Monday, March 30, 2015

Battle for Tikrit in pictures

(Iraq) Approximately 400 ISIS terrorists are holding 30,000 Iraqi/Iranian soldiers at bay in the city of Tikrit. So stubborn has their defence been, that the Iraqi Government has asked the US to use their superior air targeting capabilities in which to soften up the ISIS defensive positions,  However in a perfect example of why 400 idiots can keep 30,000 men at bay, the Shia militia men who are supporting the Iraqi government have refused to fight whilst the Americans are helping them. Allegations are now being spread that the US has taken out 2 Iranian soldiers something both the Americans and Iraqi governments are denying Anyway here is a video and a few photos of the current Tikrit battle front:

Political correctness used to silence critics in the UK

(Rochdale) Simon Danczuk is the Labour MP for Rochdale, he is also the standard bearer for the victims of pedophillic abuse in the Uk, yet he is currently embroiled in a dispute where he has played the 'Racist' card in which to try and silence his detractors.

It seems that last week, Mr Danczuk took part in the celebration of 'Pakistan day' where the local council took great pleasure in flying outside the Town hall the Pakistani flag. The day (Which is a public holiday in Pakistan) commemorates how in 1940 during WW2, the Muslims of India drew up a draft which demanded from the British, that if they weren't given their own Islamic homeland, they would fight on the side of the Japanese. Note I state the drafting of their political resolution and not their independence day which is celebrated on August the 14th. So in a nutshell the Pakistani in the UK are celebrating the day they wrote in ink that they demanded independence from the British to form their very own homeland. (Which they did in 1947) However, immigrants in their hundreds of thousands then left the homeland they formed in which to travel halfway across the world to the country of the people they hated in which to be able to celebrate the fact that they hate the British by flying the Paksitani flag outside a British townhall. And the leftwing idiots of Rochdale council even not only went as far as to be take great pleasure in having their photo taken with them, but they even flew the Pakistani flag outside Rochdale Townhall.

Now, this is where the story becomes more sinister, you see Rochdale has as you may have guessed a high Pakistani Population and is also one (Of many towns)where Pakistani pedophillic gangs have operated. Naturally somebody has openly taken offence at how the Paksitani culture can be celebrated by the very people who remained silent on the Pakistani rape gangs in the area.

Well, the labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk, feels that Katie Hopkins is a racist for pointing out the above and has(I kid you not) reported her to the police.

Yes the man who champions the victims of paedophilia in the Uk, who is picked up for parading with the Pakistani community which is rife with paedophiles (Here's another example from today in the area)  plays the 'racist card' in which to silence anybody who points out his stupidity in hosting the Pakistani flag in the UK. Ironically Danczuk personal; webpage is currently running with this

Fighting for Britain by flying the Paksitani flag outside a British Town Hall. That people is how the socialist Labour thinks it is fighting for Britain today.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) on Obama's position on Iran: "It's a policy of willful ignorance"

Leading suspect in Tunisia museum attack killed

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia’s prime minister says a leading suspect in a deadly museum attack on foreign tourists has been killed in anti-terrorist operations.

State news agency TAP cites Prime Minister Habib Essid as saying that Khaled Chaieb, also known as Abou Sakhr Lokman, was killed overnight in an operation in the Gafsa region near the Algerian border.

Chaieb is believed a prominent militant in al-Qaida’s North African arm, and suspected of leading or helping lead the March 18 attack on the National Bardo Museum.

Najem Gharsalli said Khaled Ben Hamadi Chaieb, also known as Lokman Abou Sakhr, an Algerian, handled the operational end of the March 18 attack. Two gunmen were killed in the attack. Dozens of arrests have been made, five security officials fired and an officer charged with surveying the museum jailed.

Two other Algerians were among nine people killed Saturday by security forces in Gafsa, near the Algerian border, the minister told reporters, saying the leadership of the Okba Ignou Nafaa Brigade, which has killed dozens of security forces, was decimated.

Gharsalli proclaimed the "beginning of the war against terrorism," and revealed that Tunisia has acquired new equipment, "including drones."


Islamic State jihadists behead 8 Shiites in Syria's Hama for being "impure infidels"

BEIRUT (AP) — A new video released by the Islamic State group on Sunday shows its fighters cutting off the heads of eight men said to be Shiite Muslims. The video posted on social media said the men were beheaded in the central Syrian province of Hama.

The video could not be immediately independently verified, but it appeared genuine and corresponded to other AP reporting of the events. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also said that the video was authentic.

IS has beheaded scores of people since capturing large parts of Iraq and Syria last year in a self-declared caliphate.

In the video, the men, wearing orange uniforms with their hands tied behind their backs, were led forward in a field by teenage boys. They were then handed over to a group of IS fighters. A boy wearing a black uniform hands out knives to the fighters, who then behead the hostages.

An Islamic State fighter speaks in the video, using a derogatory term for Shiites and calling them "impure infidels." The IS fighter said in the video that the current military campaign against IS will only make the militant group stronger.

"Our swords will soon, God willing, reach the Nuseiries and their allies like Bashar and his party," the man said referring to Syrian President Bashar Assad and Lebanon's militant Hezbollah group that is fighting on his side. The word Nuseiry is a derogatory term to refer to Assad's Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam.


Illinois Cousins Hasan and Jonas Edmonds Charged with Terrorism and Conspiring to Support ISIS

CHICAGO (AP) — A member of the Illinois Army National Guard and his suburban Chicago cousin have been arrested on charges of conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, the U.S. Attorney's office said in a Thursday statement.

Hasan Edmonds, the 22-year-old national guard member, was arrested Wednesday night at Chicago Midway International Airport trying to board a flight to Egypt. Jonas Edmonds, 29, was arrested the same day at his home. Both men are U.S. citizens and come from Aurora, the statement said.

According to an unsealed federal complaint, the cousins planned for Jonas Edmonds to carry out a terrorist attack inside the U.S. after Hasan Edmonds left the country. Without naming it, the complaint says they contemplated an armed attack against a U.S. military facility in northern Illinois where Hasan Edmonds had trained.


Spokesman Lt. Col. Brad Leighton said the Illinois National Guard was informed of a federal investigation into a member of Golf Company 634th Brigade Support Battalion, which is based in Joliet.


Hasan Edmonds wasn't on active duty, so any criminal allegation will be addressed by civilian federal authorities, Leighton said. Edmonds security clearance had been revoked, he said.
According to the Obama administration, Hasan Edmonds is honorable. He volunteered. Plus, they look like they could've been Obama's sons.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Syrian Army Republican Guard armour upgrades

(Damascus) As we all know, necessity is the mother of invention and is perfectly exemplified in Syria where the locals have upgraded their armour in which to give them that extra layer of protection from the ubiquitous RPG. The Syrian Army Republican Guard uses the T-72M1, the export version of the T-72A, which ironically came about after the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the combat début of the T-72 against Israeli M60s. After the battle, the Russians upgraded the frontal armour of the T-72 by increasing the armour on the turret by including cavities which they filled with sand. This version became known to the Americans as 'Dolly Patton Armour'. Anyway, Syria has found that in close quarters its T-72 tanks don't fare well against rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and so they have been retrofitting them with Slat/Bar armour as seen used by the US in Iraq. Here is what a Syrian T-72M1 looks like in its natural state:

And here is how they are looking today:

Happy with the above, the Syrians decided to upgrade their bulldozers:

The above example was used by the Syrian army in Jobar to transport troops and clear minefields until it was disabled last December by multiple RPG hits. It was then destroyed by the rebels who dug a tunnel under it and placed a large charge underneath it.

The next vehicle to receive the slat and additional armour upgrade was the ZSU 23-4, a thin skinned anti-aircraft weapon system which was designed to operate in safe areas but has found new life as the perfect building clearing weapon by dint of its 4 23mm cannons. However, its thin armour is as effective as a chocolate fire-guard. Here is what it usually looks like:

Hat-tip to the nice fellows at Oryx Blog from where I got the above.

Japan inducts latest helicopter carrier

(Tokyo) Japan has inaugurated its latest helicopter carrier, which is not only one of the largest ships it has ever inducted into the navy, but it looks surprisingly like an aircraft carrier, which its constitution forbids it from having. Anyway, that is besides the point as it is here, so let's have a look:

The first in class, JS Izumo DDH-183, for the Japanese Marittime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) was launched on August 6, 2013 in Yokohama, Japan. The vessels are equipped with Phased Array Radars, full battle management capabilities, and link capabilities for cooperative engagements. They are also built to embark up to 500 troops and up to fifty vehicles. Currently they are designed to operate 9 helicopters, but Japan has on order 42 F-35A aircraft and it wouldn't be that hard for them to purchase either the F-35B or C in the future. It appears that the aggressive nature of the Chinese dragon has resulted in Japan tearing up the rule book in which to rearm. Something China isn’t happy about.

For self-defence, the Izumo is equipped with a couple of  Phalanx close-in weapon systems which in a nutshell is a six barrel Gatling gun which fires around 4500 rounds a minute in the direction of any incoming attack (be it aircraft/missile or seaborne). The result being the target is shredded. This is supplemented by a couple of Sea-Ram missile systems. This uses the same radar and optical systems of the Phalanx but is linked to an 11 round RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile system which is designed to hit targets up to 11 kms away. However, the ship's armament would be a last resort as they would be escorted by any number of Japanese Aegis class destroyers which rank amongst the most modern and advanced ships in their class.

Islamic terrorists attack Somali hotel, murder 10

(MOGADISHU) In an attempt to remain in the news despite losing ground on that front to the idiots in Syria and Iraq, the Somali Islamic terrorist group al Shabaab attacked the Maka Al Mukaram hotel, killing 10 people, before being taken out themselves.

The terrorists struck at 1600hrs local time when a car bomb was detonated at the rear of the hotel. In the ensuring confusion, the group quickly overpowered security guards before going on a killing spree (well, it was Friday, their so called holy day). Unfortunately for them, an American trained quick reaction force was on the scene within minutes and took out the terrorists.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Father who blamed British police for failing to stop his daughter going to Syria is an Islamic jihadist

(London) When 3 British school girls buggered off to Syria last month in which to join ISIS, the families very quickly pointed the finger of blame at the British authorities. None more so than Hussen Abase, an Ethiopian immigrant whose daughter, 15-year-old Amira Abase, felt the need to live a purer Islamic life in Syria.

The families reiterated this stance every chance they got, even saying so to the Home Affairs Committee in Parliament. The media helped defend their stance by promoting their victim status at the hands of the British police.

Well, what do you know. It transpires that Mr (I can only be a victim) Abase hasn't been telling the truth. Video coverage has surfaced of him at the front of a protest led by that well known Islamic rabble rouser Anjem Choudary in London protesting about democracy, that Sharia will rule the world, and where he took part in the burning of the US and Israeli flags. Hey, don't believe me, here's the video:

You first see him at 2.37 and again at 4.50. If you can't be asked here are a couple of photos from the above protest:

Yes, the man who opined to the world that he knew nothing about why his daughter buggered off to join ISIS in Syria by saying:
"There was nothing unusual about his daughter's behaviour when he last saw her."
forgot to mention that the reason he saw nothing unusual was because she subscribes to the very same mentality of hating the West that he does.

I wonder when this jihadist will be picked up by the authorities and made to explain himself. Silly me, this is the UK.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Saudi Arabia attacks Yemen

(Riyadh) It appears that the new management in town (king Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud) has used the knowledge he gained as Saudi defence minister (2011 till this year) in which to try and do something about how the Iranians have being playing Devil's Advocate next door with the neighbours in Yemen. It appears that the Iranians have been behind the rise of the Houthi rebels, who against all expectations have conquered most of the country, well with the Yemeni president buggering off across the water from his holdout in Aden. The Saudis have said enough is enough and have launched an attack on the proxies of the Iranian Mullahs.Adel al-Jubair, Saudi ambassador to the US, said on Wednesday that a coalition consisting of 10 countries, including the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), had begun airstrikes at 7pm Eastern time.

"The operation is to defend and support the legitimate government of Yemen and prevent the radical Houthi movement from taking over the country,"
Initial reports state that airbases, the presidential palace and key military installations have been hit from the air. These may be supported by the huge amount of ground forces the Saudis have massed on their border with Yemen. On top of that Bahrain,Kuwait,Qatar, the UAE and Egypt have all said that they will join in the fight.  

The thing is, all of the above are Sunni countries and they will not allow Iran to (In their eyes) to continue to make mischief (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and of course Yemen) in the region. As these are Islamic countries fighting a religious war, something tells me, that the Shia Muslims in Yemen are going to face a huge population fall.

The Saudi Armed forces on paper are quite impressive, for a start they have 152 F15 E Strike Eagles. Pound for pound the best strike aircraft in the world today . Actually the Saudis have the F15SA which is more advanced than the F15E the Americans use.
On top of that they also have have 80 Tornado Strike Aircraft
The UAE can bring 140 strike aircraft to the party and their air force is supposed to on equal terms (In training, equipment) as any Western nation and I haven't included the rest yet.

The only problem here, is how will Iran react? The last time they went to war (Iraq) they started attacking Oil Tankers.

Muslim woman on Hamas TV explains why males are more equal than females

(Gaza) In an interview to mark International Woman’s Day, Tahani Abu Jazar, a lecturer on Islamic law at the Islamic University of Gaza, defended the status of women in Islam on Alqsa TV.

The video is well worth watching in which to see how women are not equal under Islam.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Possible video of new Russian Main Battle Tank emerges

(Moscow) Russia's latest Main Battle Tank (MBT) The T-14 Armata is due to be unveiled to the world in May at the 2015 Victory Day parade held in Moscow. As Victory Day parades are well rehearsed events, it's a no brainer that the people taking part in the event will be practising, which is why somebody copped a short video of what appears to be the Armata in Moscow.

Duty rumour has it that the Russians have taken a step further from their current 3-man crews (Western tanks still retain a 4-man crew) by having an unmanned remotely controlled turret armed with a brand new 125-mm 2A82-1M smoothbore cannon. The main gun will be supported by a 30-mm cannon.

This will allow the crew to be seated inside the body, thus allowing them to be better protected. However, that said, Russian tanks have always come off worse when faced against Western ones. In order to save money, the Russians have used the body of the Armata to be the cornerstone of their future armoured fleet, which is why their next IFV, CET, ARV and HAPC will all be based around it.

ISIS releases new video of another Kurdish Peshmerga execution

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A Peshmerga soldier dressed in a yellow jumpsuit was murdered execution-style with a shot to the back of the head, in an ISIS video posted online Monday, just days after a similar posting before Newroz showed three captive Kurdish soldiers beheaded by the militants.

The 24-minute video -- entirely in Kurdish -- showed the Peshmerga soldier sitting cross-legged on dirt ground in a forest, in front of a gunman with a pistol and a dozen black-clad riflemen around.

"I am from the town of Bamarni in Duhok province,” the Kurdish soldier said, expressionless and steely in the face of death. “Now I am in the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS),” he added, before going on to attack Kurdish authorities with words and phrases often found in ISIS propaganda.

“Many people have misunderstood the Islamic State,” he added. “Until now, no one has come forth for a hostage exchange. The Islamic State urged the KRG for an exchange but they never answered,” he said.

“You all know what is the punishment of anyone who fights the Islamic State, it is death,” declared a young, unmasked gunman with a pistol before shooting the Kurdish soldier from behind.

On Thursday, just before the Newroz feast that Kurds celebrate as their New Year, another ISIS video showed three Peshmerga beheaded by the militants.

That shocking video, again showing Kurdish-speaking ISIS members, prompted Barham Salih, former prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), to declare last Saturday's annual Newroz celebration as "Newroz of defiance."

German Aircraft carrying 148 people crashes in French Alps.

(Paris) A Germanwings Airbus A320 flying between Barcelona to Düsseldorf carrying 148 people has gone down and crashed in the French Alps. The plane issued a distress signal at 10.47 local time (0947 GMT) , debris from the jet has been found near the small mountain village of Barcelonette

The last known incident involving the Airbus 320 was AirAsiaflight QZ8501 which went missing over the Java sea last December
It transpires that the co-pilot, who was suffering from depression purposely crashed the plane into the side of a mountain. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Retreating Boko Haram leaves mass of throat-slit corpses near Nigerian town

DAMASAK, Nigeria (Reuters) - Soldiers from Niger and Chad who liberated the Nigerian town of Damasak from Boko Haram militants have discovered the bodies of at least 70 people, many with their throats slit, scattered under a bridge, a Reuters witness said.

In what appeared to be an execution site for the Islamist group, the bodies were strewn beneath the concrete bridge on one of the main roads leading out of the town. At least one was decapitated.

The bodies were partially mummified by the dry desert air, while grass has began to grow around the corpses, suggesting that the killings had taken place some time ago.

Boko Haram has killed thousands of people in a six-year insurgency aimed at establishing an Islamic caliphate in northeast Nigeria. Damasak was seized by the Islamist group in November but recaptured by troops from Niger and Chad on Saturday as part of a multinational effort to wipe out the militants.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Suicide idiot attacks on Yemeni mosques kill 126

(Sana’a)  its Friday and  as witnessed on countless other Fridays, idiots decided to celebrate the Islamic holy day by murdering as many people as possible in the belief that their actions will result in them entering paradise. In the capital city of Yemen, 3 suicide bombers targeted 2 Shia mosques and uttered

"Allah Akba"
One idiot exploded inside Badr mosque in the south of the city, followed by another idiot detonating at the gate  as the people inside tried to escape .The third prick targeted the Al-Hashahush mosque in northern Sana’a. Reports state that 126 people have been killed and another 100 injured.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Liberals up in arms over the state execution of cop killer Cecil Clayton

(Missouri) Today, 74-year-old Cecil Clayton was executed for the crime of murdering Barry County Deputy Sheriff Christopher Lee Castetter in 1996. Castetter, then 29 and a father of three, was investigating a suspicious vehicle near Cassville on the night before Thanksgiving in 1996 when he was shot in the forehead while he was in his car. His vehicle was found against a tree with the engine racing and wheels spinning. Castetter died at a hospital the next day.

Clayton's attorneys argued that he suffered from lingering effects of the sawmill accident in which a piece of wood shot through his skull. Surgeons removed about 8 percent of Clayton's brain, including one-fifth of the frontal lobe that governs impulse control and judgment. His lawyers said Clayton had an IQ of 71 and that psychiatric evaluations indicate he doesn't understand the significance of his scheduled execution or the reasons for it, making him ineligible for execution under state and federal law.

You know what, this piece of shit was defended by the do good squad because of his so called diminished cognitive ability, yet not only was he able to live his live from 1972 to 1996, not only that, he knew how to murder in cold blood a innocent man. I, for one, am glad he is now pushing up daisies. So he had the mental capacity of a fourth grader, well, they know what is right and wrong, not only that, but he's spent the last 16 years alive, something his victim Christopher Lee Castetter was denied for the same time period.

Terrorist attack in Tunisa 21 killed

(Tunis) Followers of the peaceful religion struck again in Tunisa today, when 2 armed gunmen, targeted tourists as they visited a museum. They first struck as passengers from a cruise ship disembarked from coaches outside the Bardo Museum at around midday, then they rushed into the museum hunting down others who has sought safety inside , however the gunmen took hostages, which saw another 8 people killed as the police took them out. While 2 gunmen have been confirmed as killed, police are still searching for 3 other attackers. Of the people killed 17 were tourists and the rest were locals including local police. Of the dead terrorists , one has been identified as Tunisian, with the other unknown.