Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Allah-ween

UK: British ISIS Terrorist says he did nothing wrong.

(Syria) Captured ISIS terrorist Shabazz Suleman, is currently having a much better time locked up inside Syria than any captive had under ISIS. When interviewed by Sky News, this jihadist couldn’t see what all the fuss was about how bad ISIS was and that whilst he was armed , wore an ISIS uniform and served on the frontline, he claims he spent more time playing on his PlayStation than murdering innocent people. No doubt he will get an apology and a huge payout from the British Government regards hurt feelings soon.

France: State of emergency replaced by anti-terror law. Liberals not happy.

(Paris)   The French President Emmanuel Macron signed in a controversial anti-terror law Monday that gives authorities permanent powers to search homes, shut places of worship and restrict the movements of suspected extremists.

President Macron said as he signed the bill in front of the cameras.
"This law will allow us to end the state of emergency from November 1 while fully ensuring the security of our citizens,"
The new law, makes permanent several of the measures enacted after the jihadist attacks in Paris which left 130 people dead in November 2015:
  • Without seeking permission from the courts, authorities will now be able to close religious sites that promote radical ideas and confine suspected jihadist sympathisers to their neighbourhoods.
  • Police will be allowed to carry out more on-the-spot identity checks in border areas, as well as around train stations, ports and airports.

As you may have guessed Rights groups have voiced fears that such checks will be chiefly used against migrants and minorities, particularly Muslims.

Gaza: Is Hamas going to start a new war with Israel?

(Gaza) Yesterday I mentioned how the Israelis had collapsed a tunnel dug from Gaza into Israel with the sole purpose of carrying out a Terrorist raid. The destruction of the tunnel saw a number of people killed at the other end of the Tunnel inside Gaza. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have admitted that the people killed belonged to them and that the sole use of the tunnel was to wage war against...Israel.

Well today, Islamic Jihad responded to Israel's strike on a Gaza tunnel by saying  they are "weighing their options" with regard to the "Zionist terrorist government" and that they "will not lose their right to react" 

This has been followed by the news that Hamas had evacuated bases in what may be a preparation for an imminent rocket attack on Israel tonight in retaliation.

What a world we live in, where terrorists caught in the act of preparing to carry out a terrorist attack are allowed to play the victim card.

Germany: Terrorism prosecution cases soar to 900 in 2017.

(Berlin) According to a report in the German media, the number of terrorism cases has jumped nearly four-fold compared to last year, when federal prosecutors opened about 250 proceedings. In 2013, there were about 80 terrorism cases in the courts.

German federal prosecutors have opened up more than 900 terrorism-related cases so far this year, including 800 related to radical Islamists.

Germany: Arrest thwarts Bomb attack

(Schwerin) German Police this morning arrested a 19-year-old Syrian suspected of planning an Islamist-motivated bomb attack in Germany with the aim of killing as many people as possible
The man, named as Yamen A., was arrested in the early hours in the north-eastern town of Schwerin. 

The prosecutor’s office has issued a statement regards the arrest:
“According to the findings so far, Yamen A. made the decision no later than July 2017 to detonate an explosive device in Germany in order to kill and injure as many people as possible,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. As a result, he began to procure components and chemicals needed to make an explosive device. Whether the suspect had already envisaged a specific target for his bomb attack is still unclear”

Monday, October 30, 2017

Gaza:Islamic Jihad: ‘Destruction of tunnels along Gaza border is a dangerous escalation’

(Gaza) Today Israel’s Southern Command destroyed a network of tunnels found inside southern Israel near the town of Kissufim ( detected with the use of “ground breaking technology”,) by the use of an controlled explosion .  According to Gaza's health ministry 6 terrorists (Hamas and Islamic jihad) were killed in the explosion . Two of the people killed belonged to the military arm of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) , whilst a third was a Hamas field commander affiliated with the terror group’s elite Nukhba (the “selected ones”) commando unit. He entered the tunnel to extricate people trapped inside after being wounded in the blast and was killed in a secondary blast.

But here’s the best part. The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization has warned that Israel's destruction of said network of terror tunnels leading from the Gaza Strip into Israel constituted a "dangerous escalation"
"“This tunnel is part of our deterrence policies to defend the Palestinian people. We won't hesitate to defend our land. The Israeli attack that harmed a group of fighters and civilians is a dangerously aggressive escalation, and a new attempt to shuffle the cards. We are examining all possibilities in order not to lose the option of responding to this aggression.”
So let me get this right, group A digs a tunnel  from Country A into Country B in which to carry out terrorist acts. Country B destroys said tunnel, killing 6 terrorists from group A resulting in Group A blaming Country B for the dangerous escalation. Welcome to the warped mindset of the Muslim. (As loved by Gay liberals)

UK: Couple who met on an Online dating site in court over plot to bomb

(London) When 36 year old Asylum seeker Munir Mohammed met 33 year old Rowaida El-Hassan on singlemuslim.com,  a Muslim dating site, they hit off with a bang. So much so, that when El-Hassan found out that Mohammed was preparing to wage Jihad against the kufur in the UK, she used her position as a pharmacist to provide chemical expertise in which to murder as many innocent people as possible.

When the pair were arrested  in December 2016, Mohammed allegedly had two of the three components for explosives and instruction manuals on how to prepare explosives, mobile phone detonators and nerve agent ricin, El-Hassan assisted Mohammed by providing him with information about chemical components required for bomb-making and how to source them and she assisted his online research about the manufacture of ricin.

Mohammed, 36, of  Derby, and El-Hassan, 33, of  North-west London, are accused of preparing terrorist acts between November 2015 and December 2016. Both deny the charge.

The case continues

New Zealand: Anti-Semitic diatribe filmed at Auckland mosque

(Pakuranga)  The crap has hit the fan after a video which was posted online by the IslamicAhlulbayt Foundation of New Zealand 

Which showed Iranian diplomat Hormoz Ghahremani  speaking to the mosque the following:
"Israel was trying to "deceive the world" by pretending to be an advocate of peace when in fact it was fuelling terrorism and extremism in the Middle East to divert attention from the Palestine issue."
This was followed by visiting Iranian cleric, Hojatoleslam Shafie, who stated that Israel:
"Hides behind the fake phenomenon" of the Holocaust and that it was a conspiracy to infiltrate Islamic countries. Quds Day was established to deal a powerful punch to the mouth of the cancerous tumour known as evil Israel," and cited Imam Khomeini as saying that "if every Muslim were to spit in the face of Israel, Israel would drown". The annihilation of the "Zionist regime" had begun, and Israel will not last for another 25 years."
Community elder Sayed Taghi Derhami, a Mt Albert accountant, told attendees at the event that :
"Israel was a "cancerous gland" that had to be "surgically removed".
When approached by the media Ghahremani said his speech was supposed to be private and he was upset it had been put on the internet.:
 "It was something private, a small gathering. I was there to reflect the position of the Iranian Government.We do not recognise the Israeli Government, that's not a secret. But we are not against their existence."
He agreed the speech could be seen as inflammatory, but it had to be taken in the context of the event at which it was given. He spoke at a gathering to mark the annual Quds Day, initiated by Iran in the 1970s to support Palestinians and oppose Zionism. When asked if such inflammatory speeches could fuel radicalism in the Muslim community, Ghahremani said:
"If it's spoken in public places yeah, you're right. But it was a small, private gathering that happens once a year. This year they make a mistake to shoot a film, to put it on YouTube."
Complaints have been laid with the Human Rights Commission and New Zealand's Foreign Minister.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

US: Navy Day Oct 27th 1945

(New York)  In 1945 President Harry S. Truman reviewed the returning home American fleet in New York Harbour after victory in World War II on what was billed as ‘Navy Day’:

UK: British Government to reward returning ISIS terrorists in attempt to lure them away from a life of holy jihad

(London) News has come out that the British Government is looking at rewarding the approximately 20,000 Islamic extremists (including returned ISIS terrorists) with free social housing, paying their rent and even finding them work in which to try and wean these polarized religious bigots away from a life of jihad and make them model citizens who would be happy to help out at the local synagogue.

All of the above is encapsulated under the title 'Operation Constrain' where the British government is  planning a number of pilots to explore the best way to divert such people from terrorism and extremist activities. However, some have objected to the above, with terrorism expert Professor Anthony Glees of Buckingham University saying:
‘You can’t bribe people not to be terrorists.’
MP Andrew Bridgen added:
‘This sounds like a reward for being on a list of potential terrorists. You can’t buy people’s loyalty to this country.’
Isn't it great how in a country where you can be arrested for tweeting that you asked a Muslim woman to explain a terrorist attack, actual terrorists are rewarded for carrying out such atrocities.

Canada: Muslims reconsider university in Quebec

(Quebec) After the Quebec parliament banned face coverings for anyone who receives or provides a provincial or municipal service, such as public transit, has seen a liberal backlash, the Canadian Federation of Students didn't like this move, issuing a statement condemning the bill and its impact on those who are already studying in Quebec.
"Islamophobia cannot be tolerated in Canada, whether it be in the form of white nationalists shutting down the St. Bernard-de-Lacolle border crossing, or the official passage of discriminatory legislation by the Québec National Assembly. The Canadian Federation of Students remains steadfast in this position and will continue to support those who organize against xenophobia and bigotry across this country. We call on our members to take action by supporting local Muslim organizations and expressing their displeasure about any similar forms of legislation in their regions to their elected representatives."
Then Justin Trudeau followed up by saying it is not the government’s business to tell a woman what or what not to wear and has ordered the government to look into the matter with a view to overturning it. Naturally empowered by the liberal backlash,
Muslims in Quebec have started to play the victim-card in which to strengthen their case for a reversal of Bill 62.

Switzerland: Two more women accuse Ramadan of sexual assault, his fans blame the Jew

(Bern) I wrote the other day about how Tariq Ramadan, the poster boy Islamist for the West's liberals, had charges of rape made against him by Henda Ayari. He naturally denied that accusation. However, things just got a lot worse for Ramadan after 2 more women have gone to the police stating that they too have been raped by this man.

However, his supporters are calling the accusations the result of an “international Zionist plot” to blacken his name. Isn't it great how Muslims can blame everything on the Jew?

Somalia: Car bomb attack on hotel kills 25

(Mogadishu) Somali security forces have ended a night-long siege at a Mogadishu hotel by five Al Shahbab terrorists who stormed the building after they used a suicide car bomb which was at the entrance gate on Saturday afternoon in which to start their attack.

The terrorists then invaded the hotel where two more blasts were heard, one when an attacker detonated a suicide vest. The situation then settled down into a standoff until today when troops regained control of the Nasa-Hablod hotel on Sunday morning, having killed three attackers and captured two alive.

UK: Muslims attack man for being a Christian

(Derby) Tajamal Amar is a Pakistani Christian who sought asylum in the UK from the intolerant Islam back in the mother country. He settled in the UK, found work and carried on with his life. Unfortunately for him, he didn't leave the religious bigots behind as they followed him across the world in which to continue their project of intolerance. Which is why he was attacked outside a restaurant and put into hospital by a gang of Muslims who objected to him affixing two poppies onto his car and for having a cross hanging from his rear view mirror.

Amar was parked outside the Red Chilli restaurant and chatting to his sister on the phone when he claims a group of men attacked and beat him until he was unconscious. He said:
"Several times, local Pakistani people in Derby have taken offence from the fact that I am Christian. When they first find out, many stop talking to me. My wife and I have often been shunned. On the day of my attack the visible display of a cross in my car and two poppies just below the front bonnet, triggered the violence against me.I fled from Pakistan to escape violence such as this, but more and more the same violence is coming into Britain.”
Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:
'This unprovoked attack on a Christian for simply displaying a cross and two large poppies is an example of the religious intolerance that some strands of radical Islam promote in Britain."

Friday, October 27, 2017

UK: Mrs Akbar jailed for giving a blowjob in Church grounds

(Huddesfield) In July of this year, 41-year-old Rasila Akbar was caught on CCTV camera leading a man into the grounds of Huddersfield Parish Church. When arrested by the police, she claimed that they’d just had a marriage ceremony in the area and she agreed to satisfy his sexual frustration.

In court it transpired that the peccadilloes regards the above 'quicky' marriage wasn't the first time Mrs Ackbar had fallen foul of the law. She had assaulted her neighbour in a row over rubbish and was then found with a knife at Dewsbury Train Station which she claimed was for foraging mushrooms and to cut away brambles to stop people from scratching themselves on them.

Magistrates sentenced Akbar to 14 weeks in custody, suspended for a year. She must also complete a community order with up to 25 days of rehabilitation activities and pay £85 costs plus £115 victim surcharge.

As she was led away from the secure dock, Akbar demanded to know if the local paper was present, before claiming that she went by a different name than stated on the official court record and that she was the victim of mistaken identity. Akbar claimed that she did not have three children, then pointed her fingers towards the reporter in a gun-like gesture, imitating pulling a trigger. She ranted: “You made a very good decision to put my children’s lives at risk. “You’re too right, I am a very dangerous woman.” That rant saw Akbar receive another 2 weeks in prison.

The major surface and attack submarines combatants of European Navies in 2017

(Europe) The state of affairs when it comes to splicing the main brace across Europe:

UK: ISIS terrorist arrested by Turks now wants to return to England

(London) In 2015, 19-year-old Shabazz Suleman left his home town of High Wycombe and travelled to Turkey in which to join ISIS inside Syria. He was arrested by the Turks and offered either to be deported back to the UK or be including in a swap where 200 ISIS idiots were exchanged for 46 Turkish diplomatic staff captured during the fall of Mosul in June of that year. He chose the latter and after landing in the nascent Islamic paradise that was being carved out of Iraq and Syria by the bullet, bomb and beheaders knife, he undertook weapons training at a two-week Sharia training camp and there he lived in happiness until this year when the victims of ISIS after saying enough is enough reclaimed virtually all their lost ground.

As a good ISIS terrorist who believes in the maxim “Death before dishour” Shabazz did a runner when he found his life was at risk of ending if he stayed to fight like the man he thinks he is. Which is why he is currently alive in the custody of the Turkish militia (Which let’s be honest, is a far better fate than anybody who was captured by ISIS had to endure.)

Well like all good Islamic state state terrorists, Shabazz who left the UK to live under the beauty of Sharia law, is now screaming out that he should be returned to the UK so he can face justice for his crimes in a Christian country, rather than under Islamic law as practiced in the Middle East. (Which is the sole reason he left the UK for) Why even his father 46-year-old Afzal Suleman, 46, said he knew ‘for a fact’ that his son had become a civilian and had not been on the battlefield for two years:
‘At the end of the day if he has committed a crime he should go to court. We just want him home.’
Yes, I agree he should have his day in court. But, it should be the people of Syria who try him and not the British.

Gaza: Head of Hamas security forces injured in targeted attack

(Gaza City) Tawfiq Abu Naim the head of Hamas Security forces was rushed to hospital this morning with minor injuries  after  somebody decided to carry out a hit on him after he left  Friday prayers in a Gaza mosque.

The details of the attack is still somewhat vague, with reports of either an explosion or a shooting. (As this is Gaza probably both) Hamas have already issued a statement:
"The assassination attempt is a lowly act, with Palestine's enemies behind it. The assassination is an attempted attack on the strip's security and stability as well as the Palestinian reconciliation. Security forces must act quickly in order to bring the perpetrators to justice."
It is generally accepted that ISIS (or their ilk) carried out the above attack, no doubt by the end of the day, Israel will be blamed. Oh hang on already happened, the Popular Resistance Committee, one of the military organizations active in Gaza, has issued a statement :
"it's clear that Israel's hands are involved in the assassination attempt. We must hit back against their agents and its collaborators without restraints."
A former prisoner who was released in the 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel. Naim is now responsible for Hamas’s security in Gaza. 

Germany: Failed Pakistani Asylum seeker slits throat of his 2 year old daughter

(Hamburg) Police in the city are on the lookout for 33 year old Pakistani  Sohail A who has gone on the run after murdering his 2 year old daughter Isha

 On the run Sohail A
On Monday Sohail A wife Lubna went to the Police to complain about his violent behaviour, when they returned to the family flat, they found him gone and the couple’s 2 year old daughter murdered.
Sohail A came to Germany in 2011 and was rejected for asylum, he remained in the country by moving around, losing his documents  claiming illness and claiming his life was at risk if returned to Pakistan., It was while awaiting deportation that he came to know Lubna, married her and fathered Isha with her. In April this year he launched an emergency action at Hamburg's Administrative Court to be allowed to stay on in the country. The judge in the case was informed by police of violence against his wife, leading him to get the Youth Authorities involved instead of ordering his expulsion. Social workers reported back to the court that they did not foresee a 'worsening' of the family situation. Meanwhile in the real world Sohail had banned Lubna from talking to any of the neighbours and wasn’t even allowed to say hello.

No doubt Sohail will turn up in the Uk, where he will demand his Human rights are respected. Knowing this country they will.

UK: Vicar bans hymn from service because people at the service might not be Christian.

(Oadby) Every year on the Sunday nearest Remembrance Sunday .(Nov 11) The country falls silent in which to remember the people who have paid the ultimate price to safeguard our freedoms.   Churches for once are usually full to the brim, with many more people standing outside in the cold.

Yet for Steve Bailey the new vicar of St Peter’s Church in the town of Oadby, singing a religious song is out of the question and so he has banned the Hymn;
Onward Christian soldiers’ 
from his Remembrance Sunday service in case it offends anybody inside the church who isn’t a Christian.  Well, I have attended a large number of Church services, including a lot of Remembrance day one and what I have noticed is that not a lot of non-Christians attend and I suppose that those that do, won’t be offended on hearing a Christian hymn inside a Christian church.

Just what is it about white liberals and hating what they see in the mirror.?

UK: Council bans Halal meat for school meals

(Preston)  Councillors in Lancashire have voted to ban unstunned halal meat from being served in schools. Lancashire County Council made the decision to stop using it in 27council-run schools at a meeting earlier. From December, the schools will only serve stunned halal beef and lamb after councillors voted by 41 to 24 against, with 15 abstentions.

Council leader Geoff Driver described the practice of not stunning animals before slaughtering them as "abhorrent" and "really cruel". A call for further discussion with Jewish and Muslim groups was rejected.

Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) has accused Driver of leading a “crusade” on the issue. Abdul Qureshi, the LCM’s chair, said any decision to ban unstunned halal meat would create a huge difficulty.

“People will pull out of school meals and people who should eat properly will be deprived of that. For us it’s a matter of faith. For Geoff Driver it is his feelings,”
Cllr Ali expressing concern that Muslim parents would withdraw their children from school meals which for those from deprived families was ‘their only hot nutritious food of the day’.

Labour councillor Lorraine Beavers said 12,000 children in Lancashire were being used as a “political football”. She said the motion sent a message to children of a particular faith that they were not being respected by the Conservative-led council.

Interlude:The Killers - Read My Mind

Thursday, October 26, 2017

UK: Couple found guilty of helping to prepare for a terrorist knife attack .

(Birmingham)  In the Uk the other half of a loving couple has been guilty of preparing to carry out a knife attack against a hit list of target simply because they weren't..Muslim. Ummariyat Mirza, and Madhiha Taheer  his wife competed amongst themselves over who loved jihad the most are both facing life in jail after he promised her he would murder people on their wedding day.

He has pleaded guilty to researching and plotting a terrorist attack using a hunting knife after drawing up a 'hit-list' of who they hated the most. She , also faces life in jail after she was found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court of one count of preparation to commit acts of terrorism.

The court heard how they sent messages to each other in which to keep their passion for death alive:
  • “Can we get married already ffs [for f**k's sake] I want u to kill ppl for me, I have a list.”
  • 'The day of nikkah [wedding], I'll kill em all. Give me the list, the only thing that stops me is we are not married. I will defo, I'm not joking.'
  • 'Lool [laugh out loud], u can't have it til u put a ring on it.'
  • "I'm more radical than u, I took u in. I introduced u to dawla and Twitter and jihad. Ur my student."

The couple went to a lot of time and effort in buying knives and  self-defence dummies in which to practice for their wedding day, where they intended to go out with a bang. Unfortunately for this loved up couple, they were arrested a week after  Khalid Masood decided to murder 5 people outside parliament in London in March.

The kinky inbred bastards also brought in his sister ‘Zainab Mirza,’  in which to help them get their kicks.  However all 3 will now have to find a different kind of love whilst in the prison shower with people of their own gender after they get sentenced next week.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Brazil: Liberals up in arms over a Toilet paper advert as it uses a white woman.

(Brasília) Santher, a Brazilian company based in São Paulo has brought out a new line of luxury Toilet paper which is…black. They launched a TV campaign on Monday and used a famous young Brazilian actress to launch the toilet paper which is called ‘Personal VIP Black’ with a campaign which is called ‘Black is beautiful.  Well that hasn't gone down well with the ethical latte brigade who could find racism in a darkroom at midnight on the dark side of the moon.

Yup according to the easily offended they have accused the company of appropriating the name of the cultural movement from the 1960s that spread around the world and was also used by South African anti-apartheid campaigner Steve Biko and that is...Racist.

Anybody else sick to the back teeth with these racist bigots who feel they have the right to lambaste any white person for 'perceived'  racism , yet find it totally acceptable for them to be..racist. Anyway here's the video which has sooo offended these snowflakes.

Sweden: Seven bombings in twelve days rocks country

(Stockholm)  President Trump was mocked when he tweeted this:

“We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden.”
The left went overboard claiming he didn't know what the hell he was on about and that Sweden was actually a peaceful country. Well for such a peaceful country there has been 8 bomb attacks this past fortnight:
  • On the 10th of Oct, a man was injured when his car exploded as he opened the door.
  • Oct. 13, a strong explosion caused extensive damage to an apartment building in the Swedish city of Malmö, 
  • Oct. 15, police, forensics experts and bomb technicians rushed to the scene after an explosion caused by a suspected car bombing in Malmö.
  • Oct 18 A explosion at a police station in Helsingborg damaged the station entrance, and shattered windows of nearby buildings.
  • Oct 18 in the town of Norrköping a grenade was found under a car.
  • Oct 19 and  22, Police attend seats of explosions in the stairwell of apartment buildings in Malmö.
  • Oct 21. Man arrested wearing a fake suicide belt , carrying a knife after 2 firebombs thrown into a nightclub in Ängelholm
There are shootings on a daily basis, (So many it is easier for me to simply post the Twitter page for the Swedish media)so much so that the Swedish moderate party is demanding that the army be sent in to patrol the areas of Rinkeby, Tensta, Husby and Hallunda/ Norsborg, all areas of high immigration and all classed as areas with high crime rates and social deprivation

Now if the above isn't enough to say there is something rotten in the state of Sweden here is a wee video which does:

UK: Don't jail hate preachers, says the independent reviewer of anti-terror laws

(London) Max Hill independent reviewer of anti-terror laws in the Uk hit the headlines when he stated on last week that ISIS terrorists returning from Syria should not be arrested, jailed or even punished, but rather just allowed to get on with their lives. Yes really. And a week later he’s done it again, by stating that hate preachers shouldn’t be jailed but rather be hit with an administrative slap on the wrist . Speaking to a human right charity Mr Hill stated that:

  • Introducing new laws to prosecute extremists would be wrong
  •  Terrorists who commit modest or middle-ranking offences should not face longer jail terms,
  • “We do not, and should not criminalise thought without action or preparation for action. Thought with steps towards action can be terrorism. Thought without action or preparation for action may be extremism, but it is not terrorism.”

 Thankfully the government isn’t having anything to do with what the independent reviewer of anti-terror laws wishes to implement.

Why is it, liberals are so free and easy with other peoples lives?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ireland: Heroes welcome given to son of Muslim brotherhood royalty released by Egypt

(Dublin) Ibrahim Halawa who  was arrested and jailed by the Egyptians after he and his family flew over there to support the Muslim brotherhood when they were kicked out of power by the people during August 2013. For somebody who was willing to die for the cause and who is caught on film proclaiming ‘Eygpt’ and not Ireland as his homeland,  the Irish government and the Irish media have been somewhat remiss in leaving a lot out of this mans background:

  • Ibrahim Halawa was not a tourist. He is Muslim Brotherhood royalty.
  • The Halawa four were Hussein Halawa's son Ibrahim Halawa (spelt "Ebraheem" on his facebook) and daughters Omaima, Fatima and Somaia Halawa.
  • The Clonskeagh mosque in Ireland is a leading Muslim Brotherhood centre in Europe.
  • Its Imam is Hussein Halawa, father of the Halawas and the most senior Muslim Brotherhood figure in Ireland.
  • Hussein Halawa is General Secretary of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), based at the Clonskeagh mosque. This is the main rule-making body for the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The ECFR is headed by Hussein Halawa's colleague Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the religious leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and one of the leading extremist clerics in the world. Al-Qaradawi is banned from entering the US, the UK and Ireland because of his support for violence and terror.
  • Yusuf Al-Qaradawi praises Hitler and the Holocaust.
  • The ECFR, based at Clonskeagh, says that gays and apostates should be executed.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is a fascist, anti-semitic, far-right Islamist organisation. It supports sharia law and the suicide bombing of Jews. It is the origin of most of the Sunni Islamist and jihadist movements terrorising the world today. It is closely linked to the terrorist group Hamas, which is the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.
Here is Ibrahim  inside a mosque in Cairo stating he was willing to die for the cause:

Well the Egyptians were having none of his 'I am a tourist' angle and locked him up and there he remained apparently at deaths door due to torture and poor living conditions according to his supporters. Well 'They'll never take me alive' features was released from captivity and the Irish have given him a heroes welcome (Something the Irish Government has in common wilt Muslims)  The funny thing is, the Irish people on a whole aren't as stupid. 

France: Family court to decide if parents can name their child: 'Jihad'

(Toulouse)  Judges in France are set to rule on whether a family in southern France can call their child “Jihad”. The mayor’s office in the city of Toulouse referred the parents to prosecutors after they registered the child in August, which could lead to a family judge ordering them to change the child’s name. Whilst French families are free to choose first names –until 1993 they had to pick from an approved list – but local authorities can still refer parents to prosecutors if their choices are seen as damaging for the child.

The thing is, in naming their child after a state of war, these parents are simply sticking two fingers up at the West in a much more subtle form of holy war. Which kind of explains how last year  in the city of Nice a family was referred  to the authorities after they gave their son the same name as Mohamed Merah, the gunman who in 2012 killed seven people, including three Jewish schoolchildren. In 2013, a French mother from Nimes made the  headlines after she sent her son, named Jihad, to school wearing a T-shirt that read “I am a bomb” and “Jihad, born on September 11.”

To the faithful walking down the path of Jihad can be carried out physiologically as well as physically.

Canada: Intolerant racist Muslim Student plays the victim card on getting caught out.

(Halifax) Dalhousie Student Union Vice President, Masuma Khan, drafted a motion this past summer to boycott any events associated with the Canada 150 celebrations on campus.

At the union meeting, the motion had widespread support except for a few students who strongly disagreed, When some people objected on social media Khan posted a sharp response . However unable to discourse in a polite intelligent manner she attacked her detractors by posting the following:
“At this point, fuck you all,”
“Be proud of this country? For what, over 400 years of genocide?”
She signed off, with #unlearn150, #whitefragilitycankissmyass and #yourwhitetearsarentsacredthislandis.
Never fails to amaze me, how people who have set up homes in the West due to oppression, war and religious bigotry protected by the very laws they sought in search of sanctuary have become the most bigoted people going. I mean , If Mizz-take  Khan is so offended by how Canada was formed, why is she living there, why doesn’t she relocate to a pure Islamic land (As substantiated by her dress and hatred of living in a Christian land) and sprout her hatred there. We know she won’t and she will continue sprouting her ugliness  protected by the very system she despises. Anyway a student named Michael Smith wasn’t having any of this , so he filed a complaint with the university, stating that “targeting ‘white people’ who celebrate Canada Day is blatant discrimination,”

They in turn found that Khan had violated the university’s code of conduct, which prohibits “unwelcome or persistent conduct that the student knows, or ought to know, would cause another person to feel demeaned, intimidated or harassed.” Now if you are white and you have the above on your card, your life is over. But not for Mizz Khan, no according to her warped mindset she can only be a victim: She contends that it’s inappropriate for the university to dictate to her, as a racialized woman, how she should talk about race.
“The university is policing speech and characterizing political speech as personal harassment. That’s a bit much.”
She also said terms like white fragility are regularly used in academia, including in classes that she’s taken at Dalhousie. As for the reverse racism allegation, Khan said she’s tired of having to explain why the concept isn’t valid with this diatribe:
“The people at the top don’t look like me and they have never experienced anything like what I’ve experienced. They will never know what that feels like. No one who looks like me will have the power to oppress folks with privilege. It’s me who’s not getting the job because my name is different, it’s me who won’t be able to get that mortgage because people don’t want me in their community, it’s me who has to go through extra security checks at the airport, and gets called a terrorist when I walk down the street.”
Oh my f-ing heart bleeds. Does she know that the current Canadian defence minister is brown skinned and wears a turban.  That Canada against all the advice took in the  a well-known al Qaeda family , that the youngest member of that family who murdered a US medic in cold blood just received a C$10 millionpayoff.  Canada isn’t known as a liberal nation for nothing. Which kind of explains why there are 21 people out of 332 in the current Canadian parliament who look like miss Khan . a figure which outweighs the 6.1% of the population who belong to the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh population. Yet to racist agitators like Khan they can only be victims , which is why she loves  to come out with crap such as :
“The people at the top don’t look like me and they have never experienced anything like what I’ve experienced.”
Well Missy, Here’s one for you. I come from an Islamic family, my sister and I were taken into care due to the intolerance we experienced as children due to the fact my sister speaks in her sleep. According to the faithful she was possessed  , the fact she was a good kid aged 6 didn’t seem to matter.  After seeing how the very people who should defend and protect  us, physically and verbally attack us, I left the gay death cult where it belongs in the f-ing gutter and I wasn't even 10. Anyway at 18 I joined the army. I ended my army career as a WO2 (aka Sgt Maj) Its people like me who get the job done,  and funny enough I don’t have a mortgage, but that’s because we paid ours off  and I live in a small community where people welcome me with a smile. Now if this Asian lad from a children's home can get through life without playing the race card (I can assure you, times were a lot more polarised during the 70s than they are now)  Then why can't you. Not everybody is racist and if anything, the only racist I see is you.

Mizz Khan, people like you suck all the air out of any room you enter , you actually set back race relations and if you don’t like Canada , then why don’t you do the honourable thing and bugger off.

But we all know you won't, I mean imagine you telling somebody off in a land where women have to be subservient. 

UK: Muslim students protest at having to share prayer room.

(Newcastle) Muslim students at Newcastle University didn’t like it when the sole prayer room on the campus was made into a multi-faith prayer room. So in the time honoured way of Muslims in the Uk, they held a prayer protest outside against a university’s plans to make them share.

It all began earlier this year, when Newcastle University announced the temporary closure of its Muslim prayer space, over the summer while they removed asbestos from ducts. When it reopened- The room had new operating times - The room is now only open on weekdays and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays- and it was turned into a multi-faith space . Not happy with this Newcastle University’s Islamic Society which want to keep managing the room themselves and are demanding the university overturn its current decision to convert the Muslim prayer space to a multi-faith space.

In order to get their way Muslim students took part in a public prayer session outside the King George VI building in al protest against the move. They claim the current facility is already overflowing, with students often having to perform Friday prayers outside the building due to a lack of space, and there is “realistically no capacity to house other faiths’ societies on the same premises”.

Newcastle University  has issued the following statement:

“To address its long-term faith space needs, the university is forming a Multi Faith Space Task and Finish Group, which will look at the needs of all faith groups within the university with the aim of ensuring equitable faith space provision, commensurate with a higher education institution setting. It has provided an interim Faith Space Facilities manager, who will ensure that all faith spaces are managed in line with the 2009 Guidance for use and the 2016 Faith Space Policy, as well as supporting the University’s aim to try to meet its faith space needs. Currently the only dedicated faith space is the prayer room in King George VI exclusively provided for our Muslim students and staff. The sensitive issue of use of the prayer room by any other faiths will be reviewed by the Task and Finish Group.”

West Bank: Palestinian build monument to Saddam Hussein

(Qalqiliya)  A city under PA jurisdiction, has just  erected a memorial and named a street in honour of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Arab leaders expressed appreciation for Hussein at the dedication ceremony, hailing him as “an emblem of heroism, honour, originality and defiance.” The monument bears the inscriptions "Saddam Hussein – The Master of the Martyrs in Our Age," and "Arab Palestine from the River to the Sea -”

Funny enough in 1991 the very same Saddam Hussein fired thirty-nine missiles against Israel during the Gulf War. Missiles which can’t differentiate between different peoples of faith The same Islamic despot who killed more Muslims in 8 Years (1980-88) during the Iraqi /Iran war than Israel has in over 70 years of existence, The very same. Saddam Hussain who ethnically the Kurds and Marsh Arabs after 1991 and who instead of providing for the Iraqi people after 1991, instead  spent it on himself resulting in over 1 million infant deaths  and yet to the Pals he is a Hero.

India: Mosque boycotts Muslim man after he allows his daughter to marry Christian

(Malappuram)   The Islamic council at the local mosque in  Kondiparambu India, were not impressed with Kunnummal Yusuf, when he allowed his 26 year old daughter ‘Jaseela’ to marry Tiso Tomy, a Christian.

So on the 19th of October, the secretary of the Madarul Islam Sangham’s Mahallu committee (the mosque’s administrative committee) issued a Notice  urging all people connected with the mosque to break off all contact with Kunnummal Yusuf and his family.
“Since Kunnummal Yusuf has agreed to his daughter's wedding to a non-Muslim, we have decided that people need not cooperate with his family, neither for mosque-related affairs, nor for other matters,"
Good to see how the so called religion of peace of understanding is anything but.

Indonesia :Muslim group makes Protestants cancel celebration

(Yogyakarta)  A Muslim group in Indonesia have forced the cancellation of a Reformation celebration event, saying they were plotting to convert Muslims to Christianity.  

The Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia had organised an open-air service at a football stadium in the city of Yogyakarta. Which was supposed to be one of 17 major events to be held in Indonesian cities to mark 500 years since the Reformation began in October 1517, which resulted in the split with Rome by Protestants. 

However, the event was scrapped after the Forum Ukhuwah Islamiyah (FUI), an arm of the Indonesian Ulema Council, wrote to stadium officials calling on them not to allow the gathering, saying it was an attempt to Christianize Muslims. They also threatened to disrupt the service if it went ahead.The Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia has issued a statement:
"For the shake of interreligious harmony … and to avoid acts of intolerance, the committee decided to call off the national prayer service to mark 500 years of Reformation,"
Police rejected the claim that hardliner pressure forced the cancellation of the service. Saying the event did not go ahead because organizers did not have a permit to stage it.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

UK: Man caught on camera kicking an unconscious woman in the face.

(Birmingham) Police in the UK are appealing for witnesses after a video showed a seemingly unconscious woman being kicked in the head by a Asian man in an area of the city which has a large Non-white population (71%)

The unprovoked attack happened on Oxhill Road in Handsworth as the woman lay on the floor. The video, shot by a passenger on a passing bus, shows the woman lying on her back near a bus stop with her legs folded under her. A man then walks up and casually kicks her in the side of the head, before calmly strolling away from the scene.

Now before anybody points out that the thug in question is walking a dog  and Muslims don't like dogs. Here's a little fact about the rise of dog fighting in Birmingham:

US: The media has a lot to answer for when it comes towards the hate against President Trump.

(Washington) President Trump has more than once complained about how the left-wing media portrays him and if you throw enough mud, then some will undoubtedly start to stick. Which is why so many people rather than reading up on the facts would rather subscribe to the views of a leftwing bigot of a reporter or as we have seen this week a democrat member of the U.S. House of Representatives. President Trump refers to this as ‘Fake News’ and here are a couple of example of how this is used in which to colour the opinion of people against The President .

Campus Reform, a student news site interviewed students  at George Washington University to ask students their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan. WIthout much explanation, the students immediately made clear their distaste for the plan. then they asked those same students what they thought of Senator Bernie Sanders’ new tax plan. they all expressed excitement and support after hearing the details of the plan. The only problem ? There was no tax plan for Senator Sanders. The plan they loved was actually President Trump’s.

Campus Reform did likewise in April of this year when they passed off Obama polices 
as belonging to President Trumps, where the students questioned, hated them.

That people is how the media is pushing out a false narrative regards the US president, a narrative designed simply to hate. Now imagine if the media was doing this Blacks, Muslims or even chicks with dicks. There would be an outcry.

US: Underpants bomber complains about life inside a Supermax prison.

(Florence) On Christmas Day in 2009, Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab  tried to blow up an international flight -- with a bomb sewn into his underwear -- bound from Amsterdam to Detroit on behalf of al Qaeda,. He had called his attempt part of his “religious duty” as a Muslim to wage jihad against the United States. Thankfully the bomb failed and the only injured party was underpants man who suffered burns to his body.

His trial took place during February  2012, and at the end of it Judge Nancy Edmunds of Federal District Court in Detroit sentenced Abdulmutallab to four consecutive life sentences plus 50 years to be spent at United States Penitentiary-AdministrativeMaximum Facility in Florence, Colorado aka Supermax.

Now it appears that the Islamic terrorist who was willing to murder 289 people is complaining about the lack of human rights he has whilst serving his time. In a lawsuit filed in Colorado. he said authorities at the prison where he is being held were violating his constitutional rights by not allowing him to communicate with the outside world or practice his religion as a Muslim, It accused staff of repeatedly force feeding him during a hunger strike using “excessively and unnecessarily painful” methods. He also claimed that White supremacist inmates were permitted to harass him during prayer times.

Strange how a so called soldier of Allah willing to deny the right to life for nearly 300 people, is now complaining about not been able to talk to other Muslims.  Which is down entirely to his jihadist mindset for murder.  In other words, you've made your bed underpants features, now lay in it.

UK: USS Winston S Churchill, and USS Mitscher pop in for shore leave.

(Portsmouth) The USS Winston S Churchill, and USS Mitscher both Arleigh Burke class destroyers (The former named after British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill,)  have arrived in Portsmouth. after missile air defence exercises with the Royal Navy.

France: Islamic champion of the liberal world, Tariq Ramadan accused of rape

(Paris) Tariq Ramadan is courted across the liberal world as a champion of Liberal Islam, yet whilst he is feted by these do-gooders, which is why he is always seen cropping up on TV shows as the acceptable face of Islam.

However across in the Islamic world he is seen as persona non grata in the following countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Syria. He says this is due to him objecting to their human rights record, but the fact remains the grandson of the founder of the Muslim brotherhood is seen by many as  a war leader", an "islamist" and the "political heir of his grandfather", Hassan al-Banna, That he is slippery. That he says one thing to his faithful Muslim followers and something else entirely to his Western audience. Until now, Ramadan has managed to keep his detractors at bay. 

However yesterday in Paris ,a rape and sexualassault complaint was filed by Henda Ayari who claims he raped her in a Hotel room in Paris.

Funny enough Tariq Ramadan could not be reached by the media and has not reacted to the allegations.