Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet the Israeli Christians who actually want to be drafted

Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade take part in a military training exercise in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights
near the border with Syria.
JERUSALEM (Global Post) — For the first time in its history, Israel's army is getting ready to send voluntary military enlistment notices to Christian Arab citizens when they turn eighteen.

The unlikely impetus behind the move is none other than the Arab Spring, the popular rebellion revolutionizing the Arab world and in the process recalibrating the relationship between Christian citizens and the State of Israel. Shocked by a new climate featuring violence against Christians in Egypt and Libya, among other countries, and displacement in Syria, some of Israel’s Christian Arabs are pushing for greater participation in their home state.

Father Gabriel Naddaf, a compelling figure in a full black beard, royal blue robes and a kalimavkion — the traditional tubular hat worn by Greek Orthodox priests that renders his already imposing height Shaquillesque — is chairman of a group called the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum (ICRF) that has been lobbying the government for the draft of Christian youth for the past two years.

The name alone — “Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum,” rather than “Arab Christians Recruitment Forum” — is a strong statement in this region. Naddaf has lost patience, he says, "with the Arab world telling us what we can do and what we should feel."

"In light of the persecution of Christians in Arab countries just because they are Christians," Naddaf said in a meeting with journalists this week following the army's announcement, “our youth feels they must make a sacrifice for the country that is protecting them." He believes that these notices, which still aren't equivalent to the obligatory draft others face, will "open the door ... to full participation in society for Christians." But apart from an explicit welcome, the notices will include details on a possible preliminary meeting at the individual’s nearest IDF enlistment office, and reduce the amount of energy Christian youths need to expend volunteering for a service other citizens are brought into automatically.

Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, the country made certain exceptions to its universal, compulsory military service policy.

Although the Druze and the Circassians are subject to the same draft as the Jews, Druze and Circassian women are exempt, unlike Jewish women.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews have been exempted entirely, due to the need to revive their culture after it was almost eliminated by the Holocaust.

Arab citizens of Israel have also been released from duty, the state accepting the argument that an Arab could not be asked to bear arms against an Arab brother. Christian Arabs, the majority Christian group in Israel, are included under this exemption along with their Muslim brethren.

All exempt demographics may still volunteer, but must seek out the necessary information themselves. The Bedouin, who are Muslims, have a long tradition of volunteering for service, though they are not required to join.

Until 2012, according to ICRF, only about 35 Christians a year volunteered for military service, alongside some 400 Muslims.

Now, some are demanding what Naddaf calls "an equal part in the life of the state." According to an Israeli army spokesman, about 100 Christians have enlisted in each of the past two years. The ICRF says that 427 Christian women are currently in the national service, the common alternative to army service. That means that 30 percent of about 1,800 eligible Christian youths are engaged in some type of service "when the entire thing has depended on their own initiative," says ICRF spokesman reserve Captain Shadi Khaloul, speaking at the meeting with Naddaf.

"Imagine, if we do a good job educating them, what the potential is.”

Those protesting the move, like Basel Ghattas, a secular Christian Arab parliamentarian representing the National Democratic Assembly, see it as an attempt to divide Israel’s Arab population, or even a first step in the conscription of all Arabs.

"In a year they will see that the Christians are enlisting and apply compulsory service on all of us,” he said during an Army Radio interview on Tuesday, adding, "Of course we're opposed."

He called on Christian youths to return the enlistment notices "by mail or burn them."

"I didn't hear [Arab leaders] screaming when Bedouin Arabs enlisted, when the Druze were drafted,” said Khaloul, who himself served from 1993-1997 as one of Israel's first Christian paratroop commanders. “Everyone else integrates into society, so why do they expect us to remain silent? What problem do they have with Christians?"

Naddaf, 40, has paid a significant price for his stance. Last December, one of his sons was attacked. Naddaf himself is now shadowed by bodyguards. Following the press event on Tuesday, some new Facebook posts and a Youtube video once again threatened his life.

For Khalloul, the very premise whereby Christians are considered part of the Arab nation, and thus are presumed to owe allegiance to fellow Arabs rather than to the state of Israel, is flawed.

"The indigenous Christians here spoke Aramaic," he says. "The Arabs came from the Arabian peninsula and conquered the entire Middle East, and we are now asking the State of Israel to help us retrieve our stolen identity, and allow us to make our own decisions."

Samer Jozen, a native of the Galilean village of Meilia, also a former paratroop soldier, says, "We love this country. We are citizens just like everyone else. My cousin was an advisor to a minister." His daughter is joining the air force in two months.

"My wife is Romanian,” he adds. “My daughter is a dual national. Do you think we could live anywhere in the Arab world? Do you think we could live in Lebanon? Syria? I can't live in any Arab country. This is my place. I am proud to defend it."

By his estimate, "80 percent of the current movement has been influenced by the Arab Spring." In short, seeing the plight of Christians in Arab countries during the Arab Spring is sobering, not to say terrifying, for many local Christians.

"Dalia," 35, a Christian officer from the center of Israel who refused to be identified due the nature of her current job, said the new recruitment policies "will make it easier on the kids who want to join but are afraid. Now they can say 'I got a notice and I just followed through.'"

"Of course this has angered some people," she allows, "but we live in a democracy, and everyone has the right to decide what to do."

The movement for Christian recruitment and its opposition are based in the Galilee, where the bulk of Israel's Christians reside, almost all in mixed communities. Shlomo Buchbut is the mayor of Ma'a lot Tarshiha, one such city, that likes to call itself "the Switzerland of the Galilee." It is a quiet town, and he has been mayor for 37 years.

He says that many of the Christian leaders he speaks with complain that starting a new policy now is just stirring trouble. But "if you had drafted us from the beginning, we would have gone, like everybody else."

"Between us," the mayor said in a conversation with GlobalPost, "I think that every citizen should be drafted, period. Muslims, Christians, Jews — everyone. If my kids serve, everybody's kids serve."

He says that some Arab leaders ask him, "'What do you want, for us to fight against our own brothers?'"

"I say, look at Lebanon and Syria," Buchbut says. "What do you think they are doing there? You live in a country and you have to defend it."

Egypt: Court sentences 683 islamists to death, including Brotherhood chief

Well, it's a start.
(AFP) An Egyptian court sentenced 682 alleged Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie to death Monday, a lawyer and prosecutor said, after two brief sessions the defence partly boycotted.

The same court in the southern province of Minya also reversed 492 of 529 death sentences it passed in March, commuting most of those to life in prison.

The court, presided over by judge Said Youssef Sabry, had sparked an international outcry with its initial sentencing last month amid an extensive crackdown on supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

The crackdown has extended to secular-leaning dissidents who supported Morsi's overthrow but have since turned on the army-installed regime.

In Cairo, a court banned the April 6 youth movement that spearheaded the 2011 revolt which toppled strongman Hosni Mubarak, following a complaint accusing it of defaming Egypt and colluding with foreign parties.

In Minya, judge Sabry is set to confirm the death sentences on June 21.

Under Egyptian law, death sentences are referred to the country's top Islamic scholar for an advisory opinion before being ratified. A court may choose to commute the sentences, which can later be challenged at an appeals court.

Of the 683 sentenced on Monday, only 73 are in custody, prosecutor Abdel Rahim Abdel Malek said. The others have a right to a retrial if they turn themselves in.

Monday's hearing lasted just 10 minutes, said Khaled Elkomy, a defence lawyer who was in court.

The verdict was the first against Badie, spiritual head of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, in the several trials he faces on various charges along with Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obama assures Japan he has their back against... China

(BBC) US President Barack Obama has assured Japan that islands at the centre of its territorial dispute with China are covered by a bilateral defence treaty. [...] US officials have made such comments in the past, but this is the first time Mr Obama has given such explicit support.
Relations have become severely strained between China and Japan over a raft of issues of late, including a number of islands in the East China Sea, Japan has owned these for years, but with the growth of Chinese military might, so has the area which China claims belongs to it. Which is why we have seen Chinese ships sailing repeatedly in and out of Japanese territorial waters, why China declared an air defence identification zone over the islands, all in an attempt to intimidate Tokyo into walking away without a fight.

However, Japan hasn't backed down and instead, it has started to rearm, it has rewritten its constitution to allow it to work (militarily) with other nations, to sell arms. While its small size may not have worried the mandarins in Beijing much, the open backing of the US will.

Tony Blair: Forget Russia, worry more about Radical Islam.

(London) In a speech today former British PM Tony Blair and UN envoy to the Middle East urged Western Nations to forget about its differences with Russia and China and together fight the scourge of Radical Islam that is sweeping the world.

He also spoke about the the "absurdity" of spending billions of dollars on security against an ideology which is being "advocated" in the schools and institutions of "countries with whom we have intimate security and defence relationships".

On the issue of Syria, Mr Blair said he understood the UK's reluctance not to take military action, but he would have pushed for the imposition of no-fly zones had he still been in office two years ago.

"I know what the difficult consequences are of intervention, but if you look at Syria you see the consequences of non-intervention, and non-intervention there is something for which we will pay a very heavy price."

On the issue of Israel Mr Blair said:
In the centre of this maelstrom, is Israel. Its alliance with the USA, its partnership with leading countries of Europe, and the fact that it is a Western democracy, mean that its fate is never going to be a matter of indifference. Over these past years, with considerable skill, the Israelis have also built up relationships with China and with Russia. These aren't the same as their long standing Western alliances but they have significance. Were the Israelis to be pulled into a regional conflict, there is no realistic way that the world could or would want to shrug it off. For the moment, Israel has successfully stayed aloof from the storm around it. But the one thing the last few years has taught us (and them) is that we can expect the unexpected.

And on Islam:
For the last 40/50 years, there has been a steady stream of funding, proselytising, organising and promulgating coming out of the Middle East, pushing views of religion that are narrow minded and dangerous. Unfortunately we seem blind to the enormous global impact such teaching has had and is having. Within the Middle East itself, the result has been horrible, with people often facing a choice between authoritarian Government that is at least religiously tolerant; and the risk that in throwing off the Government they don't like, they end up with a religiously intolerant quasi-theocracy.Take a step back and analyse the world today: with the possible exception of Latin America (leaving aside Hezbollah in the tri-border area in South America), there is not a region of the world not adversely affected by Islamism and the ideology is growing. The problems of the Mid East and North Africa are obvious. But look at the terror being inflicted in countries – Nigeria, Mali, Central African Republic, Chad and many others – across Sub Saharan Africa. Indeed I would argue that that religious extremism is possibly the single biggest threat to their ability to overcome the massive challenges of development today. 

The full speech can be found here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend UAV strikes take out over 68 people in Yemen.

(Sana'a) A hectic weekend of UAV strikes agaisnt terrorist targets inside Yemen these past 3 days has resulted in the deaths of 68 suspected terrorists , with 3 civilians unfortunately caught up as well.

The US has targeted al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which is based in Yemen, claiming it is the most dangerous al-Qa’ida affiliate in the world.The drone strikes at the weekend were directed at what was called an al-Qa’ida base in the far south of the country, built in recent months and said to contain a training ground and storehouses for weapons, food and vehicles.

The US has stepped up its drone offensive against AQAP in Yemen in the past two years after the group had captured and later lost several southern cities in 2011. In a show of defiance, AQAP recently posted a video showing its leader, Nasser al-Wahishi, meeting openly with dozens of militants in Abyan province in the south.....Big Mistake.

A strike on Saturday killed at least 55 militants – though others gave higher figures – including three prominent al-Qa’ida-linked figures.

A second strike on Saturday in the central province of al-Bayda killed 15 al-Qa’ida suspects and three civilians,

A strike on Sunday night killed three militants, one of whom may have been a senior commander, when a missile blasted their off-road vehicle in the southern Shabwa province.

British court lets 14 Year old teen rapist walk free from court.

(Manchester)  Last year there were a spate of sexual assaults agaisnt women by a very young individual around the university area of Manchester. The media went wild and the police issued a photo-fit of said individual before he carried out an even worse sexual assault.

As you can see, the person behind these sexual attacks belongs to a branch of people who in the UK are known for their medieval attitudes to women and their penchant to rape , women at the drop of a hat.  Well bugger lugs (14 years of age) was caught and admitted that he carried out a number of sexual attacks  and today in court for those sexual attacks, armed with a confession , he walked free. Yes you read that right, this sex pest has been allowed to walk free from court . However they did ensure he was referred to a Youth Offending Team for a year.

Wow and we wonder why rape crimes even with all the wide publicity they have received continue to rise in the UK.

Sweden Increases Defence Budget due to Russian land-grab in the Ukraine.

(Stockholm) As much as the Russian President Vladimir Putin would like the world to think that Russia is the victim when it comes to its land grab of the Ukraine. (Why are all the former CND crowd who screamed that it was better to be red than dead during the cold war so silent???)  It appears that others don't see it that way. which is why Sweden has gone agaisnt the grain and increased its defence budget for the first time in over 20 years in which to allow it to rearm in the face of am imperialistic Russia. The first thing they have done is order an extra 10 Saab JAS 39 Gripen NG fighter jets on top of the 60 they have already ordered.

It appears that all these years of defence cuts which the left demanded of the West hasn't made the world a better place at all , that those who use might in which to get their own way have simply become emboldened by these Western defence cuts and just like in the 1930s the West has to start playing catch up by rearming.

Russia shows off Robotic Guard

(Moscow) Russia today showed off what it claims is a world beating  military security robot which it intends to use to police missile sites.  Currently there is very little information being released other than they are controlled wirelessly , they have a Laser range finder and  as its main armament has a small cannon.

As a child growing up, I was fed a diet of Doctor Who (TV show) and whose main enemy were the Daleks even at a very young age I knew that to defeat these tin cans on wheels one simply had to go upstairs or find terrain they couldn't negotiate.

Australia orders 52 extra F35 fighters.

(Canberra)  Australia today confirmed that they have agreed to purchase another 52 F35 (Joint Strike Fighters) bringing their current purchase of the 5th generation jet to 72. On top of that the Australian government has said they are looking at purchasing another squadron of the JSF in which to replace the F/A 18 Hornets. 

All in all an expensive purchase, however it appears that Australia like many other nations in the region has become very concerned about the growth of Chinese military power and how the mandarins in Beijing are more than happy to intimidate the neighbours  in which to claim territory which certainly doesn't belong to them.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Top Gun promo style video for Chinese Navy.

(Beijing) Nationalistic fervour has been all the rage in China for a few years now. The vast majority of their films output has gone all out to promote the one Chinese angle and that everybody else is out to get them and so it is no surprise to see the Chinese Navy jumping in on the act.

Mind you nice to see what the Chinese Navy has been up to these past few years with their clones of Russian aircraft. But that said I much prefer this much older video clip from the USA:

Liberals up in arms over British PMs 'Christianity message'

(London)  In the UK, it has become very fashionable to denigrate Christianity in the name of multiculturalism Years of left-wing propaganda: Islam is a religion of peace, white people are evil, Socialism is the answer to everything has left a very confused landscape where people are fearful of saying (or doing) anything which the thought police deem as verboten and thus ensuring that the guilty party is sent away for political indoctrination and it seems that being the Prime Minister of the Uk doesn't defend you from the wrath of these tofu eating,sandal wearing, veggie eating self appointed champions of the left. Last week David Cameron in an article for the Church Times wrote:

Some people feel that in this ever more secular age we shouldn't talk about these things. I completely disagree. I believe we should be more confident about our status as a Christian country, more ambitious about expanding the role of faith-based organisations, and, frankly, more evangelical about a faith that compels us to get out there and make a difference to people's lives.

First, being more confident about our status as a Christian country does not somehow involve doing down other faiths or passing judgement on those with no faith at all. Many people tell me it is easier to be Jewish or Muslim in Britain than in a secular country precisely because the tolerance that Christianity demands of our society provides greater space for other religious faiths, too.

Crucially, the Christian values of responsibility, hard work, charity, compassion, humility, and love are shared by people of every faith and none - and we should be confident in standing up to defend them.

People who, instead, advocate some sort of secular neutrality fail to grasp the consequences of that neutrality, or the role that faith can play in helping people to have a moral code. Of course, faith is neither necessary nor sufficient for morality.
Well guess what, the left have become incandescent with rage over the above message, and today they wrote on mass an open letter berating the PM for his message: I quote:
We respect the Prime Minister’s right to his religious beliefs and the fact that they necessarily affect his own life as a politician. However, we object to his characterisation of Britain as a “Christian country” and the negative consequences for politics and society that this engenders.
 Apart from in the narrow constitutional sense that we continue to have an established Church, Britain is not a “Christian country”. Repeated surveys, polls and studies show that most of us as individuals are not Christian in our beliefs or our religious identities.
At a social level, Britain has been shaped for the better by many pre-Christian, non-Christian, and post-Christian forces. We are a plural society with citizens with a range of perspectives, and we are a largely non-religious society.

Yes the champions of the left who over the years have done much to erode the civil society which is the Uk, complain yet again about a faith they know will turn the other cheek. The very same people who remain silent on the intolerable actions of Islam in the Uk: (Rape,Murder,bigotry,political Gerrymandering,Drug dealing,Nepotism,Relgious intolerance, Animal cruelty)  are quickly offended by a message that professes nothing but good will. But hey don't take my word for it, here are some of those self appointed champions of the left:

Peter Tatchell: Australian Gay rights campaigner who is behind a motion to lower the age of consent for gay men to...14 and an apologist for radical Islamic homophobes.

Polly Toynbee: A leftwing critic who while professing her hatred for wealth, has no problem sending her children to fee paying private schools or even owning a villa in Italy.

Tim Minchin: Australian (bad) comic

CJ de Mooi: A quiz show panellist.

Dan Snow, a  TV show presenter

Nick Ross, a  TV show presenter

Funny enough, a vast majority of the signatories have very strong connections to the British (And Christianity) hating bBC funny that?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nigeria: Headmistress pleads for lives of teenage girls abducted by Muslim terrorists

(BBC) The headmistress of a school in Nigeria has appealed to the government to do more to save teenage girls abducted by suspected Islamist militants on Monday.

Asabe Kwambula also called on the kidnappers - thought to be members of the Boko Haram group - to "have mercy on the students".

Officials said some 85 girls were still missing while 44 managed to escape.

Separately, Boko Haram has said it was behind Monday's bombing in the capital, Abuja, which killed at least 75 people.

The group's leader, Abubakar Shekau, made the statement in a video message sent to news agencies.

He also threatened further attacks, but made no mention of the schoolgirls' abductions, which took place just hours after the blast in Abuja.

'Save innocents'

Ms Kwambula said she had so far "registered" 32 students as having escaped from the kidnappers, adding they appeared to be unharmed.

"I am pleading with the government to secure the release of the children, to save the lives of these innocents," she told the BBC's Will Ross. [...]

Gunmen reportedly stormed the remote school in Chibok late on Monday, stealing food supplies and ordering the students on to lorries.

It is thought that the militants took the girls to forested areas near the Cameroonian border.

Some of the abducted later managed to jump off the trucks, while others ran from captivity during prayer time or while they were cooking.

The security forces have been working with vigilante groups and local hunters to find the schoolgirls.

The well-armed Boko Haram fighters have killed hundreds of civilians this year, slitting the throats of many of their victims, our reporter says.

Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states in north-east Nigeria have been under emergency rule since last May.

Militants from Boko Haram - which means "Western education is forbidden" in the local Hausa language - frequently target educational institutions.

Yemen: CIA drone strike sends 15 jihadists to the big mosque in the sky

(AFP) A drone strike has killed 15 Al Qaeda suspects and three civilians in Yemen's central Baida province, a stronghold of the extremist group, a local security official says.

The jihadists were travelling in a vehicle towards the southern Shabwa province, witnesses said.

The three civilians were passing by in another car.

The United States is the only country that operates drones in Yemen, but officials rarely discuss the covert program.

Last month, Yemen's president Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi defended the use of drones against Al Qaeda in his country, which has killed dozens of militants in an intensified campaign over the past year.

Drone strikes "have greatly helped in limiting Al Qaeda activities, despite some mistakes which we are sorry about," Mr Hadi said.


Japanese stealth fighter to take first flight later this year

(Tokyo) Spurned by the refusal of the US to sell them their F-22 (pure) stealth fighter (which would have resulted in a much cheaper price for the US Airforce), in 2007 they bit the bullet and went the whole hog in which to develop their own. Handing the project over to Mitsubishi, they started with a plan of action to build a plane smaller than all the other stealth fighters (as was the Zero in its time). Well, 7 years down the line and the Mitsubishi ATD-X is planned to take to the air for the first time later on this year.

With the proliferation of so many stealth fighters, it appears that Obama made a huge mistake in not selling the F-22 (195 built) to the Japanese.

Chinese stealth fighter just got better... thanks to stolen US tech

(China) In 2011, the Chinese shocked the world when they unveiled their latest jet fighter, the J-20 which also happened to be a 5th Generation one at that (ie: Stealthy). At the time, many pundits dismissed the aircraft as somewhat second rate and somewhat lacking, that actually the J-20 was an old Russian design. Yet they forgot to mention that the plane was a prototype and that the finished product is always somewhat different.

Below is the plane as revealed in January 2011:

Jan 2011
Well, it seems that for the past 3 years the Chinese haven't been sitting on their laurels, and last month the latest iteration of the J-20 took to the air, and what a difference 3 years have been. It appears that a cyber espionage operation by China seven years ago stole sensitive US technology and aircraft secrets that have been incorporated into the latest version of the J-20 stealth fighter jet. One of its most significant enhancements is a new electro-optical targeting system under its nose (as found in the F-35), protruding engine nozzles seen in the earlier version have been hidden, a different radar-absorbing coating. In an attempt to further reduce the jet’s radar signature, a new cockpit hood, again similar to the F-35, new intakes and new wheel housings.
Top 2011/Bottom 2014

Top 2011/Bottom 2014

As with how the Chinese have copied Russian technology (tank and aircraft clones), it appears the Chinese don't have any problem showing off to the world what they have stolen from others. To that end, they usually sell their clones off at bargain basement prices, so I wonder who will be in the market for the J-20?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Algeria orders 42 Mi-28N helicopter gunships

(Algiers) While the Western world liberals bemoan their region's defence industry, Russia, it appears, has no qualms about selling what it wants, when it wants, to whom it wants. Which is why Algeria last month signed a deal for 42 of Russia's version of the Apache helicopter gunship, the Mil Mi-28N (Night Hunter), a nasty piece of work, if ever there was one. While of a similar category to the AH-64D, it is a lot newer to the playing field. (While it first flew in 1984, it wasn't taken into service until 2009.)
Mil Mi-28N
Mil Mi-28N
Mil Mi-28N
Developed as a successor of the famous Mi-24 Hind, the Mi-28, known to NATO as Havoc, is a tandem two-seat helicopter optimized for the anti-tank role. The Mi-28 has a conventional helicopter gunship layout with the pilot in the rear and gunner in front. It is armed with a 30-mm trainable cannon housed in a turret under the nose. Twin 150-round ammunition boxes are co-mounted to traverse, elevate and depress with the gun itself. A total of 300 rounds are carried. The gun is identical to that of Russian BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle and uses the same ammunition. This gunship can also carry two pods with 80-mm unguided rockets and 16 anti-tank guided missiles. It is claimed that the Mi-28N cannot be defeated by a single short-range anti-aircraft missile. The crew compartment is very well armoured. It has been designed to withstand hits from 12.7-mm armour-piercing rounds and 20-mm high explosive rounds. For some strange reason the Mi-28 lost out to the competing Kamov Ka-50 Hokum for the title of Russian helicopter gunship.

However, the foreign market saw otherwise, and currently 4 different air forces field the Mi-28N, where the official Russian gunship is only fielded by... Russia. I wonder why the left never opine about Russian arms sales?

Did Jordan use her new mini-gunships to take out Syrian rebels?

(Amman) The other day, a convoy of Syrian rebels tried to sneak into neighbouring Jordan and was taken out by the Jordanian military. When they ignored warning shots in which to turn around, the gloves were taken off and the convoy destroyed. A Jordanian army statement said the incident took place at around 10:30am when several camouflaged vehicles attempted to traverse rugged frontier terrain and disregarded warnings not to proceed:
“After repeated warnings that (we) would not allow a violation of the border, a number of air force planes sent warning shots towards the vehicles, but they did not heed these warnings and continued. This forced the army to apply known engagement rules and to destroy the vehicles,”
Now, what interested me about his story is that recently Jordan took hold of a couple of Casa CN-235 light transport planes, which they converted into mini-gunships (like the US AC-130 variants). These CN-235s have been fitted out with electro-optical targeting systems that include a laser designator, aircraft self-protection equipment, and a weapons suite of Hellfire laser-guided missiles, 70mm/2.75 inch rockets (which could include laser guided rockets), and the same M-230 link-fed 30mm chain gun that equips AH-64 Apache helicopters. The weapons are all controlled by a mission system, turning the CN-235 into a very lethal but relatively inexpensive counter-insurgency platform.

Seeing as the pictures handed out by the Jordanians showed the vehicles on fire after getting hit by machine gunfire from the air, I wonder if they decided to test drive their new toys the other day.

Seeing as their F-16s would have had a much harder time taking these vehicles out with weapons fire.

'British' teenager killed inside Syria. Left wonder why? Turns out his uncle was locked up in Gitmo

(Brighton) Another British youth (Abdullah Deghayes) has been found to have been killed inside Syria and the left wonders out loud about just what is drawing so many so called innocent British citizens to yet another Islamic war zone in which to die?
"Abu Islam, says Britain has nothing to worry from him: "For me personally I was born and raised there, that's my home... Abu Muhadjar also denies they will be a threat: "That's slightly surreal to go back to UK and start a jihad there. I do understand their concern but you cannot paint everyone with the same brush. "If I wanted to do something in UK I wouldn't have come here. If I did want to do something in UK I would have already done it by now, but I'm here."
So on that note, the bBC reports that the victims father, Abubaker Deghayes, said he thought his son had been in Libya and did not know of his trip to Syria. He also related that he had not seen his son for "two or three months", but he now believed he had died in Syria. So in other words, the father doesn't have a clue just why his 18-year-old son would up sticks and bugger off to Syria and, as Toyah Wilcox sang, It's a Mystery.

But here is what the bBC and the left don't reveal about the Deghayes family.

Abudallah's uncle Omar Deghayes, while awaiting his asylum papers in the UK decided instead, in the middle of his studies, to bugger off to find salvation in a pure Islamic state, which is why in 2001 he was found fighting for Al Qaeda and then locked up inside Guantanamo Bay. Oh how the left, promoted that the view that Omar was an innocent man, that as a Muslim he could only be a victim and that he should be brought back home. And guess what, he was, and to much fanfare by the left he was also awarded a huge cash payout in which to prevent human rights lawyers from dragging out a court case (resulting in even more costs to the British tax payer).

Then there's the victim's father Abubaker who, it transpires, isn't Mr. Innocent, that actually he's a religious agitator and that he took control of a mosque in Brighton by using force and intimidation. Here's what the Sunday Times had to say on this man in 2006:
Abubaker Deghayes, who now runs the mosque in Brighton and whose brother Omar is a detainee at Guantanamo Bay, told an undercover reporter that he endorsed the views of George Galloway, the Respect MP, who said an attack on the prime minister by a suicide bomber could be morally justified. Deghayes said he prayed for Allah to support anyone who attacked Blair. Court documents show Deghayes took over the mosque using violence, intimidation and threats. Dr Abduljalil Sajid, a leading imam and a government adviser on Islam, was forced out as head of the mosque by Deghayes and his supporters.
With family members like his father and uncle in which to set an example, it isn't hard to see that the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree in this case, and yet for some strange reason the left who championed both his family members as victims doesn't want you to know about their past. Maybe its time so called human rights campaigners are questioned for their support of Islamic terrorists?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What a suprise: Families of Islamic terrorists caught out... lying

(London) On the 14th of May 2004 a British army patrol was ambushed by Iraqi insurgents near Majar Al Kabir, a town in Southern Iraq. They in turn called for reinforcements and these too were ambushed. Heavily outnumbered and on ground not of their picking, the British soldiers decided to take the fight to the enemy. So, fixing bayonets, they advanced into contact and killed 28 terrorists, as well as taking a large number prisoners. The incident was known as the 'The battle of Danny Boy' and was forgotten about until the traitorous bBC decided to knock out a program which rewrote the incident as a war crime of British making. Ambulance chasing lawyers, seeing a chance in which to make a killing, took the British Ministry of Defence to court, and 10 years later at a cost of over £22 million, the court case collapsed when the so called human rights lawyers threw in the towel and finally admitted they had no evidence that British troops abused any Iraqi terrorists.

Today, the British government issued a statement condemning the families of the terrorists killed, stating that they lied simply for financial gain. If I had my way, I would bill the so called human right crowd (and the bBC) for £22 million.

However, as this is about the Islamic terrorist fawning bBC, they ended their coverage on this finding with this little snippet:
Patrick O'Connor QC described them as: "Gross violations of the Geneva Conventions, inhuman and degrading treatment of wounded, broken and helpless young men, who were utterly at the mercy of their military handlers and interrogators."

The MoD has admitted that one detainee was grabbed and shaken, and that another may have been slapped. It also concedes that the detainees should have been given a proper meal when they were first captured.
My heart bleeds.

British man wins first international North Korean half marathon

(Pyongyang) The media is full of stories today regards a half marathon held in North Korea, to much acclaim it was won by a British man. But what piqued my interest is how the media can wax lyrical over a totalitarian country where free speech is forbidden, where hunger in common place, where the dictator for life gets to lob artillery shells and missiles across the border, where he gets to play with a nuclear chemistry set, all the while getting his southern neighbour to feed his people, and the liberal ethical latte brigade thinks it's great that you can go for a run. Yet the very same people demand at screaming point for people to disengage with Israel. You know, that Israel were nobody goes hungry, where freedom of expression is allowed, where rockets and missiles are launched against it from its much smaller neighbour and where playing with nuclear chemistry sets is the preserve of its biggest enemy.

Gee, I wonder why the left don't sing the praises of Israel?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palestinian professor who took students to Auschwitz, disowned by university and branded a traitor

(Jerusalem) Professor Mohammed Dajani took 27 Palestinian college students to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland a few weeks ago as part of a project designed to teach empathy and tolerance to both Palestinians and Israelis. Upon his return, his university (Palestinian Al-Quds University,) disowned the trip, his fellow Palestinians branded him a traitor and friends advised a quick holiday abroad. In fact so explosive was his trip abroad that a comments section about the trip published in the major Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds was taken down by the publishers, because of the abuse in the comments section.One reader said that taking Palestinian students to Auschwitz was not freedom of expression, but treason. Critics of the trip also included newspaper columnists, TV analysts and fellow researchers in the West Bank.
However Dajani says he has "no regrets" about the trip. In a statement posted on Facebook on April 10 Dajani wrote:

My response to all this tirade is that my duty as a teacher is to teach, to have my students explore the unexplored, to open new horizons for my students, to guide my students out of the cave of perceptions and misperceptions to see the facts and the reality on the ground, to break the walls of silence, to demolish the fences of taboos, to swim against the tide in search of truth... I will go to Ramallah, I will go to the university, I will put my photos of the visit on Facebook, and I do not regret for one second what I did. As a matter of fact, I will do it again if given the opportunity. I will not hide, I will not deny. I will not be silent. I will not remain a bystander even if the victims of the suffering I show empathy for are my perpetrators and my occupiers. The aim is not to get any one's approval but to do the right thing.
While Dajani took his students to Auschwitz, a parallel group of Jewish Israeli students from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Tel Aviv University were taken to Bethlehem to hear Palestinians from the Dheisheh refugee camp tell their story and yet the people bitching about the Arab student trip haven't spoken out about this student trip.

Ironically on the Al Quds University website they are currently advertising a special summer course on...Hate Speech. And people wonder why liberal Muslims don't speak out more.

Iran to ban.......vasectomies

(Tehran) The mad mullahs of Iran have spoken, birth control is against the will of Allah and as such is looking at carrying out a U-turn against 20 years of birth control in an attempt to double the population from 77 million to 150 million. it seems that the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has criticised existing policy on contraception, describing it as an imitation of western lifestyle and has urged the government to tackle what he believes to be an ageing population.

The funny thing is,around 70% of Iran's 77 million people are under 35.

Russia attack aircraft makes flyby near US Warship for over 90 mins

(Black Sea) Oh how the world and his dog has noticed how the Commander in Chief has emasculated the US military. Responding to the crisis in the Ukraine, the Oval office sent the USS Donald Cook into the Black sea in which to try and intimidate the Russians that Obama means business.

Well one Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in the Russians front garden must have really terrified them and so today it transpired that while sailing in International waters , the Russians decided to send up a couple of Su 24 attack aircraft of which one spent 90 minutes buzzing the USS Donald Cook, while the other kept its distance.

I can only presume that the Russians wanted to tweak the tail of the paper tiger that the US has become and if by chance a jet just happened to have been shot out of the sky, the USS Donald Cook would now be at the bottom of the sea and Obama would be apologising to the Russians for offending them.

Funny enough the Russians test fired an ICBM today, sending the message that they can issue much more salient threats than the West.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bomb Blast in Nigeria kills 88

(Abuja) A massive explosion ripped through a bus station during the morning rush hour in Nigeria's capital, killing 88 people and wounding 124 in a bombing that marked the bloodiest terrorist attack ever in Abuja. Charles Otegbade, the emergency management agency's search and rescue chief, said that the blast came from a vehicle that was parked at the station.

The explosion rocked the Nyanya station south of Abuja at 6:45am, leaving body parts scattered across the terminal and destroying dozens of vehicles.The blast ripped a hole 4ft deep (1.2m) in the ground of Nyanya Motor Park, some 16km (10 miles) from the city centre, and destroyed more than 30 vehicles, causing secondary explosions as their fuel tanks ignited and burned.

No group has claimed responsibility but President Jonathan Goodluck put the blame at the feet of Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram

Islam, the fifth column in the UK?

(England) In the UK , hard evidence has emerged that Muslims have been using underhand techniques in which to take control of public  schools and then once in their grasp, they have enforced pure Islamic doctrine onto the children and thus be able to politically (And religiously) brainwash the very young to their cause. This they did by taking control of the schools governors and then once they had done so they removed any teachers (usually non-Muslims) and replaced them with teachers who subscribed to their ideological bent. So concerned is the government to these allegations, that a task force has been set up to investigate 430 schools in the Birmingham area alone, today it has been revealed that the investigation has been expanded to included Schools in West Yorkshire.

Khalid Mahmood who is the Labour MPs for the constituency of Perry Barr area of Birmingham has openily stated that Birmingham coucil have known about this Islamist agenda for a number of years , but have refused to take action due to a fear of being castigated as...Racists.

A letter by these Jihadists explaining their plan of action, was exposed by the media in early March 14, the name they gave to themselves was Operation Trojan Horse and as per usual, the idiots behind this little endeavour are playing the victim card.

Friday, April 11, 2014

86 Killed During Clashes Between Syria's Qaeda and Rival Jihadists

Feel-good story of the day.
Beirut (AFP) - Syria's Al-Qaeda affiliate and its allies have repulsed an assault by jihadist rivals on a town on the Iraqi border in fighting that killed 86 people, a monitoring group said Friday.

Sixty of the dead were fighters of Al-Nusra Front or its Islamist allies killed pushing back their Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) rivals from districts of Albu Kamal they had captured early Thursday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP the rebels regained full control of Albu Kamal after reinforcements poured in.


Cornell Student Assembly Rejects Israel Divestment 15-8-1, BDSers Go Apeshit

Read the story at Legal Insurrection.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Venezuela's President: "Venezuela protests are sign that US wants our oil"

(Caracas) By all accounts, Venezuela should be a rich country, not only is it blessed with a fertile land, it also has abundant stocks of oil in which to enrich the lives of it 28 million people. But there's a problem, and that problem is socialism. From 1999 until last year, the country was run by Hugo Chavez, and instead of salting away his country's wealth for a rainy day, he spent, spent and spent some more on trying to promote socialist causes around the world ($9.4 billion last year to Cuba alone). He spent billions more on purchasing the best Russian weapons that his oil money can buy ($7.2 billion in debt for the purchase of weapons from Russia). Yet for all that oil wealth, Hugo forgot to do anything about the infrastructure of the country, which is why in a country rich in oil, the people suffer power outrages, the same country which, while blessed with ample reserves of water, suffers from water shortages. In fact, the lot of the people under socialism isn't anything to write home about, there are virtually shortages of everything (including toilet paper). Where Venezuela could feed itself, Chavez in his infinite wisdom decided to undercut the local producers by helping his friends in Argentina by importing huge amounts of food from there, and at a stroke destroyed Venezuela's farming industry. (Ironically, so bad is the state at organising things, it transpired that over 30,000 tonnes of imported food was found rotting in one port alone). Then there's the death toll year in year out, it has risen exponentially in 2012, the total number of people murdered came in at just under 22,000. The only reason I can't quote the figures for 2103 is because the government has stopped publishing data.

Well, Hugo died last year and Nicolás Maduro took his place. And guess what, he's continued down the very same path Hugo did, and while he may have had the charisma to woo the public, this former bus driver doesn't and the people have made sure he knows it, by protesting on the streets. Well, in order to get them on his side he's blamed the media, blamed people who own shops, given away week long paid holidays, and guess what, the people didn't and haven't bought into his paranoid delusions, so with that in mind he's fallen onto the old staple... blame America.

Yup, according to the driver of the number 22 bus, the reason why people are rioting on the streets of Venezuela, is simply because the US wants all the oil the country has and is fermenting trouble so that she it get it all. The thing is, at this moment in time, the US is energy rich and is actually cutting back on its hydrocarbon use. Funny that?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dutch priest shot dead in Syria

(Homs) Frans van der Lugt a Jesuit,Dutch priest moved to Syria in 1966 after spending 2 years studying Arabic in Lebanon.  Since then he has lived in a Jesuit monastery in the city of Homs, where he ministered to the area's remaining Christians and helped poor families regardless of their relgious leaning he last spoke to reporters in February of this year when he refused to be evacuated by the UN:

"The Syrian people have given me so much, so much kindness, inspiration and everything they have. If the Syrian people are suffering now, I want to share their pain and their difficulties,I don't see people as Muslims or Christian, I see a human being first and foremost,"
Today, single gunman walked into the monastery, entered the garden took him outside and In the street in front of his house,. shot him twice in the head. Nobody has claimed to be behind the attack.

72 killed in Nigeria

(KADUNA) More blood has been spilled in the Islamic half of Nigeria when hundreds of Fulani (Islamic) cattle rustlers mounted on motorbikes descended on a meeting of their victims who were discussing what they could do to deal with these Islamic thugs. However things didn't go as the Fulani intended when their usual victims fought back resulting in over 72 people getting killed.

Muslim Brotherhood threatens Uk, if they are banned.

(London) Whilst in the political wilderness, the Egyptian based Muslim Brotherhood (MB) proclaimed to all that could listen that all the ills of the country could (And would) be cured if they came to power and ruled under the codex of Islamic law as laid down in the Koran. Everybody would have work, nobody would go hungry, Graft would be gotten rid of everybody would be equal and those pesky jews to the East would be wiped off the Map. So when the Arab Spring came a knocking , the MB took their so called rightful place as the rulers of Egypt and guess what:
Employment under them got worse as they ruined the tourist industry.
Graft got worse as they doled out jobs for the boys
Equality for all wasn't for you if you were non-Islamic, or a woman.
The plan to wipe out Israel backfired when the terrorists used by the MB to do so murdered 15 Egyptian army troops and it was Israel which resolved that situation.

After the MB failed to live up to its promises , the people of Egypt protested on the streets by the millions , the Leader of the MB, simply did as all Muslim dictators (even if elected) did and proclaimed the protesters as traitors, un-Islamic and granted himself even more powers in which to try and solidify his position. Which is why last July the Egyptian army removed the MB from power. They in turn have carried out numerous attacks which has resulted in over thousands of people been killed . Due to the crackdown on the not so peaceful Muslim Brotherhood, they have relocated their people to the west in which to continue the fight in Egypt. One such office can be found in London and it is because of their taste and lust for violence that the British Prime Minister has asked the security services to launch an inquiry into the Uk based Muslim Brotherhood, with an eye on banning them from British soil if they are found guilty of planning attacks elsewhere.

Oh how the left have complained and now as is the way of the Muslim, it transpires that the Muslim Brotherhood themselves have threatened the UK with terrorist attacks if they are banned. The head of the British branch of the Muslim Brotherhood issued a thinly veiled warming to the Sunday times yesterday:

“If this [ban] happened, this would make a lot of people in Muslim communities think that [peaceful] Muslim Brotherhood values . . . didn’t work and now they are designated a terrorist group, which would make the doors open for all options,” 
So much for a peace loving political party?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Radical Islamic preacher goes on the run in Lebanon.

(Beirut) Omar Bakri Mohammad is a nasty piece of work, born in Syria, he left when his activities brought him to the attention of the Syrian  police  and relocated to Lebanon in 1977. After a few years in Lebanon he moved to Egypt in which to study, but before he could earn his degree, he left for Saudi Arabia, because he upset the Egyptians with his bigoted behaviour In 1986 after he offended the Saudi Arabians with his bigoted behaviour he moved to the UK and sought asylum and there he too offended the British, however unlike the Islamic countries the UK has signed up to the EU bill of human rights and unable to deport this arsehole, the British had to put up with his rabble rousing ways until days after the 2005 London bombings which murdered 52 innocent people. Bakri did a runner to.....Lebanon because he feared getting picked up by the police. Once there he claimed he hated the Uk, that the Uk was now open to attack and that he would never return,

In 2006, Hezballah invaded Israel and with the gloves off, Israel kicked Lebanon back into the stone age. Nations concerned about their citizens sent planes and ships in which to evacuate their citizens and the British sent HMS Illustrious and a few other Royal navy ships and while docked in Beirut, Bakri tried to board claiming his right as a British citizen. Unfortunately for him, the British Government had had enough of this terrorist supporting trouble maker and they barred him. He in turn was straight on the phone to the bBC and pleaded his case and I quote:

"I am not appealing now against the decision to give me the right to stay in Britain. I am not appealing for that.I am appealing on behalf of my children who are worried and they want to see their own father. Do you want my little sons or my little family to come now to Lebanon? I don't think you want that." 
His cry for help didn't wash and Bakri remained in Lebanon.However while the Government was happy to bar him , they made it very plain no charges were to be levied against his family who continued to live on benefits

Bakri then went off the  grid for a while There was news that he had been arrested and sentenced to life in prison, but nothing came about from that until this week when Bakri had to leave home in a hurry as the police in Lebanon have had enough of his rabble rousing and have orders to arrest him. Of course as per usual he has spoken to the bBC where he is allowed to proclaim his innocence (yet again)
 "Mr Bakri dismissed the authorities' claims as "unjust".
and according to the same bBC his wife  told local media that she did not know where he was. Now if she as I presume now living in Lebanon, can I ask the question has the British Government stopped paying her benefits?

Isn't it strange that a hateful relgious agitator who has been kicked out of: Syria ,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UK and now Lebanon is given so much time and space at the bBC. Here is how the latest bBC article describes this evil,evil man:
Our correspondent says he was one of the best-known radical Islamist preachers in London for years.
and with so called victims such as him,we wonder why people are flocking to the far right in the UK.

Why British MPs cannot be trusted

(London) Today the Governments Culture Secretary Maria Miller was ordered her to repay £5,800 to cover over-claiming of mortgage expenses and to apologise to MPs for doing so. Excuse MPs? what about to the British people who pay her way. But what makes this case even more damning is, this case comes a  few years after the MP expense scandal where it came out in the wash that MPs of all parties were feathering their nests at the tax payers expense. Want a duck house to go with your moat, sign here, Want to claim for a mortgage you've already paid off, sign here. How about wanting to watch a porn film or two , just sign here.

The thing is when all of the above came out (And plenty more) the so called British honourable gentlemen and women all opined they had done nothing wrong tried to get the investigation closed down or at least hidden from the public eye and when that failed oh how they played the victim card for shopping at John Lewis at the taxpayer expense and yet with all this still fresh in the public domain, Maria Miller thought she could do as she pleased.

Yesterday saw a debate between Nick Clegg (The deputy PM of Great Britain) and Nigel Farage the leader of the United Kingdom independent party , and from the Media, the latter swept the floor with Nick Clegg.  Now UKIP is a right-wing party, yet it is gaining in strength from disfranchised British people who feel nobody is listening to what they have to say. For example if you speak out about immigration , you are automatically deemed as a ...racist. If you question how Green taxes are crippling are a Climate change denier . if you question the odious tenets of Islam you are a bigot. The political elite rather than debate, silence their critics every chance they get in order to promote their own agenda. Well guess what.
Ed Milliband the leader of the Labour Party has stated that:

Nigel Farage should be excluded from TV election debates
Yup, the idiots who demand we should talk to Terrorists, in order to find out what their gripe is, are saying that when it comes to subjects they know they are going to lose ground on, then there is no debate. There lies the reason for the rise of the right in the Uk and why voters don't trust MPs any more. Gee and we wonder how Hitler came to power.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Failed Asylum seeker gets deported, left and liberals up in arms.

(UK) The reason why so many immigrants try to get into the Uk, is that years of liberal thinking ensues they get a much better deal (regards housing and benefits) than tax paying British workers. One such example is 19 year old Yashika Bageerathi, who along with her family arrived in the UK from Mauritius the other year on a tourist visa no less and then when it ran out tried to claim asylum . Well their attempts failed and as Miggins is over 18, she is deemed as an adult (in the eyes of a law) and thus she gets treated as a separate case from her mother and younger siblings and is currently on route to Heathrow airport in which to be returned to the Island paradise of  Mauritius.

But oh how the left have opined, they claim it is wrong to deport this child (Err she's an adult) That her mother misses her and that it "needlessly cruel" decision to deport the student." No it isn't, we have to draw the line somewhere, this open door policy instigated by the left has not only seen millions to come to the Uk resulting in the broken fabric of British society. (Want to wonder why the odious far right are doing so well in the Uk?) but when caught up to no good we are handed down diktats from so called European Human rights groups stating that it is wrong for the Uk to deport foreign terrorists, rapists and murderers. Hey I am not saying this girl is a terrorist, but enough is enough and so I dedicate this song to Miss Bageerathi:

BTW. Anybody wanting to call me a racist and such, I am brown skinned and whose parents came to the UK using the proper channels.

Muslim couple in court claim they were victimised by Supermarket chain after they were refused holiday during Ramadan

(Teesside) Islamic couple Donna Tunkara and husband Yassinn have decided to take their former employers (Morrison's supermarket) to court , because in their own words they were victimised at work due to their religious beliefs after being refused holidays during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

It transpires that last year Mr and Mrs Tunkara didn't get the last 2 weeks off during Ramadan, because and I quote 'because' they didn't put their leave chits in time and thus unlike others who put in for their holidays on the dates they wanted, they didn't. This however didn't stop the pair of them working during the first few weeks of Ramadan, however the stress of working during Ramadan got to Mrs Tunkara and she apparently suffered a breakdown. In court the defence lawyer for the Supermarket questioned the veracity of Mrs T coming out with:

Called Mrs Tunkara a 'liar' during cross examination and said that she had not got the holidays she asked for because she missed a deadline - meaning all holiday time was already taken.He said: 'You have not got exactly what you wanted and acted like a spoiled brat, and you have taken the easy way out to play the discrimination and race card, haven't you? It is unfair.'He also asked her why, after working during the first weeks of Ramadan in July and August, did she only suffer problems while working shifts during the period she had asked to have off.
The case continues.

CAIR tries to ban film about abuse against woman citing it as....Islamophobic

(US) Under Sharia Law the lot of a woman is a lot less than that of a man. Islamic men are not only taught this salient fact, but they go to great lengths in which to ensure that women know this also. Which is why a few years back in America Muzzammil Syed Hassan decided with his wife to set up a TV channel (Bridges TV) designed to portray Muslims in a positive light and counter the media's negative stereotypes.. A few years later the same Muzzammil Syed Hassan,  beheaded his wife after she filed for divorce on grounds of physical abuse.

I wrote yesterday about the Iraqi man who raped and beheaded his girlfriend in England. There are numerous incidents of Islamic Honour killings and Rape gangs in the West, which all pale into insignificance when we look at the lot of women in Islamic countries.

To that end a private film (The Honour Diaries) which has been screened at the UN human rights council and is currently doing the rounds at collages in the US which highlights the hardships women face according to the tenets  of....Mohammed has been castigated as being 'Islamophobic' and as such ,should be banned by those so called purveyors of peace  'The Council on American-Islamic Relations ' if you have the time watch the bareheaded public spokeswoman for CAIR get ripped a new one by Fox TVs Megan Kelly.

CAIR? What a joke.

Islamic Mob drag woman out of car and murder her for hanging a cross from her rearview mirror.

(Cario)   25 year old Mary Sameh George a coptic Christian, was in her car on route to deliver medicine to an elderly friend  when outside the church she was going to ,a gang of thugs on seeing her cross hanging from her rear-view mirror became incandescence with rage attacked the car, pulled Mary out, dragged her through the streets, beating and abusing her on the way and when they tired of this they stabbed her to death and as a final act slit her throat. The attack transpired in a suburb of Cairo, in an area called Ain Shams that’s known for its heavy Muslim Brotherhood influence.

Yesterday i wrote about the British government has opened an inquiry into the Muslim Brotherhood. Today in the leftwing Newspaper the Guardian, Rosemary Hollis writes that the British Government is wrong to do so. I quote:

David Cameron will come to regret his call for an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood. The move is opportunistic and set to backfire on him.
  I wonder if she has anything to say to the family of poor old Mary George?