Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Iran: Pride of the Iranian Navy washed ashore against breakwater.

(Tehran) The Iranian Military bases its Caspian sea fleet at Bandar Anzali and the pride of that fleet is the Damavand a domestically produced frigate belonging to the Moudgeclass,

However whilst they are described as destroyers by the Iranians the size and weight of the ships; 1,500 ton displacement, are more in keeping with that of modern corvettes. But still it is the most powerful Iranian ship based in the Caspian sea.

Due to its so called powerful status as the the pride of the fleet the Mullahs ensure that only the best sailors get posted onto their latest ship in which to promote the Islamic Iranian navy as a force to be reckoned with. Which kind of explains why today the Damavand ran aground against the breakwater at its home port. Unfortunately 2 sailors are missing:

I take it that heads will roll over this. seeing as the ship already is.