Wednesday, January 3, 2018

German: Justice system mocked over how over 5 days , 9 inmates escape from Plötzensee prison

(Berlin) The authorities in the German  capital have become the target of public ridicule and disbelief after nine prisoners escaped or absconded from one prison over the space of five days.  Six remain on the run from Plötzensee jail after four separate incidents.

That disbelief turned to ridicule when it was revealed that the escape of 4 of them was actually captured on CCTV cameras, but it took 41 minutes before any action was taken.

Picture of the actual escape.
That ridicule turned to anger when the German police released this picture of 3 of the escaped prisoners which have to conform to human rights laws in which to allow the public to report on the whereabouts of the escaped felons:

The Green party Justice minister for Berlin  Senator Dirk Behrendt has rejected all calls for him to resign.