Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sudan: University Dean filmed slapping female students during protest

(Khartoum)  All across the free world we are regaled to the protestations of Islamic women who claim that they are victims of the western way of life and that actually they have more freedoms under Sharia law than they do in the West (But they never explain why they are living in a land they hate) and the worse part the left actually support them.

On Wednesday when students at the Ahfad University for Women were demonstrating against high prices of food items sold at a cafeteria on campus. Qassim Badri, the dean walked into a crowd of female students on campus and started slapping them repeatedly.
Students then surrounded him, with one even hitting him as others shouted slogans with their hands raised, the video showed. Naturally as Sudan is an Islamic country the Dean actually got away with violence towards women, in fact his family have tried to paint him as the real victim:
“The video tells only one side of the story. He was trying to calm them down when one student who had a stone in her hand kicked him,It was this student he went after and beat her. He later apologised to her and even kissed her head” 
Poor man and yet idiots try to tell me Islam is a peaceful religion which affords equality to women…And yet under Islam such behaviour is the norm.