Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Syria: After IEDs found on Israeli border, IDF strikes Iranian targets

(Damascus)  Yesterday the IDF found explosives hidden next to the border fence with Syria, After they were defused, Israel stated it held Syria accountable and they would pay the price for allowing Iran to try and do as it pleases inside Syria.

It has just been reported that the IDF carried out airstrikes on Iranian assets inside Syria. Hitting warehouses, HQs, military complexes and Surface-to-air missile batteries, and so it has been reported 3 terrorists have been killed

As always, the Syrians are claiming they thwarted the IDF

Iraq: US has a CRAM fitted on the Roof of its Iraqi Embassy and it works

(Baghdad)  Islamic terrorists the world over love to play the victimcard by launching attacks on those who have offended them. In Iraq, the usual suspects have taken to lobbing missiles in the direction of the US embassy, The US used to this has fitted a Counter rockets and missiles battery (C-RAM) on the roof and last night it came out to play 

The C-RAM is basically the Phalanx Gatling gun which was designed to shoot down anti-ship missiles at sea and it does that by firing 4500 20mm shells a minute,(That's 75 a second)  in which to use pure fire power to take out the target. After rocket and mortar attacks in Afghanistan became common place on Allied bases, some bright spark came up with the idea to defend the bases with such a weapon and in that roll it is very effective. (Thing is, in an urban area, what goes up must come down) 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

UK: Car driven into Police station . with the driver setting fire to the road.

(Edmonton)  Last night at around 1900hrs a car was driven into Edmonton police station, whereupon the driver got out and walked down the road a few feet and set it on fire. 

As you can see he was nicked straight away and has been arrested.

UK: Asylum seekers to the Uk complain about not getting a free house

(Wales) So this year migrants in France who don't want to live in France (don't know why, as i keep getting told that the EU is a far better place to live in than the UK) have been sailing across the channel to find a new life, so far this year over 8000 have decided to try and with so few getting deported, they know they have hit the jackpot. In fact the Government immigration watchdog issued a report on this only yesterday and it didn't make for good reading.

With so many needing accommodation during the current C19 lockdown the Government had requisitioned a couple of army camps in which to host these people until they can be processed. One such location is at Penally Training camp Tenby. Wales

Where it seems that people who have escaped their so called war torn countries, travelled across the world by foot, lived rough in France and then risked life and limb to cross the English Channel are offended by the temporary accommodation they have been offered, naturally they are supported in their anger and protest by the woke generation who for some very strange reason never bothered to protest when I not only lived in similar accommodation during my time in uniform, but had to pay for it as well. On that note here is the Woke BBCs attempt to shout human rights abuse:

In September, just as they did in Greece, they tried to burn down the camp   Problem there is Wales is green for a really good reason.

Germany: Islamist Intolerance rears its head inside German schools

(Berlin) On Tuesday a 11 year old Islamic pupil at the Morgenstern primary school in Berlin threatened to behead the teacher after she stated that parents who didn’t attend an upcoming parents evening would be sanctioned.  But it get worse, last week after a minutes silence for Samuel Paty the murdered French teacher the same child stated to all and sundry that people who mock the founder of Islam should be killed. After the second outburst, his parents were called, to which the mother blamed the school.

Saudi Arabia: Bomb attack at Remembrance day parade

(Jeddah) A quiet Remembrance Day ceremony attended by foreign diplomats at the Portuguese cemetery in the Saudi city of Jeddah was targeted by the usual suspects with an improvised explosive device which injured several people 

It appears that the bomb was meant to target the French consul who was speaking at the time when it was detonated. It seems that the Islamic world is still angry with France over how President Macron happened to mention that there is something ugly within Islam for it to carry out the most ugly murders in the West over the slightest provocation. As expected the Islamic world was more offended by somebody stating the truth than the beheading of 4 people (including 3 inside a church)  The British Embassy released a statement condemning the blast:

Mozambique: 50+ Beheaded by Islamist's

(Cabo Delgado) Over the weekend Islamist's  beheaded 50 people on a football pitch in the village of Muatide, in the northern area of  Mozambique where for the past few years the Islamist's of Africa have decided to open up a new front

It appears the followers of the religion of peace descended on a community event and murdered as many people as they could in which to terrorise the area (which is why they are classed as terrorist, but to the cock sucking leftwing media these religious bigots can only be...militants.

Now here's where the story becomes very interesting these terrorists are no doubt getting their arms from somewhere and currently in Maputo there is a court case regards the interception of a boat in the area last December which at the time was presumed to be a drug smuggling operation where the 15 people on board sank the boat by setting fire to it, and rammed the Navy boat rather than let the authorities capture it. The fire not only sank the boat it also killed 3 of the men who all turned out to be...Iranians. Unfortunately for them one of them held onto his phone and when it was examined it was found to contain information regards the supply of weapons and explosives to the Islamist's currently murdering their way across Northen Mozambique  

Thursday, November 5, 2020

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Monday, November 2, 2020

Austria: Terror attack inside Vienna Jewish quarter

(Wien)  This evening a gunmen carried out a gun attack just outside the main Synagogue in the capital city killing 4 and injuring another 17 The gunman was killed 9 mins into his killing spree.

A video (sanitized) has been relased showing one of the terrorists atatcking somebody.

Well after a couple of days, information is still rather lacking regards the above incident, but here is what we do know:

  1. The gunman was 20 year old Kujtim Fejzulai born in Austria 
  2. He was jailed last year for trying to join ISIS, 
  3. He was released early, due to claiming he was misguided
Questions are now been asked regards the Austrian police and security service after it was revealed that Fejzulai tried to purchase Ak47 next door in Slovakia earlier this year, was refused and deported back into Austria, with that information passed onto the Austrian police who did....Nothing.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

France: Another attempted killing of a priest

(Lyon) After President Macron of France defended the murdered teacher Samuel Paty, the Islamic nations of the world instead of berating the murderer , instead took to defending him by blaming free speech as...'Islamophobic. with calls for secular France to take the knee to the Islamic world and apologise or face the consequences. As we have seen, this has emboldened  Islamic migrants to carry out murderous attacks on primarily Christians inside churches across France which saw 3 people murdered in Nice the other day.

Which was followed up today in the city of Lyon a Greek orthodox priest was shot with a sawn- off- shotgun and seriously injured. The priest survived but is seriously injured the gunman has been arrested. In response, President Macron has gone public in stating he understands how offended Muslims are. 
It appears the french haven't learnt the lesson of appeasement from 82 years.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

UK: Former leader of British Socialist party suspended for anti-antisemitism

(London)  Its a known fact that antisemitism is on the rise across Europe. whilst the UK hasn't seen a big a rise as witnessed across Europe, it still exists and one of the biggest standard bearers for antisemitism has been the Socialist Labour party which after it saw Jeremy Corbyn  elected as leader in Sept 2015 saw the ugly spectre of racial hatred towards the jew creep out from amongst the shadows of the British way of life and take to the stage, A lot of this hate arose due to the fact that Corbyn was a bed fellow with the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah (whom he called his friends) his paid trips to Iran and of course owning a mindset which allowed him to claim that it was a tragedy when Osma Bin Laden was killed by US special forces.

With such a leader at the helm , Anti-antisemitism thrived, so much so, that Jewish labour members had to employ guards to escort them to Labour party meetings. Because of this Corbyn brought in Shami Chakrabarti a former leader of Liberty the human rights group to vet the labour party and after she found no sign of religious hatred inside the party she was given a peerage into the lords. But the hate towards Jews continued and the suspension of Labour party members became a weekly event.  well after the 2019 elections and the trouncing of the labour party , it was out with the old and in with new at the Labour party and one of the first things the new leader was purge his party of bigots. However in 2017 the Equality and Human Rights Commission was brought in to look at antisemitism  within the labour party and yesterday they published their findings and found the labour party under Corbyn became a petri dish for religious hatred. Naturally the party faithful aren't happy with the Islamic members (The largest group of religious bigots)  playing the Islamophobia card in which to try and divert attention away from themselves. But the biggest shock was how Jeremy corbyn the former leader of the labour party was suspended for ...Anti-antisemitism. Naturally as he is a hate filled terrorist apologist he is playing the victmcard

Interlude: Rock Steady Crew - Hey You

France: Church beheading mark battle for European free speech

(NICE)  Europe has become the nbr 1 destination for the worlds Muslims who faced with over crowding, a lack of work, poverty and religious oppression play the asylum card in which to seek a better life,   You'd think that seeking shelter in the liberal west would be thankful of a safer, liberal environment. Alas no, the very people seeking shelter from oppressive ways go out of their way to recreate the very conditions they claim they sought asylum from. 

Yesterday in the city of Nice a Tunisian asylum seeker who only entered Europe last month entered the Notre-Dame Basilica and proceeded to attack several people at morning mass, murdering 3 (of which he beheaded one) and injured several more before getting stopped by 14 police rounds after he decided to bring a knife to a gunfight .

In the city of french city of Avignon, an Afghan was shot dead by the polcie when he started threatening people with a hand gun whilst uttering 'Allah ackba' in the City of Lyon a man was arrested with a knife after he told his father he was going to kill somebody. In Saudi Arabia a guard at the French embassy was stabbed.

All of these attacks have taken place just weeks after 14 men faced trial over the Charlie Hebdo massacre of 2015 which saw 17 people murdered.  This in turn was followed by the gruesome murder of a history teacher by a Chechen asylum seeker . The Islamic world instead of condemning the above murders, instead concentrated on blaming free speech in the west, with  the leaders of a number of Islamic countries demanding that the West do as Islam demands or else. Such as Malaysia's ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad who publicly declared that Muslims have the right to murder  millions of french people

I'd like to think that the West will take a stiff line with these religious rabble rousers, just as they would (and do) with far right trouble makers. But they won't, terrified of been seen as racist they will enact laws which will superimpose sharia law on the Kuffer in the West. Think I'm kidding the Scottish are already doing just that with their new Hate Bill. 


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Friday, October 2, 2020

Turkey: After Syrian debacle, Army Leopard 2 Tanks get armour upgrade.

(Ankara) In 2016 Turkey decided to launch Operation Euphrates Shield supposedly to take on ISIS next door in Syria, but to be honest it was actually used to wage war on the Kurds and put an end to any dreams they had of forming their own home land. Anyway after suffering heavy losses to their much more numerous but older M60 tanks, the Turks decided to reinforce the area with their Leopard 2 tanks seen as one of the best in the world and during the Battle for Al Bab they lost 10 of them

The Turks when they purchased the tanks off of Germany had plans to upgrade the A4 standard they had purchased  to the Turkish NG (next generation) standard.

 Leopard 2 NG  and  Leopard 2 A4

However as a cost cutting measure, the Turks decided to not go down that route and instead concentrate on their new Atlay Main Battle Tank  However the civil war next door in Syria caught everyone unawares and the Turks found out the hardway that Anti-tank weapons are rewriting the battlefield. The Turks caught with their pants down decided to look into uparmouring their leopard 2 tanks and so gave the thumbs up to the NG package and as of last month, the armour package is ready for production and retrofitting to the tanks:

Not much has been revealed about the upgrade other than it weights 7 tonnes and that it can protect against all known missile attacks

US: C130 Tanker and F35B clip wings

(California) On Tuesday near Thermal airport a U.S. Marine Corps F-35B and a KC-130J clipped wings during Air-to-Air Refueling operations. Resulting in both aircraft losing flight capabilities with the F-35B crashing into the ground after the pilot ejected whist the KC-130J managed to perform a safe crash landing on a field near Thermal Airport, California.


All crew members are accounted for and safe.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Nagorno-Karabakh : What the recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is all about?

(Nagorno-Karabakh) So you may have noticed that things have become a little heated between Armenia and Azerbaijan these past few days and like most conflicts the roots here are rooted in the past. Around 207 years ago the Russians captured what is now modern day Azerbaijan from Iran which was followed a few years later (1827) with the capture of what is today modern day Armenia..

In 1920 Stalin wanting to entice the failing Ottoman Empire into the communist world decided to hand over parts of Armenia to Turkman Azerbaijan which he did by turning over Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakhchivan over to Azerbaijan , but to no avail as the Turks as Muslims were having nothing to do with socialism were everybody (of all faiths and genders)  were equal. 

Over the next 100 years Nakhchivan bordering Iran saw the Christian Armenian population ethnically cleansed , but  Nagorno-Karabakh due to its very mountainous geography retained its christian identity  and in 1988 when the Soviet Union started to fall apart, the area voted to be independent of Islamic Azerbaijan and instead be aligned with the mother country of their kin Armenia. and due to that mountainous terrain it has remained in the hands of the separatists. since then Azerbaijan  has spent a lot of its oil revenue in building up its armed forces in which to take back what its wayward state. Until recently all attempts to do so have failed. But in July Turkey carried out a huge military exercise in Azerbaijan 
and it is widely believed that the Turks took the opportunity of the exercise to deliver around 4000 Syrian jihadists to spearhead the attack on Armenia, a large number of Drones , electronic warfare equipment and it is reported F16s. whilst the Turks have denied doing so , with evidence saying otherwise the Turks have issued a press release that they are willing to support Azerbaijan regain  Nagorno-Karabakh.

History of Dispute:

1920: Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region was established within Azerbaijan by the then Soviet Union.

1988: Nagorno-Karabakh legislature passed a resolution to join Armenia despite the region's legal location within Azerbaijan’s borders.

1991 : The autonomous region officially declared that it would not join either of the countries after a referendum which was boycotted by Azerbaijan. War erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the region, leaving roughly tens of thousands of casualties and hundreds of thousands of refugees.

1994: Russia mediated a cease-fire which has remained in place since.

2016: In April 2016, the region was particularly tense because of violent fighting between the two countries, which was known as the Four Day War.

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Mali: 2 French soldiers killed in IED attack

(Tessalit) Two French soldiers serving in Mali were killed on Saturday after their armoured vehicle was destroyed by an improvised explosive device, another soldier was injured in the blast that took place in Tessalit, a town in the country's northeastern region of Kidal.

The soldiers were members of the paratroop regiment based in Tarbes, southwestern France, part of the 5,000 troops France has in West Africa as part of its Barkhane military operations to fight against Islamists linked to al-Qaida and the "Islamic State."

Tunsia: 3 Terrorists killed after attack on Police car.

(Sousse) 3 Terrorists were killed and another arrested after a attack on police in the Tunisian city of Sousse Sunday.

The attack started with the ramming of a police car, which was followed by a knife attack on the 2 Policemen inside resulting in the death of one , and the other suffering knife wounds. Stealing the officers weapons and car, the assailants drove off with police in chase, before decided to make a stand inside a school where 3 were killed in the ensuring gunfight and the one who remained in the stolen car arrested.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

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Sweden: Two teenage boys, beaten, raped and buried alive in cemetery by 21 year old Iranian and 18 year old Tunisian

(Solna) On Saturday evening on the outskirts of Stockholm 2 teenage boys were approached and asked by 2 men if they wanted to buy drugs, when they refused, they were taken by force to a nearby graveyard, tortured, stripped naked , raped and then buried alive/ The alarm was raised by somebody who was passing by that morning and reported them to the police at 0830 hours , 10 hours after the boys had been kidnapped. Police found the 2 children in a grave, naked and injured. within minutes the 18 year old Tunisian  paedophile was arrested followed by his 21 year old Iranian mate , both funny enough with police records.

Sweden has laws which prohibit reporting the nationality of criminals (apparently its racist) but they don't have any laws showing the mugshots of the arrested bastards

Nor can they stop the media in Finland nextdoor reporting the story:

UK: Months of BLM protests sees the police take 7 days to report a violent kidnapping of 3 children

(London)  Months of violent protests after any non white person has been arrested by the Police, has seen law enforcement agencies take a more tentative step when it comes to talking to. never mind arresting a non-white person. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in London where the Met police will issue an grovelling apology if they happen to stop a car containing a non white person (even one driving the wrong way down the road and failing to stop) and today it has been revealed that it has taken the same Police force 7 days to go public after 3 children were kidnapped by their knife wielding afghan father from a foster home. in South London last Thursday (20/08/20) 

The three boys Bilal, 6, Ebrar, 5, and Yaseen, 3 who had been taken into care were with a foster parent when she heard steps behind her at home and was then assaulted by the boys knife wielding father who after showing a woman good old Islamic justice by the use of his fists and feet took the boys and left. 

This was 7 days ago and only today have the met police decided to make this story public, what a disgrace so scared of been classed as racists, they have allowed this man have 7 days to do as he pleases. That people is what Black Lies matter and the rest of the woke shite is doing to the country. Excusing intolerant behaviour, we saw it with the Pakistani rape gangs, we are seeing it with the huge rise in black led knife crime and now kidnapping children in broad day light.:


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Philippines : Twin female suicide bombers hit city killing 15

(Jolo) At least 15 people were killed and further 75 injured as twin blasts rocked the Southern Philippines town of Jolo on Monday. .

A motorcycle loaded with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) went off near a military truck at the area, causing chaos among the citizens and military personnel. Soon after, a second explosion was carried by an alleged female suicide bomber, as authorities cordoned off the blast scene.

Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana  the Philippine army chief speaking to the media stated he will recommend the government  place Sulu province in southern Philippines under direct military control following the twin explosions.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks it is now believed they were most likely carried out by the wives of the first confirmed Filipino suicide bomber and a senior liaison between ISIS and the extremist group Abu Sayyaf. which has been carrying out bombings, kidnappings, assassinations and extortion in a self-determined fight for an independent province in the Philippines since 1991.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

France: Muslim girl beaten and has her hair shaved off for falling in love with a Christian.

(Besancon)  The parents of a 17 year old Bosnian girl took umbrage to her dating a Christian boy who lived in the same building as her. So like all religious bigots they decided to explain to her the error of her ways by giving her a savage beating resulting in a broken rib after which they then decided to shave off all her hair

The parents and her aunt and uncle are currently locked up, with a court banning them from contacting the child who has been placed under a protection order. I personally feel that the only way in which to ensure that the messages that this behaviour will not be accepted  is to take the DNA off the family and deport them back to Bosnia , sending a powerful message to the rest of the Islamic word who wish to import their barbaric ways to the west.

UK: Islamic Relief Worldwide entire board steps down over antisemitism row

(Birmingham)  The entire board of Islamic Relief Worldwide the UK’s largest Muslim charity has stepped down after it emerged that the man drafted in to replace Heshmat Khalifa its former director who made antisemitic comments online had himself posted offensive comments on Facebook.

Almoutaz Tayara,

Islamic Relief Worldwide new director, Almoutaz Tayara, who joined the board last month after his disgraced predecessor quit over anti-Semitic comments, has described the leaders of Hamas terror group as “great men” who were answering the “divine and holy call of the Muslim Brotherhood.” he also posted an image of former President Barack Obama wearing a tie branded with the Star of David, with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Assad of Syria on his lap with quote marks saying 'Death to America!' and 'Death... death'

Tayara who also heads up Islamic Relief Germany, an independent affiliate of IRW,  was allowed to keep his position there after it was discovered  he had posted antisemitic comments on his own social media accounts. Tayara deleted them and apologised, and was allowed to continue in his position with the affiliate.

On its website Islamic Relief Worldwide made the following statement:

The board of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) have acted swiftly and decisively in the light of historic social media posts by a trustee that were offensive and unacceptable, and in no way reflect the views and core values of the organisation. A number of posts made in 2014 and 2015 on the personal Facebook account of Dr Almoutaz Tayara contravene the values of IRW, and Dr Tayara will play no further part in the governance of IRW

Saturday, August 22, 2020

UK: Pakistani found with the bodies of 2 women in his freezer says "Hes a nice guy"

(London)  Last April police called to a flat in Canning town in search of a missing person broke open a padlocked freezer to find the bodies of 2 women inside. After a search (where the police refused to give out the name of the person they were looking for) 35 year old Zahid Younis was arrested.

It transpires that Mr Younis has decided to play the victim card and is claiming that the first victim (Henriett Szucs) simply died whilst sat on his couch . As for the body of the second victim (Mihrican Mustafa) well according to Zahid, a local criminal - and an older man with a walking stick - brought the body of Ms Mustafa round in a wheelie bin in May 2018, forcing him to hide a second body in his freezer  and if he didn't take in the body they would tell the police

Well a little digging finds that Zahid Younis  is a known paedophile who was jailed and placed on the sex offenders list after he married a 14 year old child in London in 2004, he found himself in court a few years later after he was found guilty of controlling and physically abusing a 17 year old girl , which saw him jailed for 4 years

Anyway in court at Southwark Crown Court regards the two dead bodies in his freezer , he denied being in a relationship with Ms Szucs. that she became "obsessed" with him after they had sex and that, out of goodness, he would feed her when she came round and that he is actually a decent guy, the case continues.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Unite Arab Emirates: Opens diplomatic reactions with Israel

(Abu Dhabi) In a deal which has stunned the Islamic world the UAE has decided that it will normalise diplomatic ties and forge a broad new relationship with Israel a move that reshapes the order of Middle East politics from the Palestinian issue to the fight against Iran.

Naturally the Palestinians (and their supporters) feel that this is an act of betrayal, yet these are the very people who for 72 years have failed the people they claim to represent resulting in more poverty, pain and anguish. Hopefully this move will catalyse other Arab and Islamic states to  make peace.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Monday, August 10, 2020

Iran: Fake carrier sinks outside major port

(Bandar Abbas)  In 2011  it was revealed that the Iranian government and the son of film director ‘Oliver Stone’ were going to collaborate in producing a film about the 1988 U.S. Downing of Flight 655 The project fell by the wayside, but not before a rather large model of a US Navy Carrier was built on top of a barge

In 2015, the Iranians came up with the idea of using the mock carrier for propaganda purposes in which to send the message that they could block the Strait of Hormuz if they wanted and so they carried out the“Great Prophet 14” exercises, where they not only launched Anti-ship missiles at the failed movie prop, they had soldiers abseiling onto the deck from overhead helicopters. 

After the exercise the damaged barge was towed to the port of Bandar Abbas where it languished until last year where the Iranian mullahs decided to repair the ship and use it for a military exercise in which to send the message to the US, that the Iranians could block the Strait of Hormuz if they wanted to and they did this by firing missiles at the fake aircraft carrier, but also had soldiers abseil onto its the deck . 

After this latest show of force the barge was been towed back to its home berth , when about ½ mile from the harbour entrance it turned on its side and sank with a large portion of it remaining out of the water, a few days later it settled even further into the seabed resulting in a huge sea hazard in front of a major Iranian port responsible for shipping the country’s oil overseas and also one of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy’s largest naval bases.

The Iranian mullahs in trying to send the message that they could restrict access to the Great Satans Navy to the region if they wanted too, have ended up doing exactly that to themselves.

Oh the irony

Israel: Latest Handheld Ninox drone family revealed

(Tel Aviv)  The Israeli company Spear UAV have just unveiled a family of new small UAVs, which are remarkable simply due to their size and method of delivery. Here is the Ninox 40 which is designed to be launched from a 40mm grenade launcher 

The other two (Ninox 66 and Ninox 103) are a little larger and also come encapsulated 


From what I can see, if these work as advertised, we are looking at something of a game changer 

Somalia: Suicide bombing kills 9

(Mogadishu) On Saturday morning some idiot decided to drive a explosives laden vehicle into the front gates a military base in the centre of the Somali capital not far from the national stadium.  

The resulting blast killed 9 and injured another 14, including family members of the soldiers who live on the base.   Islamist terorist group 'Al Shabab' have admitted carrying out the attack. Apparently their god told them to do so.

Niger: French Aid workers killed by Islamist terrorists

(Koure) Gunmen have killed six French aid workers, their Nigerien guide and their driver in a wildlife park in Niger, The group was attacked on Sunday in a giraffe reserve near Koure, a town about 65km (40 miles) from the capital, Niamey. There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

France's TF1 television channel, meanwhile, broadcast images that it said were taken from the scene showing the burnt-out remains of a 4x4 vehicle with bullet holes in the side. A source close to Niger's environmental services speaking to the AFP news agency. said the assault took place around 11:30am (10:30 GMT). "Most of the victims were shot ... We found a magazine emptied of its cartridges at the scene,..We do not know the identity of the attackers but they came on motorcycles through the bush and waited for the arrival of the tourists." 

*Note: The victims were originally identified as tourists,

Friday, August 7, 2020

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Lebanon: Huge Explosion hit Beirut docks

(Beirut)  A huge explosion has just taken place inside Beirut docks.

The official explanation been promoted is that it was a fire at a fireworks factory , but the next video shows a large number of exploding somethings ( Ammunition? )  and then in the middle of that fire something decides to goes...BANG Managed to locate that big building which takes the brunt of the explosion, so the fire must have been in the small building next to it:


Sunday, August 2, 2020

Cameroon: Grenade attack on refuge camp sees 15 killed.

(Modzogo) Terrorists from the Islamist group Boko Haram killed at least 15 people and wounded six others in a grenade attack in northern Cameroon on Sunday. The unidentified assailants threw a grenade into a group of people inside a camp for displaced people in the commune of Mozogo near the Nigerian border in the Far North region.

But here is where the story takes a so called liberal own goal. Apparently until 3 weeks ago the Cameroon army had been asking the displaced residents of the camp to help with security, by keeping watch and if they spotted armed Boko Haram terrorists approaching the camp they were to run back to camp and inform them of the approaching thugs.  But Human Rights watch decided to stick their nose in and by playing the victim card regards asking the refugee camp residents to help with security, the army stopped this practice and today 15 people are dead.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Germany: Afghan deemed not a risk after getting arrested for raping a child, rapes another weeks later

(Dortmund) On the 20th of June , a 23 year Afghan asylum seeker raped an 11 year old child and was arrested by the police. He was released after 12 days behind bars as he was deemed not to be of risk of re-offending or a flight risk


Well, that act of liberal humanity saw the paedophile rape a 13 year old child on friday (31/07/20), the child victim gave such a good description of her attacker, that the Police knew exactly who the dirty bastard was and picked him up yesterday. As you can imagine a load of questions have been raised about how a child rapist was allowed out after less than a fortnight behind bars in which to allow him to rape again.

UK: Man pleads guilty to having sex with chickens, his wife to filming him.

(Bradford)  In the Uk 37 year old Rehan Baig found himself in the dock for having sexual intercourse with a chicken (Well 7 that the authorities know of)  

Ok I fully accept that there are some weird people out there and that they subscribe to some pretty weird stuff, but not only was he in court , his 37 year old wife Haleema was stood next to him on charges of filming him whilst he choked his chicken. They also were charged with holding pornographic material which included videos of people in the act of intercourse with an unknown animal, a dog and several chickens and to making indecent photographs of children, as well as the possession of 405mg of cocaine and 4.07g of cannabis resin. Both have been remanded until September 25 to allow for the preparation of psychiatric and pre-sentence reports.

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Friday, June 26, 2020

Scotland: Asylum seeker shot dead after Knife rampage

(Glasgow) So today inside the Park inn in Glasgow city city a Man went on a knife rampage injuring several others including a policeman, before he was stopped by getting shot dead by the Police. Information is still a little vague , but it is known that around 100 asylum seekers are housed inside the hotel 


Police are already stating this isn't a terrorist incident (which is funny enough what they state after similar attacks , and then days later they will surreptitiously upgrade it to a terrorist attack) The BBC is alrady on form by playing the victim game:

They did similar damage limitation with the Libyan Asylum seeker who stabbed 3 gay men to death last Saturday 

What is it with the authorities and the media who whilst happy to scream far right activist over idiots on twitter or even flying a Banner which states "White lives matter" yet when somebody from the relgion of peace goes walkabout with a knife, hes deemed either as mentally diminished , a victim of racism, or simply misunderstood. 

Interlude: Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood

Thursday, June 25, 2020

UK: Rebecca Long-Bailey, kicked out of the shadow cabinet for anti-semtism

(London)  The new leader of the Labour party kicked out of the Shadow Cabinet Rebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow education secretary for approving on social media an interview in which the actress Maxine Peake who stated the US police tactic of kneeling on someone’s neck was taught by the Israeli secret service. when asked to remove her post, Long-Baily refused and she was dropped ,

Ironically whilst Long-Bailey was adamant to stand by her guns for what she felt was true, the actress Maxine Peake has admitted she was wrong for stating a falsehood , but as usual blamed racism
Peake along with Long-Daily is known for her far left mindset and is currently campaigning for the overthrow of 'capitalist, fascist dictators' and 'systemic racism' by violent revolution. something tells me she will be on the dog and bone to the old bill as soon as an angry mob starts walking towards her home. 

For those from abroad who don't know the background behind this story. At the last general election held 6 months ago Labour the traditional party for the working class man saw its biggest losses since 1935. An internal labour report into why was published last week and it stated that the lovies who have never worked a day in their life and who all come from middle class families decided to divert their attention away from their traditional voting block to niche groups known for voting on mass , groups such as Muslims. which also explains why the labour party for the past 5 years became known as a hotbed for antisemitism, things weren't  helped when the then leader himself openly declared his support for Hamas, Hezballah, tried to cover up his paid trips to Iran, to Tunisia to attend a wreath-laying for individuals behind the group that carried out the Munich Olympic massacre,. Then there were the gaffs closer to home
1) Shedding tears over the killing of Osma bin laden
2) Complaining about how an ISIS mass murderer was taken out by a UAV missile
3) stating that he didn't believe in shoot to kill even during a terrorist attack in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attack which saw 130 people murdered in 2015

All of the above was added up by the British populace who came to the conclusion that Labour no longer represented them , rather they openly supported the very people who want to kill them or wish them harm, So they voted with their feet

So a new labour PM, trying his hardest to make Labour electable in 4 years time, has to clamp down hard on anybody who continues to give a voice to those within its ranks who still subscribe to the polices which saw the voter walk away.

As a footnote there's a very good reason why Rebecca Long-Bailey, is known inside Parliament and amongst the media as Rebecca Wrong-Daily

Iran: Large explosions reported in 2 different cities

(Tehran) It has been reported that large explosions have been reported in Tehran and in the city of Shriaz . Whilst  it is acceptable to expect an accident resulting in an explosion, 2 similar detonations 400 miles apart in separate cities in Iran will have people asking questions and as it is the Middle East expect a lot of rumour and rife.

Its early days and hopefully this is nothing more than an accident (and I don't mean that in a nasty way)

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

UK: The duplicity of the left when it comes to protesting.

(UK) For the past few weeks  the entire world has been held hostage by the so called "Black Lives Matter' protesters, who feel that only they can be victims and that only they face racism. So across the Uk we've had mass protests, we've seem statues knocked down, removed  and covered up. Oxford university has decided that any black student who feels affected by the death of man who set this all off, can apply for time off and special consideration for their exams (A lower bar to pass)

The BBC has decided to spend 100 million in which to make its output

The irony here is, these past few years, it has been noticed by everyman and his dog that the BBC has become a joke and that actually it no longer caters for the 80% white British population. In fact there's a huge movement for the BBC to be defunded of its licence fee and I honesty feel that if the government pushes for the decriminalisation of not paying  the TV licence fee , it is going to see a huge fall in its annual £3.6 billion it receives from the licence fee, 

Yet despite this so called outrage which is being excused for violent and intolerant acts of violence by a very small percentage of the Uk population (Blacks and mixed blacks account for around 2 million out of the Uk population of around 65 million) over the death of 1 man thousands of miles away in the US. These people remain silent on the hundreds of black deaths, primarily at the hands of blacks in the Uk. Last year 149 people were stabbed to death in London the vast majority were black males murdered by black males, During the height of the recent BLM protests in London 4 people were shot in north London including a 2 year old child, last week 2 black women were stabbed to death in a park in North London in an area which only has a 5% white British population 

Where are the protests? I keep hearing about racism, that is oppressing blacks in the Uk and that black people fear for their lives at the hands of British Police. which is strange as at the half way mark in the Uk, the police have killed 2 people, both who just happened to be Islamic terrorists in the midst of trying to kill people in London.
Last year the police in the Uk shot dead 3 people, one was an Islamic terrorist who killed 2 people, one was a white man and the only black guy killed was somebody with an illegal gun. But instead of asking why he had a gun, the black community bumped its gums demanding questions need to be asked over his death. Apparently he was nice bloke, wouldn't harm a flea . Its the same regards knife crime, the reason it has gone through the roof is because the human right lawyer who became mayor of London stood on a platform of getting rid of stop and search as the black community feel it is racist. Get that trying to stop people from killing black people in london is deemed by the black community as racist. here is a video I received yesterday about a black woman complaining about 3 policeman searching a young black lad outside a tube station in London. Listen to her rabbiting on and then..she still complains 

And yet these are the very people who are currently protesting they are hard-done due to white racism in the Uk., yet whilst the facts state otherwise, people in the Uk can't bend over fast enough in which to not be seen as....racist.