Friday, November 29, 2019

Holland: stabbing attack inside department store

(The Hague) hours after the terrorist incident in London , 191 miles away in Holland at a department store in the Grote Markt area of the Dutch city of the Hague. A North African male aged between 45 and 50 decided to stab 3 children ( 2 girls aged 15 and a 13 year old boy) at around 8pm Friday. None of the victims knew each other.

In the confusion that entailed, he managed to get away and Dutch police are currently looking for him

Uk: London jihadist who killed 2 people named as released Terrorist: Usman Khan,

(London)  Well as the clocks ticks by, more information has been forthcoming regards the Islamist jihadist who decided to murder death kill around London Bridge today.

The man has now been named as 28 year old Usman Khan, who was jailed in 2012 along with 8 others as part of an al-Qaida-inspired terror group that plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange and build a terrorist training camp in Pakistan

 Usman Khan,
Khan was originally given an indeterminate sentence, with a minimum term of eight years in February 2012. This was replaced by a 16-year fixed-term sentence and an extended period on licence by the court of appeal in 2013. Yet somebody who earns a lot more than me decided that khan had been rehabilitated and he was released last December. 

Khan with 5 others of his Al Q gang who were all jailed in 2012 (khan is third from the right) 
And today he found himself on the northend of London Bridge at Fishmongers’ Hall, at a University of Cambridge-organised conference on rehabilitating offenders. where he carried out his pre-planned attack killing 2 people in cold blood before rushing out onto London Bridge where he was chased down by the people he had just attacked before the police on spotting his suicide vest (now known to be fake) simply shot him dead.

Khan being tackled by people from the Hall where he carried out his murderous attack killing 2 people.

Questions should now to be asked about the the idiot who deemed this man was no longer a threat to the general public and released back into society.

Footloose and fancy free’

UK: Knifeman shot dead on London bridge

(London) Its friday, the day when the followers of a certain faith are taught that if they are taken out whilst carrying out an act of unholy jihad, then they are guaranteed a spot in heaven. So it was today on central London when 28 year old Usman Khan, decided to go out with a bang when he proceeded to stab 5 people at Fishmongers’ Hall, before running onto London bridge (scene of a previous terror attack 2 years ago) . Problem for him was the public was having none of his antics and jumped him, pinned him down and waited till the old bill arrived and was shot in which to ensure that he did go out with a bang, but not the way he intended.

Video filmed at the scene around 2pm this afternoon shows people struggling with a man on the ground before armed police officers step in. The officers tell the people on top of the suspect to move away, before dragging the last bystander to safety and opening fire and just to make sure, shit him again due to the fact he was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest.

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Monday, November 25, 2019

Uk: And their use of the 'race card' in which to excuse black on black violence.

(Birmingham)  On Saturday , the UK was shocked to hear about how the Starcity cinema plex getting shut down due to mass gang fights involving up to 100 youths,

Resulting in calls for reinforcements who quickly turned up some armed with machetes. 

Ground zero for the above was the screening of the film 'Blue story' which tells the story of 2 black friends in London who find themselves on the opposing gangs.

The film opened in 60 Vue centre venues on friday and within 24 hours incidents of violence had been reported at 23 of them, the worst the Uk has witnessed on any showing of a film so the cinema chain along with 2 others have decided to axe the film.  And now the usual suspects have taken to playing the race card saying that banning a film about black gang violence which has resulting in incidents of black violence is racist and that actually the fights came from people queuing up to see Frozen 2

Meanwhile the UK continues to suffer from the plague of mass gang violence with last Tuesday being the day when the violent death count for 2019 surpassed the violent death count for 2018 in London.

Friday, November 22, 2019

UK: Muslim woman jumps in to defend Jewish children from BLACK religious bigot.

(London)  What is it with religious bigots and their propensity to shove their faith down your neck and if anybody objects they go stupid.

This was perfectly illustrated today on the London Underground when an adult black male decided to read the bible to 1 child who he decided as he was  Jewish needed to be informed of the bible regards how he felt the Jews were stealing his christian heritage. The father quite rightly kept his calm in turn keeping his 2 young children calm  The black bigot was then distracted by a gentlemen, whereupon he became violent (Surprise, surprise) and then he was further distracted by a Muslim women.

US: Animal rights activist arrested after stabbing a woman for wearing faux fur boots she thought were real.

(Cleveland)  It never fails to amaze me how the left of the political centre who scream that they are victims of everything and anything , who quite literally scream the house down with their demands for a safe place to live, work, drink coffee in and who character assassinate anybody who doesn't subscribe to their way of thinking as racist bigots are so quick to resort to violence themselves in which to show the other fellow the error of their ways.

We see this on university campuses , we see this on the streets and last night we saw it inside a church when 35 year old animal rights activist Meredith Lowell followed a babysitter dropping off children at Fairmount Presbyterian Church yesterday around 17.15hrs  for choir practice and proceeded to stab her because she was wearing faux fur boots. After stabbing the babysitter 3 times , Lowell was apprehended by church members until the police arrived. 
But get this, she was arrested earlier this year for attacking a shopper with a knife in a health food store for wearing faux fur on her coat and 7 years ago she was arrested for trying to hire hitmen to kill people who wear fur. Currently she is locked up and no doubt with her penchant for going off the rails, she is going to spend a lot of time locked away . No doubt she will have the cleanest cell on the block as she will have a woman in to hover up once a day.(Think about it). But my point is. the left of political centre have lost the art of debate and have become the most intolerant bunch of thugs going who have no problem resorting to violence in which to achieve their political objectives. yet these are the very people who scream out to the world, that they are the real victims at the hands of NAZIS.

The irony here is the full name for NAZIS is National Socialist German Workers' Party

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Syria: Israel strikes back after earlier missile atatck

(Damascus) As I mentioned earlier on, 4 missiles were launched from Syria into Israel early Tuesday morning, with all the missiles being intercepted by the Iron dome anti-missile system. I finished that post with how very few Western Media outfits bothered their arses in reporting that attack, just as they have these past 20 years whenever Israel gets attacked

Well Payback is a right bitch and a few hours ago the IDF struck back at targets in Syria. First on the list were the missiles sites from whence yesterday mornings missiles were launched from.  Several Syrian anti-aircraft missiles batteries which tried to intercept the incoming missiels, were also taken out  
Eva J. Koulouriotis a political analyst specializing on the Middle East based in Greece has reported the following:

Wales: Nationalist party suspends candidate over anti-Semitism

(Cardiff)  The UK has a general election in around 2 weeks time (Dec 13) and all the parties are out and about trying to garner votes. In Wales Plaid Cymru (The Welsh nationalist party)  has had to suspend Sahar Al-Faifi one of its up and coming stars after she appeared on a party political broadcast last week where she got to utter the words;"Activists its us"

It appears that Sahar Al-Faifi who is happy to promote the view that Muslims can only be victims living in the west

Left out that she is a vapid hater who is happy to cheer on and excuse terrorist attacks be it on Israel or even the UK. She was reported for writing in 2017 on social media after the London Bridge terror attackcarried out by Islamists  asking “who is to blame?”.Referring to “pro-Zionists pro-war individuals such as Robert Rosenkranz, Lord Ashcroft and Lord Kalms the owner of Dixons”, she wrote: “These people make money from wars and it is within their interest to make the world unstable by funding fear via morons and militias.” get that she blamed Jews for the attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists. She has made numerous statements expressing support for terrorist attacks on Israel:
“Zionist Ashkenazi” really have blood ties to the land, and the impact which genetic research into their heritage might have on “the Rothschild Jews and their branches in Palestine”.One of the alleged tweets appears to shows her n a state of elation over rocket attacks against Jewish Israelis, exclaiming: “Zionists ran away since the first rocket fell! YOU KNOW WHY? Because it is not their land! They do not know HOW to die for it”.Another alleged tweet appears to show her calling on Saudi Arabia to wage economic war on the West, saying: “If Saudi Arabia stopped producing oil for one day, the West would kneel on their knees [sic] & #Israel would disappear. Shame on Arab rulers!

Knowing full well that her historical racial outbursts may come back to haunt her she took to deleting all her posts. Problem there was as she was known to those who keep tabs on bigots like her. and they kept record and so she was exposed the otherday warts and all.  She tried to excuse her actions by saying she deleted them several years ago when she saw the error of her ways yet the London attacks transpired 2 years ago. She then tried to claim she had received training on how to combat antisemitism from the British Jewish Board of Deputies, unfortunately they were having none of that and exposed her lies for the sham they were  Plaid Cymru tried to play the 'Islamophobia card' in which to defend her but it didn't work and due to the public backlash over her open bigotry she has been dropped.

Israel: Missiles launched from Syria

(Jerusalem) So early Tuesday morning, four missiles were launched from Syria towards Israel. All were intercepted by the Israeli anti-missile system 'Iron-Dome- Yet how many people here heard about that from their own media. Funny that isn't it. Yet when Israeli fights back the same silent media is full of headlines about how Israel is attacking the neighbours.

Can you imagine the outcry if France launched missiles into Germany, Spain into France or even Northern Ireland into Eire, the media  would be pushing out story after story regards these missiles. Yet when the target is Israel...silence.

Tells you all you need to know about the leftwing pricks who run the media.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Iran: The latest on those protests

(Tehran) The protests across Iran continue to grow in intensity as has the clamp down by the mullahs on the people who they claim to represent:

In Shiraz

Holland: Pakistani jailed for 10 years over plot to murder

(The Hague)  Courts in the Netherlands didn’t take too kindly to Junaid I a Pakistani male who went out of his way (from France) in which to murder  politician Geert Wilders when instead of the customary 6 years usually handed down, he was given 10.

Yup the 27 year old potential murderer travelled to the Netherlands in August last year and planned to kill Wilders because of a competition the politician set up which was to feature cartoons of the founder of the Islamic faith Muhammad,  despite it never taking place , Junaid I was so enraged about the loss of his honour, that he actually left his goat behind and set out to extract vengeance Once he had landed he threatened Wilders in a video which he posted on Facebook in which he proclaimed: 
'I will send that dog ... to Hell.'
Problem there was he was no longer in Pakistan, but in Holland, he was picked up and today he was jailed for the next 10 years. No doubt he will claim asylum when released and the dutch will give it him. I've heard that his goat is glad he no longer has to kiss Junaid. 5 times a day. I won't mention the wellington boots.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Johnny Coolcat says hello

I don't know why, but I have taken to Johnnty Coolcat in a bigway

Anybody who is owned by a kitty will have heard that chirp

Turkey: President Erdogan :“Our God commands us to be violent to the kuffar”

(Ankara) On the 25th of October Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended  Friday prayers at the Great Çamlıca Mosque in Istanbul After the prayers, the hafiz of the mosque recited the Koranic Verse Al-Fath, which means “victory, triumph, conquest” in English. Then Erdogan took the microphone, reciting a part of the verse in Arabic and then in Turkish. He told the congregants:

“Our God commands us to be violent towards the kuffar (infidels). Who are we? The ummah [nation] of Mohammed. So [God] also commands us to be merciful to each other. So we will be merciful to each other. And we will be violent to the kuffar. Like in Syria.”
All we hear in the Western media is how Muslims can only be victims in the West how they suffer the worst injustices and that how there is a world wide conspiracy against them. Time and time again we are treated to examples of how Intolerant this faith is, and time and time again  those who expose those lapses amongst the so called faithful are castigated as ...racists. so if any ethical latte drinkers has managed to come across this post, do tell, what you have to say about the message above related to the faithful from the leader oft heir country?

Iran: Mullahs deploy 6000 elite forces in which to quell protests in Tehran

(Tehran)  It appears that folks in Iran are managing to circumnavigate the lack of Internet to the country and new videos which have surfaced show the protests have become bigger with the Mullahs having to deploy over 6000 troops loyal to them and not to the country as a whole:

Iran: Mass protests grip the country.

(Tehran) The Mad mullahs of Iran have spent a lot of the countries oil wealth these past 40 years in promoting their brand of Islam amongst the unbelievers. This it achieves by sowing the seeds of dissent in countries such as : Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria in which to allow its proxies to take root. All of the above has cost the Iranians a lot of money. 

As you can see a lot of money (Which was around $16 billion a year in Jan 18)  which could have gone to building a real Shangri-La in the Middle East. Instead Iran is an economic mess, which compounded with nepotism and graft sees Iran mirroring the likes of Venezuela and Nigeria regards living standards for the plebs. Years of sanctions didn't help Iran, but the Iran nuclear deal framework signed in 2015, freed up over $100 billion and yet very little of than money was spent on improving the country, which is why when the US pulled out of that deal last year, the effects really hit home, resulting in the Mullahs having to scrimp and save at home, whilst lavishing their terrorists buddies abroad with loads of cash.The latest of which was a doubling in the price of petrol and the reduction of what you can buy. Not happy, people have taken to the streets on mass in which to protest; Islamic schools have been burnt down,
Roads have been blocked
In response the Mullahs have refused to back down, informing the people that are been played by outside forces and have sent in the troops to violently quell the protesters.

This has been backed up by the mullahs shutting down the entire internet network, in which to stop people communicating what is happening. Currently it is been reported that over 30 people have been killed which kind of explains this.
All of the above tweets and more can be found here

Germany: tells public they have nothing to fear from returning ISIS terrorists

(Berlin)  With the Turkish government repatriating ISIS terrorists who having failed in their attempt to carve a new caliphate of the Middle East found themselves not only homeless but also stateless. The receiving countries face the task of:

 "What do we do with these blood thirsty jihadists"
Whilst the public have expressed they are happy to refuse access to people who simply want to murder death for their religious beliefs , Governments across Europe have signed up to the the UNs human rights laws and so have to treat these terrorists with kids gloves. which is why the first ISIS family landing back on soil  haven't been charged and have simply been allowed to go their own way with the German government issuing a statement to the German people that they have nothing to fear from these presumably peaceful people:

Armin Schuster Germanys  interior policy spokesman insisted that the returnees were not "serious cases," and warned against media-fuelled hysteria.
"They did not take part in the fighting," he told the Deutschlandfunk radio station. "They won't be sent to prison but they have to be kept under surveillance."
Well there you have it, nothing to worry about , until one of them decides to shout out his.her love for Ali's snackbar in public.

Friday, November 15, 2019

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Syria: These are the so called innocent victims the do-gooders say should be given a second chance

(Syria) Since the fall of ISIS, the liberals, do-gooders and plain stupid demand the West should take in the ISIS camp followers as it is the right thing to do. The moral thing to do and of course the only thing to do. well Sky TV popped in for a chat with the inhabitants of the main camp holding these people and they told him on camera exactly how they feel about the kuffer:

Remembrance Day: Lest We Forget

Tomorrow is Nov 11: Remembrance day where we pay homage to those before us who gave their best . Never forget their sacrifice

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Syria: ISIS bride from Alabama demands to be allowed to return saying she should be given a second chance

(Syria) 25 year old Hoda Muthana who was  born in New Jersey, and who willingly left the United States to join the Islamic State five years ago, is saying from Syria that  she "regrets every single thing" and is fighting for the right to return home despite the loss of her citizenship.

Muthana, left her family home in Alabama in 2014 after making contact with ISIS fighters through social media.  Upon arriving in Syria to join ISIS in 2014, Muthana burned her U.S. passport and declared herself a part of the caliphate. She married an Australian-born ISIS fighter who was killed in 2015 and subsequently married a Tunisian fighter who was also killed, but with whom she had a son. Muthana married one more fighter, whom she divorced. Over there took to social media in which to promote the ISIS ideology gaining  a large following after  expressing  anti-Western ideology encouraging jihadis to "go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood."

As the ISIS enclave in Syria collapsed, Muthana surrendered to coalition forces in January 2019 and asked to come back to the U.S. in February. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, through the instruction of President Trump, publicly denied reentry to Muthana and her two-year-old son. she in turn tried to sue the US government for denying an known enemy and traitor to the US to return, (Apparently that isn't working well) 

Well as other brides of ISIS have done Muthana  has given an interview (In the hope of changing public opinion)  where she says she "regrets every single thing" and believes she should be given the option to return to the United States with her young son.
“Anyone that believes in God believes that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how harmful their sins were,”
Something tells me she'd be better off going to Yemen.

Bolivia: The other South American socialist paradise sees the people revolt

(La Paz) So after a couple of years in the world’s foremost socialist paradise (Venezuela) loved by the likes of Hollywood stars, Western liberal politicians and the plain stupid. Where the dictator for life has to use his troops to remain in power, the other socialist paradise ‘Boliva’ appears to be travelling down the same path.

After the last general election last month which President Evo Morales happened to win for a 4th time. The constitution in Bolivia only allows 2 terms as president, but after Morales failed to win the vote in which to change it to allow him to enter for a 4th term, (His first term in 2006 doesn’t count) he appealed to the courts , who stated that it would be against his human rights if he was denied to rule for a 4th term and so last month he won yet again, but only after voting was stopped early (after exit polls appeared to show he didn’t have enough votes for an outright win) and then and 2 hours later Morales declared himself the winner, which he substantiated a full 24 hours later with a very detailed breakdown  of how the people voted  which surprise, surprise showed that the people had voted for him.

Unfortunately for Bolivas dictator for life , lots of ballots papers in his name were found in parts of the capital in the hands of people who were not electoral officials, things became even worse when video of the police protecting those ballots and the fake officials aired. virtually the whole of the world (you don't have to guess who didn’t) have demanded that the vote be taken again, however the dictator has said no.

As you may have gathered all of this hasn't gone down well with the plebs and so they have been out protesting  on the streets of the country in which to express their anger , by Thursday 3 people had been killed by the police, this saw Patricia Arce  the female mayor of Vinto dragged through the streets by the protesters , covered in red paint and having her hair cut of, for belonging to the same party as Morales. Well that public anger took a turn for the worse for el presedanti  yesterday when a large part of the countries police force sided with the protesters. 

Syria: Turkish and Syrian forces clash.

(Ras al-Ayn)  It appears the Turks may have made a huge mistake launching a third invasion of Syria the other week , it which to rid itself of its Kurdish problem, albeit inside Syria.  Its seems their premise that Damascus was far too weak to do anything about their little invasion proved inaccurate and today the Syrians launched an operation to kick the Turks out of Syria, winning the first shindig by kicking the Turks out of the village of Shu’ayfah village situated near  the border town  of  Ras al-Ayn 

Whislt Turkey may have a larger and better armed military, its soldiers are virtually untested. The Syrians on the otherhand have 8 years of hard battle experience to fall back on and in a fight that really counts.Politically the Turks can do nothing as they are the ones invading another country and very much doubt any NATO country will back them up here..

Friday, November 8, 2019

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

UK: Orders 500+ Boxer Armoured fighting vehicles.

(London)  The UK Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace, announced on 5 November that he has signed a contract to purchase the  Boxer 8x8 armoured vehicles to meet the British Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) requirement. Worth £2.8 billion ($3.6 billion), the contract will cover the procurement of more than 500 Boxers in several configurations including APC, ambulance and command post variants.

The Boxer started life as  a cooperative European design project, the initial aim of which was to develop the next generation of armoured utility vehicle. The project was originally started as a joint venture between Germany, Britain and France. France left the programme in 1999 , Holland joined in 2001 and the Uk left in 2003 only to rejoin in 2018.

The Boxer is an eight-wheeled multirole vehicle, with a combat weight of 33 tonnes which is also about 10 tonnes heavier than many of its contemporaries. The vehicle  consists of two key elements: 

The platform/drive module has the driver located front right, with the power pack to the left. The powerpack can be replaced under field conditions in about 30 minutes and can and comes with full-time all-wheel drive, the front four wheels steering

The mission module is a key (and unique) feature of Boxer, it allows the vehicle to be rapidly changed to meet different operational requirements. Boxer mission modules are pod-like units that are fitted to drive modules to form a complete mission variant vehicle. Mission modules are attached by four points and can be swapped within an hour under field conditions and this is where the Boxer fits in with future British army plantation. After spending over 15 years fighting isometric wars around the globe, the Uk has gone back to preparing for symmetrical warfare which involves  the British army comprising a total of seven deployable brigades, i.e. three Armoured infantry, three Strike and one air assault. The former would consist of Challenger tanks and warrior IFVs.  Given the range of threats the West  faces today: a new Cold War stand-off with Russia; continuing instability the Middle East; a belligerent Iran sponsoring terrorism; the mess that is Syria; and the rise of Islamic extremism in Africa, UK tactical doctrine reflects the belief that we need to go out to counter threats at distance, before they turn-up on our doorstep. If the capability of modern armies is measured by their deployability, then the British Army needs to become inherently more mobile than it is today. With this in mind, this is where the Strike brigades come in and they encompasses the following requirements:

  • The need to project power at distance (up to 2,000 km).
  • The need for units to deploy rapidly and independently with a reduced logistical footprint.
  • Combines good-off road performance with on-road speed
  • Offers Operational and Tactical mobility
  • Provides infantry battalions with high levels of protection
  • Improved mission flexibility
  • Can be transported by air 

Strike will be an enabler of divisional manoeuvre, which means brigades are likely to act as a screening force that delay and harass an enemy while heavy armour is deployed.
Strike facilitates information manoeuvre, which means it harnesses the potential of digital communications and battlefield management systems, to ensure that enemy units are pre-emptively outflanked..The Boxer with its  mission module fits the bill for the strike brigades which is why the Uk has just ordered 500.

Pakistan: Islamic mob knocks down church, 50 policemen watch and do nothing

(Ārifwāla)  In most Islamic countries (And the West) Muslims can build a mosque and if anybody asks any questions ,they simply play the victim card and knock out a retrospective planning permit. However the same can’t be said for Christians in any Islamic country (or the EU for that matter) where no excuses are acceptable, and even where planning permission has been granted the locals will still find some lame excuse.

Which is what happened in the village of Waqya Chak in the district of Ārifwāla when the police asked a small Christian congregation if they were happy praying in a small church which they had build in 2007 on land donated to them by a fellow Christian, when they replied they had no issues, the police left only to return the next day with a mob, stated they had no planning permission and watched whilst the Islamic mob  smashed their church into the ground, when they complained to the 50 policemen watching they were informed that their place of worship was illegal . Isn’t living under the peaceful ways of Islam great.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Malawi: UN expert demands that Christian schools overturn their Hijab ban,

(Mangochi) The other day I mentioned how Muslims living in Malawi (which is 87% Christian) decided to demolish  the local church after 2 girls (Children of noted radical Muslims) who attended the local Christian school decided to flaunt the school rules on dress and turned  up wearing the hijab. The school sent them home and in return the Muslims rioted demolished the church, the home of a priest,  kicked a teacher out of his home and forced the schools to be closed.

Well it appears that Ms. Maria Jose Torres, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Malawi isn't happy how a christian school which has a dress code acted when the daughters of 2 Islamic agitators were sent home for taking no notice of the school dress code and has demanded that the country sets aside Christian school dress codes for Muslims.

Funny how I've never heard the UN demand that Islamic schools do likewise regards not covering up for allah when it comes to Non-Muslims.

Jordan: Knife man dressed in ISIS garb runs amok at Tourist site: Several people stabbed.

(Jerash)  This morning a man dressed all in black and with his face covered with a mask decided to run amok with a knife at the ancient city of jerash in Jordan (The site of a ruined Roman city)  stabbing several people  before he was caught and arrested.

The wounded included three Mexican tourists and a Swiss woman, along with the tour guide, three Jordanians, including two security officers and a bus driver, were also hurt before the attacker was subdued and arrested.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Venezuela: Expels El Salvadorian diplomats in tit for tat.

(Caracas)  There's a TV show on Amazon called 'Jack Ryan' based on the character written by Tom Clancy.  The second series aired over the weekend and this time the story centred around 'Venezuela'  in the middle of the story line we see the entire US diplomatic corp expelled from the country before the story line takes a most absurd direction which could only have been written by somebody who  simply doesn't have a clue. (I'll leave it at that without spoiling for anybody)

Funny enough whilst people were watching a fictitious story about expelling diplomats from Venezuela. the fat el Presidenti for life  'Nicolás Maduro ' deemed the entire El Salvadorean diplomatic mission  Persona non grata (granted) after El Salvador kicked out the entire Venezuelan diplomatic staff. Gee what a convulsed world we live in.

Thailand: Terrorists fighting for independence kill 15 in Muslim-majority south of coutnry

(Yala Province)  As elsewhere in the world a minority of Muslims living in  non Muslim majority Thailand aren't happy living in peace with others and have taken to the bullet, bomb and knife in which to force the Thai government to allow them to cede from the country.

Since 2004, these Islamic religious bigots have murdered over 6500 people in the the three southernmost provinces of Thailand and parts of a fourth which border Malaysia to the south.

Last night these terrorists murdered 15 people in cold blood when they attacked a checkpoint in the southern part of Yala province , after sating their blood lust these terrorists dropped explosives and nails on the road to hinder any pursuit by the police. The irony here is, when these idiots win any region and call it their own (Kosovo/Pakistani Kashmir) the first thing they do is leave on mass for countries which aren't Islamic in which to seek a better life

Monday, November 4, 2019

UK: Man cleared of Islamic State propaganda terror charges

(Torquay)  In 2017 Police uncovered ISIS propaganda during a search of his restaurant in Exeter in November 2017 owned by  Abdul Hussain , last July during a search of his house they found a lot more. He was arrested and charged of hoarding so-called Islamic State propaganda and two terror documents entitled How to Survive in the West - a Mujahid Guide and Miracles in Syria.

The propaganda contained a large number of documents downloaded from the internet, including a "very large number" said to relate to the Syrian conflict, Iraq war, ISIS and terrorism. The ISIS videos  uncovered portrayed "disturbing scenes" of fighters training and "extremely savage" executions, the court heard. The documents entitled How to Survive in the West - A Mujahid Guide (2015) and Miracles in Syria crossed the line because they contained information useful to a terrorist. For example How to Survive in the West included information on how to be a secret agent living a double life and how to become a "sleeper cell" which "activates at the right time" when needed for jihad

In his defence  Hussain  denied wrongdoing, saying he had an "ingrained curiosity" about ISIS, the war in Syria and Islamic extremism and was researching the subject because he wanted to make a documentary and guess what the jury believed him and found him innocent of all the charges laid against him. 

Malawi: Muslims riot over hijad and demolish Church, in return Christians do likewise with mosque.

(Mangochi) The other day I mentioned how Muslims living in Malawi (which is 87% Christian) decided to smash up bars in the tourist town of Manochi as alcohol is against their religion. Well buoyed by their behaviour they decided to follow up that fine example of religious intolerance by demolishing the local church after 2 girls (Children of noted radical Muslims) who attended the local Christian school decided to flaunt the school rules on dress and turned  up wearing the hijab. The school sent them home and in return the Muslims rioted demolished a church, the home of a priest kicked a teacher out of his home and forced the schools to be closed.

The locals having had enough of them, decided to pay the local mosque a visit and demolished that. Police had to use tear gas in which to bring order to the area. 

UK: How the BBC has become a champion of fake news.

(London)  President Trump goes out of his way in which to shout how fake news, yet the left and the ethical latte brigade laugh and call him a liar. The BBC today knocked out a story about how the authorities in Berlin have clamped down on street actors who dress up as US soldiers at Check point Charlie. You see the same kind of street actors everywhere, be it centurions in Rome, or Superheroes in New York. You pay them a small stipend to have your photo taken with them.  So how would you think the so called BBC which is supposed to be famous for being impartial would report the story from Berlin:

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Ireland: Irish Special forces carry out secret mission to rescue ISIS bride (Part 2)

(Dublin) Once in Syria Smith met British Jihadist Sajid Aslam who had left England in 2014 and was already married to Northern Irish girl Lorna Moore, who was jailed by the British authorities for trying to following him with their 3 children in 2016 and before she could utter the words; "Allaha ackba" She was married to Aslam and they lived happily with their daughter, him murdering for the cause, and she apparently teaching children how to use weapons (Whilst she has denied that claim Numerous children have pointed her out)

 Sajid Aslam

That is,until the ISSI caliphate was smashed into the stoneage by the very people they had been trying to eradicate  and Lisa Smith and child found themselves in a camp for ISIS bikes. There she was found by the media and like most ISIS thugs, she played the 'I am a  victim' card" That she had never picked up a gun, that the Jihadist who made her his second wife was beating her and that all the claims about ISIS (Murder/Death/kill) was simply propaganda.

She also stated that she wanted to do was return home to Ireland in which to live a simple Islamic life. well it appears the Irish Government agrees and has sent the Irish special forces to Syria in which to bring their girl home. For some strange reason a lot of Irish people don't agree with their government, but don't worry ISIS fans, Ireland is part of the EU and they will simply refer to anybody who objects to  sending Irish Special forces to rescue ISIS terrorists as racists in which to silence them. However it has just been reported that ISIS Bride Smith has now refused to return to Ireland. Watch this space.

Ireland: Irish Special forces carry out secret mission to rescue ISIS bride (Part 1)

(Dublin) In 2000 Lisa Smith joined the Irish defence force.

on finding religion after visiting a mosque, she handed in her cards and relocated to Tunisia in which to live in a pure Islamic land and find the man of her dreams.

Whilst in Tunisia, she made new friends who introduced her to an austere form of Islam which was busy recruiting folks in which to journey to the Middle East in which to build a new state . After a number of training events

She decided that this was the life for her, she asked her Husband if he would leave Tunisia in which to fight the bad fight, when he refused, she simply divorced him and left for Syria in which to meet the ISIS terrorist of her dreams.