Saturday, June 30, 2018

Gaza: Hamas claim to have shot down IDF drone.

(Gaza City) So Hamas yesterday instigated the 14th week of protests which started as anger regards President Trump cutting aid to the Pals unless they actively sought peace, which moved onto anger regards the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, which somehow morphed into a protest about a so called right to return (I'm not even going to go into that) Anyway one of the crowd control methods that IDF have used is the delivery of CS Gas onto the hoards of so called peaceful protesters by the use of small drones as depicted below:

Which can be seen in action here:

Well apparently Hamas claim they succeeded in shooting one down (However it does make a controlled decent, which might have been due to a fault) and as this is the modern age, somebody managed to film it.

So the current headline is that an Israeli drone was shot down, which no doubt will have all the ethical latte drinkers cheering for all that it is worth. The thing is while it is a drone, it isn't a
Medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE UAV)  which has been to deadly effect by Israel, the US, and the Uk (and now Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria as purchased from China, but whom the liberals never complain about) But hey, this story will be used as a rallying call for all those western liberals who hate what they see in the mirror, their western jihadi bed fellows and of course...Hamas.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Denmark: Muslim who travelled to Syria, ripped up his passport, fought for ISIS for 3 years, now wants to return to Denmark

(Copenhagen)  In 2013, a young Islamic Dane brought up in the capital, rallied to the call to partake in a religious war against Muslims in Syria. So along with 3 other, he flew out to Turkey and travelled from there to the new ISIS caliphate which had been carved out of Syria (and soon Iraq) by the knife, bullet and the bomb. Inside this pure Islamic wonderland, he got rid of his Danish passport , as he had no intent on going back to live amongst the Kuffer.

However, and a big however, that new Islamic caliphate, just like the Thousand-Year Reich another bunch of blood thirsty idiots tried to carve out a good few years before, was kicked into touch, when the locals said:
"Hang on, we already live here and we are not going to let you walk in and take it from us"
So with a little help from others, the fight was taken back to ISIS and by early last year , they had lost virtually all the land they had captured. Which is why the not so young Dane (now 24) decided to bugger off and try to rebuild his life in Denmark. However he was caught and arrested by the Turks. Who as they had surreptitiously supported ISIS in the first place, found this Danish terrorist had nothing to answer for and released him. That was March last year. However the Danes don't want anything to do with him. It appears that after they heard he had buggered off to fight Jihad  he was charged and sentenced in absentia for terrorism and being connected with ISIS. As he hasn't a Danish Passport any more, he can't travel from Turkey (which is strange as millions have) The Danish authorities have decided not to issue him with a new passport because the police have concluded that if he returns to Denmark, he would be a national security risk, and that decision was upheld by the court a sentiment echoed by Morten Bødskov, a Danish MP and former Justice minister stating:
“We don’t owe him anything. So we don’t think we need to actively try to get him and others like him home. He chose to disregard the values we represent here in Denmark,”
However Jihad features isn't happy with that and is taking the Danes through the courts in which to issue him with a passport and his lawyer has stated she will do everything she can to ensure he does.

It never fails to amaze me, that the very people who hate our way of life the most fight tooth and nail in which to live amongst the very people they despise the most.

Iraq: Iraq hangs 12 ISIS terrorists after 8 kidnapped Civilians murdered.

(Baghdad) Last week the remnants of ISIS decided to kidnapped 8 civilians off the streets and got them to demand that if ISIS didn't released the 1000s of ISIS female terrorists locked up, they would be killed. Yesterday the bodies of those 8 people were found.  Within hours Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi ordered the hangings of 12 ISIS male terrorists in response and sending the message to these vile evil people that there will be no negotiations with them and that they have a lot more ISIS thugs they can send on their way at the end of a rope,

Naturally the do-gooders of this world usually sitting miles away in safe western countries have condemned the Iraqi government: Belkis Wille, at Human Rights Watch (HRW) stated:
Owing to Iraq's slow-moving justice system , it is unlikely that any of the 12 who were executed had been convicted recently. She said that anti-terrorism trials across Iraq "fundamentally fail to provide basic levels of due process", with many cases relying solely on defendants' confessions without guarantees that torture was not used."

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

China: Releases video of its last fleet exercise.

(Beijing) The Chinese navy has released a video which was filmed during major naval exercises earlier this year off Hainan island in the South China Sea.  The exercise allowed the Chinese to flex its muscles to all the neighbours in which to scream out :

"Yup we are here, and there's actually very little you can do about it"
The South China sea (where the exercise took place)  is the scene of minor disputes between Taiwan, mainland China and even Vietnam over some small outlying islands.

The recent Chinese emphasis on sea power centres on their emerging aircraft carrier program and is likely a bid to maintain and expand control in this area and project Chinese military influence around the globe.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Iraq: ISIS kidnaps 6 men issues ultimatum , release our women or they die.

(Baghdad)  Having being destroyed as a military force in Iraq, the remnants of ISIS aren't happy how their jihad loving women (women whom the media keeps trying to tell me are victims)  are banged up by the Iraqi government. So doing what they do best, ISIS have kidnapped 6 innocent men, anf filmed them begging the Iraqi Government to release over 1000 female terrorists .

Spain: Since the socialists opened its borders, Migrants now flock to...Spain.

(Madrid)  All over Europe countries which opened up their borders to anybody who could get there, have since faced repercussions and seen a rise in the far right. The socialist  mandarins of the EU sat in their ivory towers never have to deal with the problems that beset the plebs and cannot understand why countries no longer want to be dictated to by Strasbourg. Yet for all the evidence that mass immigration doesn't make for a better world (Note I said mass and not controlled)  The socialists of this world still haven't learnt the lessons that others have already learnt. Take Spain for example . its new socialist government decided to berate the new rightwing Italian government for refusing to take in ship loads of economic migrants , so in order to do so, they said, yup we'll take them in, they followed that up by removing the security around border fences with their enclaves around their African enclaves and  said that they will offer free medical treatment to any illegal immigrant. They also stated that they would also control migration into the country unlike Italy and Germany.

Well guess what, the hoards of migrants who travelled across Africa so as to get a taxis service across the med to Italy, have now decided that the much shorter journey across to Spain is a much better bet and so it is that 418 migrants were picked up off the coast of Spain on Saturday alone. Just what is it about socialists and other peoples lives and money.

Friday, June 22, 2018

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Argentina offended over Falkland island tweet

The other-day Argentina played tiny Iceland at football at the World Cup and came away with a 1-1 draw. In response the Falklands tweeted the following and it didn't go down well across the water in Argentina.

Gee i wonder why?

Sweden: 3 people shot dead in Internet cafe.

(Malmo)  The other year everybody mocked President Trump when he pointed out the rise in crime in Sweden and since then the rate of shootings, grenade attacks (yes grenades) and even attacks on the Police have risen resulting in more than 320 acts of violence with a firearm being registered and over 40 people killed.

Well over the weekend in the not so peaceful city of Malmo the violence that has beset Sweden  continued when a turf war between immigrant gangs resulted in a gun attack on an internet cafe where 3 youths were killed with another 3 injured after somebody sprayed them with machine gun fire. The police have stated that the victims were all criminals and known to the them. Welcome to multicultural Europe

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Germany: Gang of Arabs attack wrong man, call victim 'brother' when mistake revealed.

(Berlin) Early last Sunday morning around 25 Arabs surrounded a man sitting  on a bench in the Neukölln area of the city and after taunting him decided to beat him to a pulp. However a few minutes into the beating someone from the group shouted,

"Stop, this is the wrong one!"
Whereupon the attackers picked up their victim and apologized. They hugged him, cleaned his clothes , hugged  the victim  and referred  to the victim as their "brother" and then went their way.

However it appears that the real brothers of the 22 year old victim took umbrage at how one of their own had received a kicking by a bunch of thugs  So 20 of them (Its a big family) armed with weapons marched on a hair salon where the leader of those Arabs was meant to be and proceeded take their anger on the building. However they all did a runner when the police arrived. But get this, the ring leader of this last group was arrested as he drove past the scene in his car (which turned out to have no insurance) Police are saying that the rival gangs are from the Syrian and Lebanese communities.

Germany: Knifeman arrested at Munich train-station.

(Munchen) Yesterday morning German police were informed of somebody walking around the main train station in Munich openly carrying a knife. Unlike the Uk, where the Police wouldn't have bothered their arse and continued painting their fingernails in which to support the LGBT crowd. The German police sent a large number of officers to apprehend the person in question.

After been told to drop the weapon numerous times in German and English, the man refused to do so, he was then sprayed twice with pepper spray which failed. At this a brave policeman sneaked up behind him and brought him down.

At which point the stand off was resolved.

It transpired that the knife-man in question is a 32 year old Sri Lankan who claimed asylum in Poland. However he isn't happy with living there and so was making his way to France so as to claim asylum in Canada. Which doesn't explain why he was walking around Munchen train station with a knife.

Turkey has a rail gun?

(Ankara)  So I'm perusing the net regards military matters (I'm a bit of a spotter) with the Portugal Morocco World Cup Match on in the background and I come across this story of Turkey testing not one but 2 rail guns, not only that but they have built one which is smaller than both the so called leaders in the field the US and China. The following video explains what a rail gun is

And here is one of those Turkish railguns:

It appears that the race to field the latest in projectile weaponry is well and truly open to everyone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

London: Explosion at Tube station 7 injured.

(London)  There has been an explosion at a tube station at Southgate tube station in Enfield this evening resulting in injuries. Police have cordoned off the area and are currently searching the scene.

Monday, June 18, 2018

France: People stabbed in Supermarket by woman screaming:' Alis Snackbar'

(La Seyne-sur-Mer)  At around 10.30 yesterday morning a 24 year old woman dressed entirely in black and wearing a veil pulled out a craft knife/boxcutter/Stanley knife and attacked 2 people whilst screaming ‘Allah ackba’ A male customer and a female cashier were injured during the attack.

The female attacker was arrested at the scene and police are currently searching her home. Police have stated that:
"It is apparently an isolated person with proven psychiatric disorders,..However, that does not exclude radicalization"

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Nigeria: Suicide bombers strike Islamic revellers kill 31

(Damboa) 31 people were killed, and another  84 were injured when 2  female suicide bombers detonated Improvised Explosive Devices(IEDs), in the town of  Damboa on Saturday night.

The females struck as worshippers who had gathered to celebrate Eid al-Fitr returned home, as this is an Islamic area, the locals instead of blaming the Islamic terrorist group boko Haram, instead tried to attribute the blame onto the Nigerian army. Mohammed Hassan, a local from the area said:
“At about 8:30 pm of on Saturday night, an attack suspected to be from an artillery killed 31 innocent people in Damboa “
What is it about Islamic terrorists and their ability to suck all the air out of any room they enter.

Sunday morning Chill

You know what, there's far too much bad news around the world, here's the best way in which to take it all:

Saturday, June 16, 2018

US: Air Force Reserves kicks out stupid stupid woman over racist video

(St. Louis) For the life in me, I cannot understand this trend  for people to upload onto the net the most stupid things going. Take for example 20 year old waitress Tabitha Duncan of St. Louis, Missouri who a few days after joining the US airforce reserves decided to upload the following video onto social media.

Well that 5 seconds of fame, sure came back to bite her on the backside, when not only did the Airforce say, bye, bye there's the door, but so did her employer.  Naturally this racist woman has spoken to the media in which to tell her side of the story:

"I was intoxicated," she said. "I have black friends, I have black people in my family, I didn't mean it. I didn't know that I was being (recorded)."
Oh dear, she didn't mean it, she was drunk, she has black friends (not any more) she had blacks in her family and she didn't know she was being recorded. Christ even Joliet" Jake Blues didn't sound as contrite

Russia: Taxis driven into a crowd of girls, driver claims he fell asleep

(Moscow) With the World cup in its third day, Russia is full of tourists and football fans and as such is a prime target for Islamic terrorism. Well today it appears that the first and hopefully the only terrorist incident transpired when a taxis was driven onto the pavement running down a group of female pedestrians, injuring at least 8 people.

The driver who has been caught and identified as from Kyrgyzstan claims he fell asleep.

And here he is in Police custody:

Italy: How the do-gooders contribute ti the migrant crisis across the Mediterranean

(Rome) The EU is currently blackballing Italy due to how after years of being the dumping spot for NGO ships and their migrant cargo, it has said no more.  Italy has received very little support for the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have been encouraged to travel by the lax policies of certain Northern European countries, but who have gone out of their to reject the hoards of migrants dumped on Italian soil.  Today the leftwing Guardian reported on this story and this part caught my eye:

 “Two other ships with the flag of Netherlands, Lifeline and Seefuchs, have arrived off the coast of Libya, waiting for their load of human beings abandoned by the smugglers,”...Axel Steier, the co-founder of Mission Lifeline which operates the Lifeline ship, said his crew had rescued more than 100 migrants off Libya on Friday in an operation with a US warship, and transferred them to a Turkish merchant vessel. He said his ship was too small to make the journey from Libya to Italian ports and that he always transferred migrants to other ships, but insisted those craft should have the right to land in Italy. “I am sure there is an obligation for Italy to take them because its closest safe harbour is Lampedusa. We hand over migrants to Europe because of the Geneva convention,” he said.
Vessels chartered by an assortment of European NGOs have plied the waters off Libya for three years, rescuing migrants from leaking boats and transporting them to Sicily.

Get that, the do-gooders who have been picking up these people off of the coast of Africa, feel that Italy has to take it people from their glorified taxis service

So whilst the EU ruminates what to do with millions of economic chancers  who have been dropped off by so called do-gooders operating a taxis service off the coast of Africa (usually around 8 miles), they not only allow this illegal trade to continue, they berate anybody who dares speak out on yet another socialist experiment gone wrong.

Afghanistan: Taliban and Army ceasefire love in bombed : 26 killed.

(Kabul) Its the second day of Eid (end of ramadan)  and in an unprecedented move , the Taliban have declared a ceasefire for 3 days and both parties have taken to getting together across the land in which to have their photos taken:

The problem is that ISIS has taken umbrage to this and decided to bomb one such get-together  killing 26 people (Taliban and Afghan army together)

Ramadan Death Count wash up: India: 15/06/18

(Brakpora) Sheraz Ahmad a muslim terrorist fan boy who tried to see in Eid with a bang ended up  killing himself , blowing his hand off in the process when the hand grenade he was going to lob at the police went off before he could utter allah ackba.

Elsewhere a 21-year-old Indian Army jawan, ‘Bikas Gurung’ was killed when Pakistani troopers targeted a patrol party along the line of control in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ramadan death toll stands at 2209

Sweden: Students reported for racism for quoting government facts on immigration.

(Umeå) In April students at the Dragonskolan (Dragon School) in Sweden knocked out a fact sheet quoting facts used by the Swedish government regards immigration:

  • They stated that the total cost of immigration in 2016 overshadowed that of Sweden's entire judicial system.
  • That illegal immigrants receive dental care for a symbolic SEK 50 ($6) at taxpayers' expense.
  • By 2050, it is estimated that if Sweden's immigration patterns continue at the current rate, 30 percent of the Swedish population will be Muslim.
  • And Swedes will become a minority before the turn of the century.

 Well Anna Sundelin the school's principal was having none of this, deemed the action "terrible" and "racist" and reported the incident to the Security Police SÄPO, she stated:
"This is terrible. I saw the leaflets myself. It is absolutely unthinkable that we have this kind of propaganda at our school,"
So in a nutshell, students who quoted facts from  the Crime Prevention Council, Pew and Statistics Sweden, have been banded and reported as racists by their snowflake head teacher 

Germany: Media deemed as racist for discussing Immigrant murders, rapes and criminality.

(Berlin) The snowflakes in Germany have decided to complain about the media coverage of the mass number of murders, rapes and crimes carried out by immigrants as examples of Germans unexamined biases.

Yup it appears that reporting the most evil crimes carried out by evil people is a sin and that this all started after the mass rapes on New Years day a few years ago across the land which for some strange reason weren't reported at the time and covered up, resulting in a huge public backlash. Now they are complaining about how the media reports on the ethnicity of the idiots who murder and rape for no reason whatsoever due to that backlash  implying that according to the media Arabic men are more likely to be rapists, of which there's no proof of at all. Really?  I'm pretty sure that the full prison cells across Europe state other wise. Why is it, that there is no one more blind that those who refuse to see.

Just what what is it about snowflakes and their inability to accept the truth.

Denmark: Court forces Denmark to compensate 18 Iraqis over torture carried out by Iraqi forces.

(Copenhagen)  In 2004 Danish forces were working alongside Iraqi security forces when they arrested 18 Iraqis. During their arrest the 18 arrested people were hit and kicked by their fellow countrymen, at no time did the Danes get involved. However as has been seen many times before, human rights lawyers made a case against the Danes that because they didn't do anything, they themselves were guilty of torture and as such deemed guilty and yesterday a Danish court found in favour of human rights and awarded each of those 18 Iraqi $4,600 for the pain they didn't suffer at the hands of the Danes.

The Danish government is appealing.

Ramadan Death Count wash up: Yemen: 15/06/18

(Hodeida)  On the last day of Ramadan, Saudi Forces have taken the airport from the Iranian backed Houthi rebels.  Opening up their advance with a huge artillery and air bombing campaign, the coalition inflicted huge losses on the Houthi rebels who made the huge mistake of thinking that fighting on flat open plains is exactly the same as fighting in their mountainous redoubts , which is why over 280 of them were killed yesterday trying to defend the airport.

Saudi sappers are now clearing the airport area of mines ,bobby traps and IEDs, whilst their forces march onto the city centre , just 2 kilometres away. 

Ramadan death toll stands at 2207

UK, Mother and daughter jailed for planning a terrorist attack on British Museum.

(London)  Yesterday saw the jailing of a 45 year old French-Moroccan mother and her 22 year old daughter for planning to murder death kill their way across the British Museum because they didn't like non-Muslims. 

Mina Dich (left) and her daughter Rizlaine Boular
Their journey to prison began when Mina Dich the mother divorced her husband and became a ultra pious muslim and brainwashed her daughters to the beauty of radical Islam. Which is why in 2014 Rizlaine (the 22 year old above) tried to bugger off to Syria. she was caught and brought back home and after a few years of social care was deemed to have throw off the shackles of jihad and become a normal citizen. 

Safaa Boular the younger daughter was next in line for a life of Jihad and in 2016 she  married over the net ISIS terrorist 32 year old Naweed Hussain who was killing innocent people inside Syria at the time. He encouraged her to drop out of school and try to join him in the new bloody Islamic caliphate being carved out of the Levant. Unfortunately for her (and the rest of us) she was stopped at the airport. After he was killed in 2017, she decided that she had to make the kuffur pay and set about planning a terrorist attack in the Uk. Thankfully the British security services had been keeping tabs on her and her family and arrested her and banged her up in a prison .

Safaa Boular
Angry at how her sister had been prevented from murdering their way across London , Rizlaine  and her mother plotted revenge by planning to stab their way across London before achieving martyrdom by being shot by the police. and so after they bought knives and rucksacks prior to their planned terrorist attack, the police kicked in the door of their home and put a bullet in Rizlaine , her mother was picked up at the prison that Safaa  was locked away at and yesterday 22 year old Rizlaine was sentenced to a minimum term of 16 years and mummy dearest was sent away for six years and nine months. Safaa Boular who was found guilty earlier on this month will be sentenced net month. A fourth person, Khawla Barghouthi, who was a friend of Rizlaine, faces jail for not alerting authorities to the plot.

All 4 are now claiming to have seen the error of their ways.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Germany: Tunisian charged with making a biological weapon and plotting a terrorist atatck

(Koln ) Police have said they arrested and charged a Tunisian citizen in the German city of Koln. with producing a biological weapon and for "preparing a serious act of violence against the state..

His arrest came about after Germany's domestic intelligence agency (BfV), was tipped off that a Tunisian man attempted to buy highly toxic substances, a search of his home on Tuesday found enough ricin (Which is 6,000 times more powerful than cyanide) to kill a 1000 people.
Police are continuing their search.

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq: 15/06/18

(Qandil Mountains)  Turkish authorities have stated that they have "neutralized" 26 PKK terrorists including a senior member as part of counter-terrorism operations in northern Iraq.

In a statement, the Turkish General Staff said the fighter jets had conducted airstrikes targeting the terror group on June 12 in Qandil region.

(Diyala)  Pro Iraqi government group al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) has announced killing six Islamic State members and destroy four vehicles in a checkpoint in Diyala.

(Mosul ) An ISIS attack on a police checkpoint, northwest of Mosul resulted in the arrests of 7 of the gun happy thugs, unfortunately 1 policeman was killed during their assault on the police post.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1927

Ramadan Death Count: Mali: 15/06/18

(Bamako) Mali's government says the army has killed at least 10 terrorists  after they attacked a village in the central Mopti region. Minister of Defense Tiena Coulibaly stated that the armed forces on Tuesday also recovered weapons, explosive devices and other materials.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1894

Ramadan Death Count: Libya: 15/06/18

(Tripoli) Clashes between the Libyan army and armed terrorists from the Benghazi Defence Brigades on Thursday killed five army soldiers in the oil crescent region. The army said in a statement.
"Battalion 302 Thunderbolt lost 4 of its members in the battles of the oil crescent region, while another soldier of the Tanks Battalion was killed," 
(Tripoli) The fighters of the self-styled army in eastern Libya led by Khalifa Haftar have killed two unarmed civilians in broad daylight in Derna amid tens of peer fighters chanting and applauding saying “Allah Akbar.” What makes this even more damning is they actually filmed themselves killing their victims.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1884

Ramadan Death Count: India: 15/06/18

(Bandipora district.) A search operation for terrorists who attacked the Indian army on the 9th of June  saw the killing of 2 terrorists of the 5 Pakistani terrorists ,unfortunately a soldier was also killed.  The search continues

(Rajouri district) A Indian Islamic soldier who was on his way home in which to celebrate Eid was abducted by fellow Muslims and murdered not far from the Pakistani border. His crime, he was in the Indian army.

(Srinagar) Journalist Shujaat Bukhari and one of his security team were shot dead by unidentified gunmen outside the newspaper's office where he worked in Srinagar Shujaat Bukhari, who was in his 50s, was leaving his in the city centre Lal Chowk for an iftar (break of fast) party when he was shot, another policeman and a civilian were also  injured during the attack.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1877

Spain: New socialist government to remove border security in its African enclaves

(Madrid) Spain's Socialist Government has vowed to do "everything possible" to remove the "anti-migrant" razor wire fences, which separate Morocco from the Spanish territories of Ceuta and Melilla.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, a judge who became Spain's interior minister earlier this month, has commissioned a report into finding the "least bloody possible means" of preserving border security. "I'm going to do everything possible to see that these razor wire fences at Ceuta and Melilla are removed," he told Spanish radio station Onda Cero on Thursday.
"It's one of my main priorities."
This is what the border fence that surround Ceuta and Melilla are currently keeping out:

Currently inside Germany ,a major rift has opened up between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her interior minister over her migrant policy, which is threatening the stability of her  coalition government. Italy has closed it borders, most of Eastern Europe have closed their doors and the far right is growing all across Europe, yet the new Socialist government in Spain has thrown caustion to the wind and decided to open its doors to anybody who can get there, you just know this isn't going to end well.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ramadan Death Count: Turkey: 14/06/18

(Suruc) Four people are dead and eight wounded in southern Turkey, after election campaigning descended into violence. 

The clash broke out in the mainly Kurdish town of Suruc, when an MP from the ruling AKP, Ibrahim Halil Yildiz, was touring some shops. Currently  there are two different stories doing the rounds:
Kurdish militant shopkeepers attacked the MP's entourage, and says his brother is among the dead. It says supporters of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) were involved in the bloodshed.
The politician's bodyguards opened fire when he received a hostile reception.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1871

Gaza: Tomorrow is Eid, (The end of Ramadan) Hamas says it will set off 5000 fire balloons and Kites into Israel

(Gaza) Hamas on Thursday threatened to send 5,000 fire kites and balloons deep into Israeli territory on Friday, when the Gaza border will see another of the weekly “March of Return” mass protests, Palestinian and Israeli media reported.

The Palestinian terror group, the de facto ruler in the Strip, said at a press conference that the incendiary devices will be launched from various locations in Gaza during the protest, which will also mark the first day of the Eid al-Fitr Muslim holiday.

No doubt the liberals and Islamic world will complain when Israel shoots down these incendiary devices.  

Ramadan Death Count: Yemen: 14/06/18

(Hodeida) Heavy clashes killed 39 combatants outside Yemen's rebel-held port city of Hodeida on Thursday, as the Saudi and UAE-backed offensive to retake the key aid hub entered its second day.

Yemen's Iran-backed Huthi rebels suffered 30 fatalities in the fighting, which took place two kilometres (1.2 miles) from Hodeida airport, south of the city,  Nine pro-government troops were killed in the same area, the medics said. Military sources said the deaths were caused by mines and snipers.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1867

Ramadan Death Count: Syria: 14/06/18

(Anbar) Islamic State has executed 90 of its own thugs on the Syrian border with Iraq after they became disillusioned regards continuing their losing battle against the Syrian army The mass execution took place  in the Hegeen region around 40 kms from the town of Qaim. Afterwards the bodies of their own were thrown into the Euphrates river.

So far over 30 bodies from the above killing spree have been pulled out of the Euphrates down river in Iraq all have been shot in the chest and head.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1828

Ramadan Death Count: Afghanistan: 14/06/18

(Ghazni) 5 members of the same family  have been killed in an explosion inside their home in the Malistan district of central Ghazni province. Confirming the blast, the district governor Zamen Ali Hedayat said that the incident took place on Wednesday afternoon in Jaka area of  Malistan district.

Hedayat also  said that the explosive device was carried into the house by the head of the family,  adding that the motive behind the incident isn’t yet known.

(Farah) an attack on a government position in Farah city proved a huge fatal mistake for the attackers when the Afghan security forces repelled the attack killing 13 of their Taliban attackers and injuring 7 more.

(Jalalabad) At least 10 members of the ISIS terrorist group were killed during security sweeps carried out by the Afghan Special Forces in the vicinity of eastern Nangarhar province Thursday morning.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1738

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Yemen: Saudi Forces begin the attack on the Port of Hudaida

(Yemen)  Forces under the banner of the Saudi Arabian coalition inside Yemen this morning struck the port city of Hudaida after  the Houthis rebels ignored the government's offer of a peaceful settlement, which expired on Tuesday night. The government said it had exhausted all possible political and diplomatic means to make the rebels withdraw its forces from the port city.

The attack included airstrikes backed by ground operations, killing more than 250 Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and led to the capture of 140 Houthi soldiers. In response, the Houthi have targeted any  merchant ship sailing by with advanced anti-ship missiles striking a number of them according to the Saudi Ambassador to the US

Live maps here, can inform you of the latest situation.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1710

Saudi Arabia: Algerian Muslim commits suicide at the Grand Mosque

(Mecca) 23-year-old Azzouz Boutouba, a French Algerian Muslim and a father of 3 never got over the death of his mother, who died whilst on the Islamic Haj to Mecca 9 years ago. Boutouba who was meant to have accompanied his mother on that trip apparently never got over her death and the other day he decided to join his mother by committing suicide inside the grand mosque by jumping off the top of the building onto the thousands of worshippers below.

You know what, if you wish to kill yourself fine, but why do it in front and in this case on top of thousands of people trying to carry out a religious pilgrimage

Ramadan Death Count: India: 13/06/18

(India) Four Indian soldiers, were killed and three others injured on Wednesday in a ceasefire violation by Pakistan on the international border in Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir.

And to think that Ramadan is supposed to be a time of peaceful thoughts and good deeds, apparently not in Pakistan.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1460

Ramadan Death Count: Afghanistan: 13/06/18

(Badakhshan)  A Taliban attack on a military post in Afghanistan's northern Badakhshan province has left 20 soldiers dead. A number of other soldiers were wounded in the overnight attack in the province's Jurm district, At least six security personnel were taken hostage.

(Jalalabad) At least one child was killed and seven other civilians were wounded in an IED explosion early Wednesday morning in Jalalabad city,

Ramadan death toll stands at 1456

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

UK: Yet another Pakistani rape gang jailed.

(Oxford) Six Pakistani Pedophiles who groomed and raped children between 1998 and 2005 have been jailed today. In court it was revealed that victims were brought into the group through flattery, drugs and alcohol. Then they were subjected to threats and violence, and made to have sex with other men around. However the victims, aged between 13 and 15, "would not be silenced" despite a "campaign of fear and violence" from the men

Defence barristers meanwhile took turns to offer mitigation for each of the six men today and urge the court for leniency in passing sentence. Barrister Mark George QC, representing one of these paedophiles pointed to his clients upbringing as part of the Muslim community which he said ‘does have a tendency to encourage clandestine relationships’ because he was not allowed to bring girlfriends home or have sex before marriage. Defence teams went on to say during the hearing that their clients were largely ‘immature’ and had been themselves young, many still in their teens, at the time of their offending and had since sought to live a crime-free and productive life. The court was having none of these excuses and today the following sentences were handed out to these fine Islamic rapists:
(Top L-R) Haji Khan, Assad Hussain, Alladitta Yousaf (Bottom L-R) Khalid Hussain, Moinul Islam, Kameer Iqbal
  • 37 year old Assad Hussain was convicted of two counts of indecent assault, three counts of rape and two counts of conspiracy to rape. He was cleared of one count of indecent assault. He was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum jail term of 12 years.
  • 42 year old Moinul Islam was convicted of two counts of indecent assault, one count of rape and one count of supplying cannabis to another. He was cleared of false imprisonment. He was jailed for 15 years and nine months.
  • 39 Year old Kameer Iqbal, 39, was convicted of three count of rape. He was jailed for 12 years.
  • 38 year old Khalid Hussain was convicted of one count of rape and count of indecent assault. He was cleared of another count of rape. He was jailed for 12 years.
  • 48 year old Alladitta Yousaf, was convicted of one count of indecent assault. He was jailed for seven and a half years.
  • 38 year old Haji Khan, 38, was cleared of one count of conspiracy to rape and one count of indecent assault. He is guilty of one count of conspiracy to rape. He was jailed for 10 years.

Ramadan Death Count: India: 12/06/18

(Pulwama) Two policemen were killed and three others injured in a terrorist attack in the Indian state of Kashmir , which for some reason Pakistan demands belongs to it and is willing to murder death kill its way to gaining it.

The deaths transpired  after terrorists attacked a police guard post, at a court complex, in the town of Pilwama in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.The area has been cordoned off and a search operation is underway.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1435

Ramadan Death Count: Afghanistan: 12/06/18

(Kabul) The Taliban killed 28 Afghan forces in overnight attacks in several provinces of the country as the government began unilateral ceasefire on Tuesday:

  • In the northern province of Faryab , 13 Afghan forces were killed and  15 were wounded.
  • In the province of Sar-i-Oul , the Taliban killed 13 Afghan soldiers .
  • And in the province of Maidan Wardak two policemen were killed  

Ramadan death toll stands at 1433

Ramadan Death Count: Egypt: 12/06/18

(Arish) Four terrorists were killed in clashes with security forces in the city of Arish situated in northern half of the  Sinai on Monday

The four were killed in an exchange of gunfire with policemen who had been using a building that was under construction as a hideout.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1405

Germany: Turkish man murders 15 year old girl.

(Mönchengladbach)  A 25 year old Turkish man has handed himself into German police after his name was published regards the murder of a 15 year old Romanian girl in the town of Viersen .

The girl was attacked in a park and screamed out she was dying  after being stabbed in yet another 'one off' incident in Germany.
Ramadan death toll stands at 1401

And to think Obama received the Nobel Peace prize for doing....Nothing.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Yemen: The Battle for Hodeida begins in earnest.

(Hodeida)  The Saudi led advance on the Houthis (rebel) held port of Hodeida has reached the edges of the city and as such so has the fighting intensified currently around the airport. 

With no air support at all the rebels who use the port as their main conduit for its Iranian supplied heavy weaponry are getting taken out like fish in barrel with over 600 people killed these past couple of days. (Minus the 50 I listed yesterday killed in the city)

Ramadan death toll stands at 1950

Ramadan Death Count: Afghanistan: 11/06/18

(Kabul) 13 people have been killed and 31 wounded in a suicide bombing outside the Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in the capital when the religious bigot targeted employees who had left early for Ramadan were stood outside waiting for a bus home.

ISIS that bunch of so called Islamic freedom fighters beloved by the left and a large number of western Muslims have claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Ramadan death toll stands at 1400

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Philippines: 15 terrorists killed in army offensive.

(Manila) At least 15 members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) were killed during a military operation in Liguasan Marsh in Maguindanao over the weekend. 

Which targeted a bomb factory, where up to 100 terrorists were suspected to be holding out. Sixth Infantry Division Commander Brigadier General Cirilito Sobejana speaking to the media stated:
"Fifteen were confirmed killed, 10 were injured, and two others were captured,"
According to Sobejana, the two captured BIFF members are currently being interrogated. They have been  identified as Ustadz Anwar Ali, 22, and Asnaya Ali, 20.

India: Man murders 4 year old daughter so as to obtain Allah's blessings during Ramadan.

(Piparcity) Nawab Ali Quereshi sacrificed’ his 4-year-old daughter in the month of Ramadan in a case of human sacrifice in Pipar city, a municipality in Jodhpur district, on Saturday. Quereshi is believed to have confessed to slitting his daughter’s throat after reciting holy verses, Jodhpur Rural Superintendent of Police Rajan Dushyant said on Sunday.

The 26-year-old took his daughter Rizwana to buy her candy on Friday. While his family slept on the terrace of their home, he took his daughter to a room on the ground floor, recited prayers and then slit her throat and returned to the terrace to sleep, 

His wife went looking for her missing daughter, and found her lying motionless on the ground floor. She was taken to a hospital, which declared her "dead”. Quereshi initially tried to convince his family that a cat may have killed her, but then confessed to his crime after he was arrested on his wife’s complaint.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1387

US: Transgender male breaks female track record

(USAt the Connecticut State Open track and field championships at Willow Brook Park, Terry Miller of Bulkeley broke the State Open records for girls in both the 100 and 200-meter runs. The thing is Terry was born a biological boy. In the 100 meter dash, the runner-up was Andraya Yearwood of Cromwell, also a transgender. Call me old fashioned if you must, but men and women are built differently and a transgender male to female will always be stronger than a natural woman. The looks on the real women in the following video clip says it all.

Talk about common-sense being thrown out of the bloody window.

Ramadan Death Count: India: 10/06/18

(Srinagar) Six terrorists were killed by the army while they were trying to infiltrate into India along the border with Pakistan at the Keran sector in Jammu and Kashmir's Kupwara district today. It was the biggest infiltration attempt in recent months.

Two days ago, a soldier was killed and another was injured in an ambush at Keran, 94 kilometres from Srinagar. The security forces have been combing the sector since that ambush when they spotted the infiltrators today.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1386

Ramadan Death Count: Afghanistan: 10/06/18

(Kabul) Despite declaring a cease-fire for the end of Ramadan (Eid) next week, the Taliban yesterday murdered a large number security staff in a number of attacks on police posts across the country:

In the province of Kunduz officials have admitted to losing 24 members of the local police force as well as a number of police posts. In return they claim to have killed 23 Taliban
In Herat’s Shindand district. The Afghan defence ministry said 17 members of the Afghan National Army were killed in a Taliban attack In Sar-e-Pul, six soldiers were killed.
In the province of Ghazni the Afghan government fared better with “Forty five insurgents killed and 27 others wounded in government air strikes and clearing operations

(Baghlan) Three religious scholars were murdered by the Taliban in northern Baghlan province yesterday. Mawlavi Mohammad Bashir, Mawlavi Abdul Rahman and Qari Abdul Atta were first beaten then murdered by the Taliban in Jarab village.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1379

Iraq: Surprise, surprise, warehouse containing Iraqi ballot papers burns down before recount can begin.

(Baghdad) In May Iraq had a general election and amid allegations of voter fraud, the pro Iranian Mullah Moqtada al-Sadr won. The Government concerned about the allegations of voter fraud demanded a physical recount of all the ballot papers

And today the warehouse contain a large number of those ballot papers burnt down. who would have guessed?

Somalia: US soldier killed in Somalia.

(Mogadishu) During an operation on June 8, 2018, in Jubaland, Somalia, one U.S. Special Operations member was killed and four U.S. service members and one partner force member were wounded as the result of an enemy attack.

The operation consisting of approximately 800 forces from the SNSF and KDF were conducting a multi-day operation approximately 350 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu when the attack occurred. The mission's objectives were to clear al-Shabaab from contested areas, liberate villages from al-Shabaab control, and establish a permanent combat outpost designed to increase the span of Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) security and governance. The U.S. provided advice, assistance and aerial surveillance during the mission.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1261