Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Germany: Police under fire for taking 6 months to release pictures of sex attackers.

(Berlin) On the 9th July 2017, four young men sexually assaulted a woman at the Neukolln metro station in the German capital. When her Husband complained they turned on him and put him in Hospital. As the entire incident transpired inside  a U-Bahn station , video evidence was instantly available, however  for some very strange reason the German police sat on the pictures of these violent sex pests for 6 months and only released them yesterday.

 That release has seen all 4 men arrested.
Now the people of Berlin are asking:
“Why did it take six months to release these picture?”
Police chief Winfrid Wenzel explained that the decision to release such footage required a judge's permission. He stated :
 'Before a public manhunt is started, all previous investigations must be completed.'
However according to Germany's biggest newspaper Bild, such images are often withheld because authorities want to prevent a possible stigmatisation of certain groups.