Sunday, April 1, 2018

Germany: Bullied child told to wear a Burka by teacher to stop Islamic bullying.

(Berlin) German Newspaper ‘Bild’ reports  of the growing epidemic of religious bullying taking place inside schools. It lists a number of cases that are cause for concern, a concern the liberal world covers up by playing the ‘Isamophobia’ card.

At the Wassermaus" Primary School in Ennepetal the headmistress Isabelle Steinkühler sent a letter to all the parents of students that they had talked to the children about "religious freedom due to recent occurrences". So what where these religious freedomns, apprantly the more pious of the Islamic faith had taken to attacking Islamic children who weren’t as pious for eating gummy bears.

Another case they list is regards the parents of a blond haired girl in Frankfurt am main who was getting bullied something rotten by her classmates for not being a Muslim.  When the parents brought this up with the school, they were told that if their daughter took to wearing the hijab the bullying would stop. Rather than surrender to religious intolerance and political apathy they moved their daughter to another school.

In Baveria, the father of 2 fourth graders became concerned when his children came home crying, apparently they had been told by another student that he was going to chop their heads off because they were Christian.  When he complained to the school, he was told that the children from Syria have problems settling in.

A mother from North Rhine-Westphalia, whose son is a practising Catholic, who attends  a secondary school which is mainly visited by children and adolescents of Muslim faith. Is often the victim of verbal attacks by classmates and discrimination by his Islamic class mates .

Isn't ironic how the left who champion the merits of equality for all, are more than happy to surrender the freedoms of us all to a barbaric intolerant faith simply because they don't wish to be seen as..racist.