Monday, April 9, 2018

Germany: Snowflakes save killer dog from execution

(Hanover) Last week firemen broke down the door of a flat in Germany to find the bodies of a mother and a son who had bled to death after they had been attacked by the family staffordshire terrier . Chico the dog had been bought by the mother eight years ago, shortly before the early release from prison of her ex-husband, who attacked her with an axe in 2005. The injuries she sustained meant she had to use a wheelchair and she had told neighbours she acquired the dog, which was reportedly kept in a cage in the family flat, out of fear for her life and that of her four children. In 2011, a social worker arranged for the woman’s son, then 20, who had learning difficulties, to take the dog to a trainer after recognising that the family was unable to cope with its “permanent aggression”.

 The social worker said in a report at the time that she was convinced the dog “had been trained to be a fighting machine”. On the dog trainer’s advice, the veterinary inspection office was due to have ruled on whether the dog would be allowed to stay with the family. But after the owner failed to present the animal to authorities, there appears to have been no follow-up. There was also an inadequate response to neighbours’ frequent complaints about the dog’s continuous barking.
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Roll forward to last week and it appears that the fighting dog wasn't a family pet, but a fighting dog and it killed its owners 52 year old Lezime K, 52, and her 27 year old son Liridon. After been captured the dog was sent to a dog home waiting for it to be put down. However the snowflakes in Germany have knocked out a petition in demanding that the dog be rehabilitated. I don't know about you, But I come from a rural area and if a dog has tasted blood (Farm stock) , it was shot pure and simple. Here is a dog which has attacked and killed 2 people and these poor snowflakes care more about a dog they will never have to face, than the people it killed. But it gets worse, the German authorities taking note of the protest are now looking at allowing the dog to live.