Thursday, January 11, 2018

Germany: Sharia Police see acquittal overturned ,

(Wuppertal) In 2014 a bunch of pious Muslims felt that living in the land of the unbeliever was leading many to stray from the path of righteousness so they started patrolling the streets of their local city ensuring that those who may find themselves easily straying from the path of Islam would be returned to the path of everlasting beauty.

Well that’s how these jumped up self-appointed morality bigots saw themselves and after the police picked them up for intimidation and such, they found themselves in court, where for some very strange reason the court found in their favour and thus at a stroke religious bigotry was deemed a right in this neck of the woods in Germany.

Which may help explain how Sven Lau the idiot behind the Sharia police then went onto bigger things and was jailed last July for 5 and ½  years for helping fund and equip Islamist terrorists in Syria.  Then last November a witness testified at the trial of Abu Walaa - an Islamic State recruiter  that they had gathered pistols fitted with silencers to retaliate for the official intervention in Wuppertal.

Well, it appears that in light of the above and a few other terrorist incidents across the country the Germans are finally waking up to the elephant in the room and so have cancelled that Sharia Police  acquittal and have set in motion a retrial.