Tuesday, April 24, 2018

UN: Gaza $200 Million short of Aid after US cuts, UN fears food may run out by June.

(Gaza) Food Aid for Gaza may run out from June if the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees cannot find another $200 million following a cut in U.S. funding.  Pierre Kraehenbuehl, who heads the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) providing aid for Palestinians across the Middle East, said U.S. President Donald Trump had withheld $305 million in funding, far more than the $65 million reported in January.

Gulf states, Norway and Canada have stepped in with a total of $200 million to help meet a planned $465 million budget for 2018. The United States, long the biggest donor to the agency, is providing just $60 million of a promised $365 million, Kraehenbuehl said. That leaves a $200 million shortfall to fill for rice, flour, sugar and also to keep funding schools in Gaza and the West Bank.

Help me here, if the US has cut its aid package to Gaza from $365 M to $60 M, that is a shortfall of $305. If others stump up an additional $200M, that shortfall falls to $105 million, yet the UN is claiming they are $200 million short. Can somebody please explain how thy arrived at that figure. Also if anybody from the UN happens to come across this post could you please explain why Gaza is one of the most obese countries in the world. Where between 18% to 25% of the Strip’s residents have a normal weight, the rest are all overweight.  Hey don't believe me, that's what the Arab press are saying. 

As for that cut in US funding, all Trump asked of the Palestinians was they sought peace, and guess what they didn't. Well despite the cries from the ethical latte drinkers at the UN we all know that nobody will actually starve to death in Gaza.