Friday, August 30, 2019

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Iran: Still playing silly buggers on the high seas with that Oil tanker

(Tehran) In July the UK pulled over an Iranian Oil Tanker -which for some very strange reason decided to take 90 days to sail around Africa in which to enter the Mediterranean Sea.- on charges of it had broken EU sanctions of taking Oil to Syria. Oh the Mullahs went up the wall and waylaid a few oil tankers in which to profess their innocence. The Brits from get go stated, furnish us with official paperwork that the ship isn’t heading to Syria and itcan go. The Mad Mullahs finally decided to hand over the paper after a couple of weeks of venting their spleens and the ship now sailing under the flag of Iran. (Panama  wanted nothing to do with the ship and deregistered it) went its merry way with a destination of Greece, however the ship sailed passed Greece, with a new destination of Turkey, on the 26th the Iranians stated they had sold the oil , but nobody knows who to and guess what, the ship then sailed past its destination in Turkey. Well today, its reversed it course and is currently sailing down the west coast of Cyprus (Ships location here) heading god knows where.

Haven’t a clue what the Mad mullahs are up, I can only hazard a guess, that they have managed to secrete a number of armed jihadists on board, and waiting for the Americans to try and take the ship if it heads in the general direction of Syria . 

Irans: Latest missile, sorry space program launch blows up on the launch pad

(Tehran)  Whilst the mad mullahs continue to play the victim card at the hamds of POTUS regards their ballistic missile program which they claim they don't have. Today saw the third failure of an attempt by Iran to laumch a rocket into space. Yup it appears that after lighting the blue touch paper and walking away the rocket blew up in the Mad mullahs face.

Now before anybody starts to complain about my post, in July 2015  United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 which in a nutshell placed heavy limits on Irans ballistic missile program and since then we have seen Iran carry out the following tests:
  • On 10 October 2015, Iran tested  its Emadmissile that has a declared range of 1700 km and a new precision guidance system
  • On 21 November 2015, Iran reportedly carried out a test of the Ghadr 110, having a range variously reported between 1500 and 2000 km.
  • On 8 and 9 March 2016, Iran test fired several missiles, including the Qiam 1.
  • On 29 January 2017, Iran tested the medium-range Khorramshahr ballistic missile that flew 600 miles before exploding, in a failed test of a re-entry vehicle.
  • On 23 September 2017, Iran tested another ballistic missile after showing it off at a military parade in Tehran.
  • During January 2018, six live Qiam missiles were fired into an ISIS stronghold in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province 
  • Between February and August 2018, Iran conducted seven test flights: one Khorramshahr, two Shahab-3 variants, one Qiam and three Zolfaghar ballistic missiles. According to the president of the U.N. Security Council, was “in violation of resolution 2231” because the missiles were all category I systems under the Missile Technology Control Regime and capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
  • In August 2018, Iran’s defence ministry unveiled two new missiles: the Fakour and the “Fateh Mobin” (Bright Conqueror), the latest addition to the Fateh-series of short-range tactical ballistic missiles with a range of about 1,300 kilometres (810 miles).
  • On Dec. 1, 2018, the Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile was tested at its facility near Shahrud, in northeast Iran.
  • On Feb. 2, 2019, Tehran announced the successful test of the Hoveizeh cruise missile with a range of more than 1,350 kilometres (838 miles) during celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
  • On Feb. 7, 2019, the Dezful ballistic missile was unveiled, with a range of 1,000 kilometres (600 miles). Iran’s Press TV quoted Hajizadeh as saying the Revolutionary Guards will “continue missile tests … and plan to carry out more than 50 missile tests each year.”

There lies the reason why the US isn't happy with Iran and pulled out of the nuke agreement. The Iranians have been sticking two fingers up at the world, regards its nuke program and the liberals blame POTUS for offending the Mad Mullahs. It’s so called civilian missile program is anything but and simply allows Iran to claim to be building its space program. Well today they went for third time lucky in which to launch a small satellite (Nahid-1) which has a life of a few weeks after the previous 2 attempts this year failed. Well guess what, that failed as well with the launch vehicle exploding on the launch pad.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

UK: RAF Museum visit

(London) Took a trip to the RAF museum in North London . Situated 5 mins from Colindale Tube st. Well worth a visit (and its free)

Friday, August 23, 2019

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Afghanstan: Bomb detonated inside Shia wedding, 63 killed.

(Kabul)   So whilst the world’s liberals wax lyrical about how followers of the Islamic faith can only be victims of white nationalism. In Afghanistan Shia Muslims have been murdered on mass (Again)  by their so called Sunni brothers simply because their branch of Islam is different from theirs.
The target last night was a wedding held in the capital attended by hundreds where some idiot decided to detonate a bomb inside the women’s section resulting in (so far) 63 people being killed and another 182 injured. ISIS, that well known bunch of so called peaceful bigots have put their hand up to carrying out this murderious attack.

UK: Ali jailed for 25 years for murdering a women who refused to have sex with him.

(Leeds)  31 year old asylum seeker Karar Ali Karar from Sudan was really impressed with 21 year old nurse Jodi Miller when he bumped into her at a friends flat in February this year. So impressed, he offered to pay her for sex. Jodi who was already in a relationship refused

The next day he bumped into her again and again demanded sex with her, she refused him again and clearly offended , in order to regain his honour he went upstairs to his own flat picked up a knife and returned to teach her a lesson. A lesson which entailed a 3 minute savage attack on her where he stabbed her 12 times in the back, two times in the head and neck and once in the front of the chest. The knife cut through her breast bone, passed her vital organs and lodged in her spine. She died not soon after. Two others in the room, including a 15-year-old schoolboy, tried to stop Karar but he threatened to kill them as well.

In court it was revealed that Karar with no previous convictions, came to England from Sudan four years ago after he was detained and injured following a peaceful demonstration. he studied English at a college in Newcastle for six months before coming to Leeds, falling in with the wrong crowd and taking drugs including alcohol. He said his family have a history of mental health problems and he has had them since he was a child, which were exacerbated by the use of drugs. He wished to express his remorse to the victim's family, who were seated in the public gallery.

Thankfully the judge was having none of this ‘I am a victim, I fell in with the crowd crap and jailed this evil bastard for a minimum of 25 years.

What is it with Muslims and their penchant for violence towards women.

Israel: The hate that Arab children are brainwashed with.

(Jerusalam)  So the liberal world is awash with fake anger over how the Israeli government banned two Islamic congresswomen who decideing not to visit the country with 72 other freshmen members of congress decided to go it alone in which to ensure that they would be banned in which to make themselves out to be victims of the Jewish state. This hatred was plain to see after Rashida Tlaib on being refused, then wrote a letter asking if she could be allowed to visit her frail 90 year old grandmother. yet when her wish was accepted, she refused. says it all.

That hatred of the jewish state is drummed into palestinian children (and now western children) from an early age.  So whislt the liberal and Islamic world vents its spleen over a situation of these two bigots own making. How many here heard about a knife attack carried out on Police (Yes Police)  by two little children. the other day. No, here it is on video:

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Iraq: Closes down airspace to all flights after Iranian bomb store exploded.

(Baghdad) The one thing that you can take for granted in the Middle East is rumours run riot. In fact people have been murdered on the wisp of a rumour, be it your daughter was seen talking to a man, that UN teams are administering a Polio vaccine makes you ill or even that the Israelis are bombing from afar.

Well the last rumour has spread like wild fire after an Iranian arms depot went bang the other day. The official Iraq comment on the explosion was that it was due to a fire which started due to the poor husbandry of the arms depot which wasn't helped by the heat of the day.
However this is the Middle East, which is why former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Baha al-Araji is pushing the line of :
“We believe the weapons depot was targeted by an oppressive colonial state on the basis of a treasonous Iraqi act,”
As rumour and rife rule the roost here, the Iraqi PM Abdul-Mahdi  has now called for an end to all “unauthorized flights,” whether US drones, spy planes, jets, or helicopters, and insisted that planes that do operate in Iraqi airspace must comply with Iraqi law and under Iraqi government direction.
The thing is the F35 stealth fighter simply does not have the legs to fly to Iraq and back in full stealth. Something it would have to do in which to ensure mission success. But hey rumour and rife.

Israel: 5 terrorists killed as they tried to sneak into the country from Gaza.

(Jerusalem) In the third infiltration attempt from Gaza this week,  the IDF spotted and killed 5 armed gunmen as they tried to do what US congress Muslims  Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar couldn’t and that is enter Israel.
Unfortunately for these 5 terrorists they were spotted and in a very short battle consisting of a helicopter gunship and a tank on one side and 5 lightly armed idiots on the other. The 5 men gave their lives for nothing other than to allow Hamas to send the message to their Iranian backers that they are willing to die (as Sunni Muslims) for Shia money.

Friday, August 16, 2019

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Norway: Gunman arrested inside mosque.

(Oslo,) So on Saturday at around 1600hrs a white 20 year old Norwegian citizen wearing a uniform, body armour, a helmet and armed with multiple weapons entered a mosque and started shooting up the place.

But get this, he was overpowered by a 75 year old man, who after placing him in a choke hold sat on him until the police arrived. Thankfully the mosque was virtually empty at the time and the only injured people were the gunman and the brave pensioner who took him down.

After he was arrested, people searching his home address found the body of a woman. what an idiot and well done to the brave man who took him down.

Morroco: Belgium school children carrying out volunteer work, forced to leave country due to death threats for wearing…shorts.

(Adar) Bouworde vzw is a Belgian youth organisation that sends nearly a 1000 young volunteers abroad every year, mostly for short-term work camps aiming to educate youngsters about poorness, solidarity and other social themes.

Which is why 40 school children from Belgium found themselves in the village of Adar helping build up the infrastructure.

Problem was pictures of the children wearing shorts as they worked upset  people who were over 300 miles away who protested that they should be beheaded for offending Islam. A member of Parliament demanded to know why European women were wearing beachwear whilst working. 

Due to the threats and the polarizing of the situation,  Bouworde vzw has decided to pull all its youth teams from the country. Police in Morroco have arrested the teacher who made the beheading statement on charges of incitement to terrorism

Gaza: IDF strikes Hamas outposts after foiling Terrorist attempt to breach border.

(Gaza) After a bunch of heavily armed (But peaceful) Hamas terrorists were foiled in an attempt to sneak into Israel in which to carry out a mission of murder, death kill in return for the $30 million a month their Iranian masters decided to throw their way as of last week.

The IDF decided to return the favour and bomb a number of Hamas outposts during the night.
Ah, the IDF have stated that they killed 4 Hamas thugs:

UK: Mohamed arrested and charged for savage machete attackon policeman

(London) Just after midnight on Thursday morning, Police pulled over a white van in East London suspected of having no insurance in Leyton, east London, The driver 56 year old Muhammad Rodwan wasn’t happy at getting pulled over and decided to express his anger on 28 year old PC Stuart Outten, by usinga machete he had in the van on PC Outten,

Despite being severely injured PC Outten managed to Tazer Muhammad allowing his partner to arrest the violent thug.

Yesterday in court Muhammad Rodwan, 56, was charged with PC Outten's attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon he was remanded in custody until September. 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Eygpt: Finds out the true cost of buying Chinese weapons

(Cario)  As a child I wanted to purchase some cheap aftershave advertised on the telly.

My mum took me to oneside and pointed out that often buying cheap means buying twice. I was pointed in the direction of the proper stuff, which whilst more expensive, actually works out cheaper due to its better projection/silage/longevity.

It appears that the military in Eygpt should have taken my mums advice as well. It's come out in the wash that of  around 10 Chinese CH-4B drones (Chinese version of the Reaper drone)  only 1 is in working condition,
Saudi CH4 UAV
It might also explain why Jordan which also purchased around 12 of them has decided to sell them off. Algeria, managed to dodge that bullet when it evaluated the CH4, when after 2 of the trial vehicles crashed they closed their cheque book. Don't know how the Saudi Arabians feel after they handed over $10 billion for the chinese to build a factory in the country building them. No doubt they will get better, but that will take time

As my mum said:
Buying cheap means buying twice.

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

India: Tensions rise yet again between nuclear armed India and Pakistan

(Kashmir)  How many times have you heard somebody state that if Israel was to disappear overnight, then Islam wouldn’t have any reason to carry out acts of terrorism.  The left, liberals and the do-gooders sign up to such a warped mindset in which to excuse their anti-Semitism and yet none of them mention Kashmir.

When India was split 3 ways in 1947 (2 to form Islamic countries, 1 to form a Hindu one) The Hindu Maharaja of the  tiny state of Kashmir hadn’t made his mind up of where to leave his hat, Pakistan or India?

The Pakistani not known for their patience, sent in hordes of armed soldiers disguised as tribesmen in which to take Kashmir by force , however their attempts to take the state by force slowed down as they decided to rape, pillage and loot, allowing Maharaja Hari Singh to appeal to the Indians for help , resulting in the invasion being halted leaving Pakistan with half of Kashmir and the Indians the other half.  Any decent  person would say, you know what, lets leave it at that and work towards peace. In fact India did just that in 1972 when following on from defeating West Pakistan (in under 2 weeks and taking 93 thousand Pakistani soldiersprisoner) in its attempt to carry mass genocide in East Pakistan (between 1.5- 3 million people murdered) now known as Bangladesh. The Indians drew the border in Kashmir on the separation line between the two countries with the signing of the Simla Agreement between the two countries. Where India from a very strong position stated, let bygones be bygones. Problem here was they were dealing with Pakistan.

Since that signing, Pakistan has gone well out of its way to acquire the other half of Kashmir, which in 1972, they said they were happy to remain Indian. There in a few sentences lies the reason for the issue in Kashmir and the reason why Pakistan funds terrorism inside India in which to build a greater Pakistan. Why, becasue they can?

Between July and August , Hindus flock to the Amarnathshrine in their hundreds of thousands, Pakistan knowing this sends in idiots to murder death kill as many people as it can. Which is why since 2000 hundreds of pilgrims have been killed by Islamic religious bigots .Over the past 2 days, Indian security forces have foiled several  attempts by Pakistan's Border Action Team(BAT) to infiltrate into the country and cause havoc killing at least 14 Pakistani soldiers inside India in 2 of those attempt. Realising that in being so open with its troops, Pakistan is set on murder death kill on Hindu pilgrims . India has taken the decision to close the shrine  repatriate 300,000 pilgrims out of Kashmir and reinforce the area with 30,000 troops as a show of strength. Naturally the Pakistani’s aren’t happy and have opined to the world what victims they are over their failed attempts to invade another country.

We see the same in Israel and anywhere else muslims have a land issue with non-muslims. So much for a relgion of peace then.

Iran: Says it has taken another Oil tanker. thing is, it is anything but.

(Arabian Gulf)  So today whilst the US was looking in at itself over a couple of mass shootings. The Iranians decided to waylay another ship, the mad mullahs are claiming its a tanker, that was smuggling oil from iran to elsewhere but video from Iranin TV shows a different type of vessel completly  .

So if the tanker wasn't a tanker, (Actually its a small offshore supply ship with a 7 man crew)  then exactly just who are the mad mullahs sending a message to? My money is on Europe, in the hope that they side with Iran as the victim with the rewards of rich trade deals (looks at Germany and France) as their 5 peices of silver and isolate the US. Who knows maybe in the future the EUSSR will join ranks with iran, Russia and China in which to form a new world order.  Think I'm kidding the left across Europe aren't happy how the Uk is leaving the EU. Its appears the UK didn't get the memo that:
  • Denmark got in 1992 when they voted agains the EU (EU told them to vote again and this time they voted yes)
  • Ireland got it in 2001 when they voted no (EU told them to vote again and and then voted yes) 
  • That France and Holland got when they voted agaisnt the EU in 2005 (The EU simply ignored that vote)
  • Ireland got it again in 2008 when they voted no to the EU (EU told them to vote again and this time they voted yes)
By ignoring the results of binding votes, you can see that the EU sings off a similar song sheet as Moscow, Bejing and Tehran than it does Washington. Which explains their anger with London.

Friday, August 2, 2019

UK: 5 Months after Soldier attacked on streets of London , politically correct MET police issue photo of assialent.

(London)  At around 0320hrs on the 31st of January this year in the middle of Londons Theatre district  , a British soldier in mess kit was viciously assulated .

Yesterday 5 months after the incident the politically correct British Metroploitan police force decided (yes decided) to issue the photo of the assilant in which to ask the public for help in identifying him.

As you can see the wanted man, looks like he subscribes to a certain demographic. which if the shoe was on the other foot, would have seen hours of reports by the media on how racist the Uk is, we would be regaled to tales of Islamopbia, the MET police themselves would have placed extra patrols outside certain places of whorship ,all of which would have transpired minutes after the assult. yet when the assilant isn't white, why it takes the Politically correct police 5 months to issue his photo.

Interlude: The Police - Walking On The Moon

Kenya: Muslims save Christian workers from Terrorist attack

(Kutulo) 20 Christian workers building a Hospital near the Kenyan /Somali border were led to safety after they were warned by local Muslims of an imminent attack by al-Shabaab terrorists who have been most active in the area.

According to local media reports, Muslims told them to quickly leave the construction site and helped them to safety.  They then confronted the gunmen, and fed them false information regards the Christians ,the gunmen left firing their guns into the air in which to express their anger.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Israel: The arrest of 2 children by the IDF shows the disgusting Hamas mindset

(Gaza Strip border) Last night Hani Abu Salah, a member of the military wing of Hamas sneaked into Israel and when an Israeli patrol was sent to apprehend him, he opened up with an Ak47 and a few hand grenades. Injuring 3 IDF soldiers. Thankfully another patrol had also been sent and they succeeded in taking the terrorist out. 
Hours later the IDF arrested 2 Palestinian boys (aged 11 and 15) who also crossed the border into Israel. What I can’t understand is how 2 young children bypassed all the Hamas patrols and entered Israel without them knowing.  Could it be they wanted the IDF after what had transpired hours before to shoot first and ask questions later. Can you imagine the faux moral outrage which we would have seen from Hamas if those 2 children had been killed.

Makes you wonder about the Hamas mindset doesn’t it.