long to find this sexual deviant guilty. The thing is, the police are saying that actually there may be many more victims of this odious man.

Just what is it about Muslims and sexual assaults?

Birmingham council hid links between Muslims and child sex abuse for 23 years

(England) It has come out in the wash that for over 26 years the council in the second city of England hid the fact that there was a strong link between Islamic taxis drivers and child sex abuse.

In 1990, Birmingham council sanctioned a report into the issue of child prostitution involving girls in care. However, when the draft report landed on their desk and it revealed the Islamic penchant for raping little white girls, the researcher Dr. Jesson was ordered to remove all reference linking ethnicity and the private hire trade. Further meetings between her and the council were cancelled, the report was cancelled and all copies of said report were destroyed. Yup, can't be telling the truth about Muslims in the UK, can we?

Well, that left-wing penchant for covering up crimes by Muslims has come back to bite them on the bum when this disgusting news was made public by a committee set up to uncover the abuses by the left and Muslims in Birmingham. The thing is, will charges be made against the idiots who sanctioned this cover up of Islamic peccadilloes?

Mohammed and friend banned by law from going near young women

(Birmingham) In a strange case over here in the UK, 2 suspected paedophiles have been banned from going near any young women. They were caught out when police saw a drunk 17-year-old girl exit from their vehicle. When police walked over, the car drove off in something of a hurry, and so the police gave chase. After they pulled the car over, the police found a half empty bottle of vodka and the girl's mobile number on one of the men who initially claimed he didn't know the girl. Well, further investigations found that 10 men were implicated. Due to the way the law in the UK is a joke, charges could not be levied against these men, and so an exclusion order was placed upon them banning them from going anywhere near young women. However, as the law is an ass, their identities were kept hidden so as to protect their human rights. Well, the private media in Birmingham was having none of this and they protested that their identities should be made public, and guess what, a judge agreed today that these two kiddie fiddlers can be named. And why am I not surprised to find that one is called Mohammed Anjam and the other is called Omar Ahmed.

Update: The number of Islamic men banned from going near young girls has now risen to six.
  Mohammed Anjam, 31, from Albert Road, Aston;

- Omar Ahmed, 27, from Henry Road, Yardley;

- Sajid Hussain, 40, from Warwick Road, Tyseley;

- Naseem Khan, 29, from Colonial Road, Bordesley Green;

- Mohammed Javed, 35, from Yarnfield Road, Tyseley;

- Shah Alam, 37, from Floyer Road, Small Heath.

Naturally, the left-wing indoctrinated police in the UK have come out with the following statement regards the naming of the above 6 paedophiles.
"Police had raised concerns about the men's safety."
Just what is it about Muslims in the UK and raping little girls?

Condell: Choosing to be offended

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Muslims use human rights laws to silence critics of Islam

(London) Isn't it amazing how after years of open Islamic ugliness, intolerance, and terrorism which persecutes and oppresses billions and murdered millions, not only are we forbidden from questioning Muslims and Islam, but we in the West are forbidden from calling Islamic terrorists... terrorists?

Nope we have to use the much lesser term militant. It's as if the intolerant followers of Islam can do as they please, free in the knowledge that the Government and liberals will jump to their defence. Free in the knowledge that they are defended from above, Muslims the world over feel they can do or say what they want, free in the knowledge that the law will protect them.

So why am I not surprised to hear that the Islamic editor of the Huffington Post (Mehdi Hasan) is demanding that newspapers that report on Islamic hate crimes be sanctioned? Yup, this man feels that the media reports unjustly on Islam and that we should all look upon Muslims as victims.

The problem is, the media in the UK already subscribes to this apologetic POV of Islam.

Palestinians shouting "Allahu Akbar" storm Jerusalem synagogue, killing 3 Americans, 1 Briton

(Fox News) Three Americans were among four worshippers killed in a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday by two Palestinians wielding meat cleavers and a gun and shouting "Allahu Akbar" in a brutal attack that prompted a vow from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "respond harshly."

The American citizens -- identified by the State Department as Mosheh Twersky, Aryeh Kupinsky and Cary William Levine -- were killed along with a Briton when the assailants, identified as cousins, stormed the building and began attacking people. Police said those killed were all immigrants to Israel and held dual citizenship.

Eight others were injured -- one critically -- before the attackers were killed in a shootout with police. The Times of Israel cited witnesses who said the attackers stormed the synagogue, in the ultra-Orthodox Har Nof neighborhood in the western part of Jerusalem, shouting "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God is Great," and creating a horrific scene of bloody carnage.

"I tried to escape. The man with the knife approached me. There was a chair and table between us ... my prayer shawl got caught. I left it there and escaped," a man who identified himself as Yossi, who was praying at the synagogue at the time of the attack, told Israeli Channel 2 TV. He declined to give his last name.

The attack was the deadliest in Israel's capital since 2008, when a Palestinian gunman shot eight people in a religious seminary school.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Palestinian Authority Official: “Jerusalem Needs Blood In Order To Purify Itself Of Jews"

Hats off to this hero Peshmerga girl

US based jihadist front groups CAIR and MAS 'shocked' to find they've been designated by UAE as terrorist organizations

Maybe CAIR should accuse UAE of Islamophobia and sue them. That'd be a doozy and fun to watch.
( – Two Islamic groups in the U.S. that strive to portray themselves as moderate and mainstream expressed shock to learn at the weekend that the United Arab Emirates had included them in a list of terrorist organizations.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which describes itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization,” and the Muslim American Society (MAS), which calls itself “a religious community service organization,” were among more than 80 groups whose designation was approved by the UAE cabinet and announced on Saturday.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Palestinian stabs Jewish man in Jerusalem, Hamas praises attack

(Ynet) A 32-year-old Jewish man was stabbed in his back by a Palestinian with screwdriver in Jerusalem Sunday evening and sustained light to moderate wounds. Police said the man continued walking after the stabbing, until he reached a Border Guard patrol and reported the attack.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the man was stabbed in his back with a screwdriver, wielded by an assailant who "apparently is Arab." Hamas has praised the stabbing, saying it was the "natural response" to Israel's crimes. Similar responses were issued by the terror group after last week's string of attacks.


New ISIS video claims beheading of American hostage Peter Kassig

(Fox News) The Islamic State terror group has claimed to have beheaded American hostage Peter Kassig, an aid worker and former Army Ranger, in a graphic new video.

In the nearly 16-minute video uploaded to social networks on Sunday, a black-clad militant with his face concealed stands before a severed head that he claims is that of the U.S. aid worker.

The authenticity of the footage has not been verified. National Security Council spokesperson Bernadette Meehan said in a statement that intelligence officials were "working as quickly as possible to determine its authenticity.

"If confirmed, we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American aid worker and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends," Meehan said. The video was posted shortly after President Obama departed for Washington from the G-20 summit in Australia. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Obama was briefed by National Security Adviser Susan Rice while in flight.

A government official confirmed to Fox News that the National Counterterrorism Center is aware of the video and is reviewing the tape.

Ed and Paula Kassig, Peter's parents, released a statement early Sunday saying they were aware of the reports of their son's death and were awaiting confirmation of their authenticity. They also asked that media outlets not post any images or video distributed by Islamic State, better known as ISIS.

"We prefer our son is written about and remembered for his important work and the love he shared with friends and family," the statement read, "not in the manner the hostage takers would use to manipulate Americans and further their cause."

The video also showed what appeared to be the mass beheading of more than a dozen captured Syrian soldiers, but did not show the beheading of the person identified as Kassig, 26. Showing the execution of the soldiers is a departure from previous videos, which did not depict the act of beheading. The soldiers' executioners are not wearing masks in the video and warn they will carry out similar actions outside the region.

"This is Peter Edward Kassig, a U.S. citizen, of your country; Peter who fought against the Muslims in Iraq, while serving as a soldier," the militant says near the end of the video. He speaks in an audible British accent despite his voice being distorted to make it more difficult to identify him.

"We say to you, Obama claim to have withdrawn from Iraq four years ago," the militant said. "Here you are: you have not withdrawn. Rather, you hid some of your forces behind your proxies," he said, apparently referring to Western-backed Syrian rebels, Kurdish fighters and the Iraqi military.

"Here we are, burying the first American crusader in Dabiq, eagerly waiting for the remainder of your armies to arrive."

The new video is longer than its predecessors and shows multiple hostages being executed, as opposed to concentrating on a single hostage's death. It also attempts to tie ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to Usama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the founder of Al Qaeda in Iraq, from which Islamic State claims descent.

Sky News reported that the man featured in the video spoke in English with a British accent. The Associated Press reported that his voice had been distorted to make him harder to identify. It was not immediately clear whether he was the same militant who has appeared in other beheading videos and has been referred to as "Jihadi John" in accounts given by former hostages of their captivity.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "horrified by the cold-blooded murder," saying that the Islamic State group has "again shown their depravity."

The video identifies the militant's location as Dabiq, a small town in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, near the Turkish border. The urban setting is another departure from previous beheading videos, which were filmed in the remote desert of northeastern Syria.

Kassig would be the fifth Western hostage killed by ISIS in less than three months, and the third American. Previous Western beheading victims were American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, as well as Britons David Haines, a former Royal Air Force engineer, and Alan Henning, a taxi driver from northwest England. The group is also holding British photojournalist John Cantlie, who has appeared in several other videos released by the group functioning as a de facto spokesman.