Thursday, November 26, 2020

Interlude: The Tremeloes- Here Comes My Baby

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Interlude: Hall & Oates - Kiss On My List

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Syria: After IEDs found on Israeli border, IDF strikes Iranian targets

(Damascus)  Yesterday the IDF found explosives hidden next to the border fence with Syria, After they were defused, Israel stated it held Syria accountable and they would pay the price for allowing Iran to try and do as it pleases inside Syria.

It has just been reported that the IDF carried out airstrikes on Iranian assets inside Syria. Hitting warehouses, HQs, military complexes and Surface-to-air missile batteries, and so it has been reported 3 terrorists have been killed

As always, the Syrians are claiming they thwarted the IDF

Iraq: US has a CRAM fitted on the Roof of its Iraqi Embassy and it works

(Baghdad)  Islamic terrorists the world over love to play the victimcard by launching attacks on those who have offended them. In Iraq, the usual suspects have taken to lobbing missiles in the direction of the US embassy, The US used to this has fitted a Counter rockets and missiles battery (C-RAM) on the roof and last night it came out to play 

The C-RAM is basically the Phalanx Gatling gun which was designed to shoot down anti-ship missiles at sea and it does that by firing 4500 20mm shells a minute,(That's 75 a second)  in which to use pure fire power to take out the target. After rocket and mortar attacks in Afghanistan became common place on Allied bases, some bright spark came up with the idea to defend the bases with such a weapon and in that roll it is very effective. (Thing is, in an urban area, what goes up must come down) 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Interlude: R.B. Greaves -Take A Letter Maria

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

UK: Car driven into Police station . with the driver setting fire to the road.

(Edmonton)  Last night at around 1900hrs a car was driven into Edmonton police station, whereupon the driver got out and walked down the road a few feet and set it on fire. 

As you can see he was nicked straight away and has been arrested.

UK: Asylum seekers to the Uk complain about not getting a free house

(Wales) So this year migrants in France who don't want to live in France (don't know why, as i keep getting told that the EU is a far better place to live in than the UK) have been sailing across the channel to find a new life, so far this year over 8000 have decided to try and with so few getting deported, they know they have hit the jackpot. In fact the Government immigration watchdog issued a report on this only yesterday and it didn't make for good reading.

With so many needing accommodation during the current C19 lockdown the Government had requisitioned a couple of army camps in which to host these people until they can be processed. One such location is at Penally Training camp Tenby. Wales

Where it seems that people who have escaped their so called war torn countries, travelled across the world by foot, lived rough in France and then risked life and limb to cross the English Channel are offended by the temporary accommodation they have been offered, naturally they are supported in their anger and protest by the woke generation who for some very strange reason never bothered to protest when I not only lived in similar accommodation during my time in uniform, but had to pay for it as well. On that note here is the Woke BBCs attempt to shout human rights abuse:

In September, just as they did in Greece, they tried to burn down the camp   Problem there is Wales is green for a really good reason.

Germany: Islamist Intolerance rears its head inside German schools

(Berlin) On Tuesday a 11 year old Islamic pupil at the Morgenstern primary school in Berlin threatened to behead the teacher after she stated that parents who didn’t attend an upcoming parents evening would be sanctioned.  But it get worse, last week after a minutes silence for Samuel Paty the murdered French teacher the same child stated to all and sundry that people who mock the founder of Islam should be killed. After the second outburst, his parents were called, to which the mother blamed the school.

Saudi Arabia: Bomb attack at Remembrance day parade

(Jeddah) A quiet Remembrance Day ceremony attended by foreign diplomats at the Portuguese cemetery in the Saudi city of Jeddah was targeted by the usual suspects with an improvised explosive device which injured several people 

It appears that the bomb was meant to target the French consul who was speaking at the time when it was detonated. It seems that the Islamic world is still angry with France over how President Macron happened to mention that there is something ugly within Islam for it to carry out the most ugly murders in the West over the slightest provocation. As expected the Islamic world was more offended by somebody stating the truth than the beheading of 4 people (including 3 inside a church)  The British Embassy released a statement condemning the blast:

Mozambique: 50+ Beheaded by Islamist's

(Cabo Delgado) Over the weekend Islamist's  beheaded 50 people on a football pitch in the village of Muatide, in the northern area of  Mozambique where for the past few years the Islamist's of Africa have decided to open up a new front

It appears the followers of the religion of peace descended on a community event and murdered as many people as they could in which to terrorise the area (which is why they are classed as terrorist, but to the cock sucking leftwing media these religious bigots can only be...militants.

Now here's where the story becomes very interesting these terrorists are no doubt getting their arms from somewhere and currently in Maputo there is a court case regards the interception of a boat in the area last December which at the time was presumed to be a drug smuggling operation where the 15 people on board sank the boat by setting fire to it, and rammed the Navy boat rather than let the authorities capture it. The fire not only sank the boat it also killed 3 of the men who all turned out to be...Iranians. Unfortunately for them one of them held onto his phone and when it was examined it was found to contain information regards the supply of weapons and explosives to the Islamist's currently murdering their way across Northen Mozambique  

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Interlude: 10cc - Rubber Bullets

Monday, November 2, 2020

Austria: Terror attack inside Vienna Jewish quarter

(Wien)  This evening a gunmen carried out a gun attack just outside the main Synagogue in the capital city killing 4 and injuring another 17 The gunman was killed 9 mins into his killing spree.

A video (sanitized) has been relased showing one of the terrorists atatcking somebody.

Well after a couple of days, information is still rather lacking regards the above incident, but here is what we do know:

  1. The gunman was 20 year old Kujtim Fejzulai born in Austria 
  2. He was jailed last year for trying to join ISIS, 
  3. He was released early, due to claiming he was misguided
Questions are now been asked regards the Austrian police and security service after it was revealed that Fejzulai tried to purchase Ak47 next door in Slovakia earlier this year, was refused and deported back into Austria, with that information passed onto the Austrian police who did....Nothing.