Friday, April 13, 2018

Austria: Albanian youth jailed for 9 years over terrorism replies 'I do not give a shit' on sentence.

(Wien) An  Austrian youth of Albanian descent was sentenced to nine years in prison on Friday in connection with plans for two Islamist extremist attacks in Germany, one of which involved grooming a 12 year old Iraqi to carry out a couple of bomb attacks.

The youth who was arrested last year and has been in custody had previously disowned himself from ISIS ideology and showed remorse before the court case, which probably explains why a suspended sentence of 20 months jail for a previous sentence was not initiated. Mind you his defence helped with his closing speech regards his client:
"He is stray teenager who needs to be rehabilitated into society, He is lost, but not a lost son Help with your judgment to bring the stray son back to society and to join in,"
It appears that all that contrition went out of the window when he received 9 years bending over in the prison showers.