Thursday, April 12, 2018

Australia: Teenage Afghan thug released from jail because he's a ...Muslim

(Melbourne)  On the 17th of January this year Dr Edmund Pribitkin and son Edik (Americans visiting Australia) Had just left the Australian Open at Melbourne Park, when they were asked for cigarettes by 5 Afghan youths.  When they stated they didn’t smoke they were viciously attacked for no reason leaving  Pribitkin senior with serious head injuries and placed in an induced coma while his son was concussed with a broken nose.  Three 17 year old boys and 2 16 year old girls were arrested and  placed in Melbourne Youth Justice Centre.

Now get this, one of these little fuckers complained that his life is at risk whilst banged up because he is a Muslim. Yup the 17 year old afghan arrived in Australia 3 years ago with his family and decided to drop out of school at the age of 16. Which kind of explains why he us unable to tell the time and had the reading abilities of a prep or year one student. But as this is Australia the judge has taken pity on him and allowed him out on bail meaning he has to live with his mother, a curfew, engaging in a youth justice program and not associating with three of his co-accused who are also on bail. (How can he be on curfew if he can’t tell the bloody time)

Dr Edmund Pribitkin and his son Edik.
What is it with Islamic asylum seekers their penchant for violence and then playing the victim-card when caught.