Thursday, December 31, 2020

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Afghanistan: 10 man Chinese spy ring uncovered

(Kabul)  Last week Beijing was left with egg on its face when a 10 man Chinese spy ring was uncovered by Afghan intelligence inside Afghanistan. But it gets worst, the team wasn't just spying inside the country, they were caught after Afghan intelligence watching Pakistani spies in the country found the Chinese in communication with  the Haqqani Network, which just happens to be the sword arm of the Taliban. Arms, ammunition, explosives and drugs were found at the residences of the Chinese following their arrests.

It appears that China has been putting pressure on Kabul to allow them to save face, so stories have now started to appear stating that the Chinese in conjunction with the Pakistanis were trying to set up a fake terrorist outfit in which to entrap Chinese Islamic terrorists (Akin to the Bourne Identity storyline -book not film- where Jason Bourne is invented to entrap the Jackal)  which has been backed up by the Afghan government stating that if Beijing apologises their spyteam will all be set free. The funny thing is, it has now been revealed that China was funding terrorists in Afghanistan to attack American soldiers. 

Bosnia: Migrants not happy on having to live in burnt out camp they destoryed.

(Lipa)  So on Christmas Eve migrants held in the lipa refugee camp on the Bosnian border with Croatia (Also the border with the EU) decided to set fire to the entire camp in which to make themselves homeless in the hope that the EU would speed up their registration process like they did with the inhabitants of Moria refugee camp where thousands saw their applications to a new life in the richer northern EU states (Germany/Denmark/Sweden/Finland) speed tracked.


However for the fire loving migrants at Lipa Refugee camp, Bosnia isn't in the EU 

And instead of been transported to a new life in the affluent EU or even a new camp, they found themselves having to live in the ashes of the very camp they burnt down due to the fact that no town in Bosnia will accept them. Naturally the UN isn't impressed 

Israel: Conflict stats for 2020

(Jerusalem)  The IDF has revealed its annual statistics report for the past year and they include:

  1. The Israel Air Force carried out 50 strikes against targets in Syria throughout 2020.
  2. Two IED (improvised explosive device) attacks on the Syrian border were thwarted.
  3. There were two attempts by Hezbollah to carry out attacks into Israel, and both were prevented by the IDF.
  4. On the Gaza front, 176 rockets were launched by terrorist organizations toward Israel during 2020. Ninety of the rockets landed in open fields, and 80 were intercepted.
  5. One terrorist tunnel along the Gaza border was exposed this year. The tunnel was dug by Hamas and crossed into Israel. During that time, some 300 targets in Gaza were hit by the IAF.
  6. There were some 1,500 rock hurling incidents in the West Bank during the past year. This is a small increase in comparison to 2019, during which 1,469 incidents were reported.
  7. There were 31 cases of live-fire incidents in the West Bank during the year – 12 more than in 2019. Nine stabbing attacks were reported, three fewer than in 2019.
  8. The IDF significantly stepped up its campaign against the West Bank’s local gun production industry, shutting down 50 workshops where it said guns were being produced, compared to 14 in 2019 and four in 2018.
  9. Israeli Air Force drones clocked some 35,000 flight hours; helicopters flew over 400 sorties, a quarter of them search and rescue operations; and transport airplanes flew over 1,000 missions.
  10. Vegetarian and vegan soldiers had a banner year, with 1,875 soldiers receiving non-leather shoes and 2,500 non-wool berets. Some 50 tons of tofu were eaten in the IDF in 2020.
  11. Over 3,000 reservists were called in to assist the Home Front Command in addressing the COVID 19 epidemic. During the crisis, the military distributed some 380,000 boxes of food and supplies to citizens throughout the country. In addition to the 1.4 million phone calls answered.

Mali: 3 French soldiers killed in IED atatck.

(Bamako) On Monday, 3 French soldiers on peacekeeping duties in the African country of Mali were killed when an IED was detonated as their vehicle went by. Thus bringing the death toll of French soldiers  since the launch of Operation Barkhane in 2013, to 47 French soldiers .

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Nigeria: 11 Soldiers killed in mine blast.

(Maiduguri) Wednesday , 11 Nigerian soldiers were killed when their vehicle ran over a mine.  The blast took place when a convoy of 2 armoured vehicles in pursuit of Boko Haram terrorists saw the lead vehicle detonate a landmine, thankfully there were no injuries, however the second vehicle then ran over another mine resulting in the deaths of 11 soldiers.


The incident transpired 20 kilometres from Maiduguri, capital of restive Borno state, just outside the village of Kayamla and only 2 days after 4 soldiers were killed in another mine blast near the Cameroon border which came 3 days after Boko haram terrorists attacked a church on Christmas eve killing 11, and burning it down . But hey, I keep getting told its a religion of peace.

Italy: 15 tonnes of seized amphetamine pills belonged to Hezballah smugglimg ring.

(Naples) Italian police have revealed that the 15 tonnes of amphetamine pills seized in July belonged to Hezbollah. The haul found in containers at the port of Salerno. were hidden inside large drums of paper and gear wheels is estimated to worth $1 billion . 

Syria: Israel carries out airstrikes on Hezb-allah and Iranian postions

(Damacus)  Days after the IDF carried out their Christmas eve strikes on Iranian positions inside Syria where the Iranian mullahs waiting for Santa to pop up their chimneys received a bang of a completely different kind . Allahs little shia helpers received a follow up call, last night which substantiated the Iranians mullahs joyful exclamation of:

"Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me"
At each and every young boy who happens to walk into an Iranians room at night. Unfortunately for the Iranian mullahs last night really did see the earth move for them.

Funny enough these latest strikes came hours after Tehran's pet monkey in Lebanon Hassan Nasrallah (the leader of terrorist outfit 'Hezb-allah)  made a claim that his bunch of allahs little helpers had doubled their holding of precision-guided missiles aimed at Israel. strange how the liberal Western media can report the IDF strikes but not the threat upon Israel by Iran and its puppet in Lebanon by the use of over 17000 ballistic missiles

Yemen: Attack on Aircraft carrying new Government kills 25 injures 100

(Aden) At least 26 people have been killed and more than 60 injured after an attack on the airport in the Yemeni city of Aden that appeared to be targeted at a plane carrying members of the newly formed government.


Yemen’s new unity government sworn in last week in Saudi Arabia is made up from the internationally recognised government led by the president, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, and the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC), the organisation currently in charge of Aden had just landed at Aden international airport when missiles (as seen on video) struck the area around where the plane had landed, a further attack was made after the people on the plane were taken to the presidential palace.  Seeing as  both the STC and the Yemeni government are anti Houthi , it doesn’t take a genius to work out this was the work of the Shai Houthi rebels most likely under the instruction of their Iranian masters.

Two things spring to mind regards the aboove story: 1) After numerious atatcks using long distance drones, crusie missiels, long range missiles . why did the government allow hundreds of people to congragate on a runway at a known time when the threat of a terrorist atatck was hugh? 2) The Western media fed a diet of Iranian funded lies about the so caleld death toll in Yemen, never take to task iran over its numerious atatcks across the region, but isntead concentrate on how nasty Saudi Arabia is. yet Saudi Arabia stopped all offensive air atatcks in 2017 and since then has only retaliated to Houthi and Iranian provacations Funny that.

Pakistan: Islamist Mobs demolish Hindu Temple

(Karak district) 25 miles from the Afghan border in the Pakistani village of Teri. A violent Islamist mob descended on a 101 year old Hindu temple and proceeded to demolish it after a rally by the  Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F party which promoted the view that the construction of an unrelated building next door to the temple was actually the expansion of the Hindu temple and after the usual suspects wound up the crowd as only the faithful can be riled up across the world, they descended on the Temple in which to raise it to the ground.

The interesting thing about all this, is that the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F party is the political arm of the Deobandi Islamist movement and as such has set up shop in the UK where they control approximately  600 of the 1500 mosques there. Now I stated interesting and the reason for that is the Deobandi movement  seeks to return to the basics of Islam as practised in the time of Mohamed (The founder of Islam) , wishing to purify it from amoral and materialistic Westernizing influences, The version of Islam it teaches is in many ways similar to Wahhabism – both movements are Sunni, puritanical and highly intolerant of people who disagree with them – but there are also important differences: the two groups follow different schools of Islamic jurisprudence, to take one example, and while the Wahhabis have the money, the Deobandis have the numbers.

The Afghan and Pakistani Taliban movements originated in Deobandi madrasas and a study of Pakistani police data on 2344 people convicted on terrorism charges between 1990 and 2009 found that 90.5 per cent of them were Deobandis. The would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid had Deobandi connections, as did the 2006 transatlantic airline bomb plotters and two of the 7/7 attackers.

Funny enough the loudest voices across the Uk when a mosque is denied retrospective planning permission belongs to the same people who have no problem knocking down churches, Hindu temples and Shia mosques in Paksitan..

If you can access BBC sounds here is a most interesting radio report:

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