Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Austria: To ban under 10 year olds from wearing the hijab to school

(Wien) Austria's government has proposed a ban on headscarves for girls aged under 10 in schools. The "child protection law" will be drawn up by the summer according to the education minister, and will be a "symbolic act" in protecting Austrian culture from some Islamic influences.

Austria's main Muslim group called the plan "absolutely counterproductive". Stating that that very few girls in kindergartens and primary schools in Austria wear a headscarf. So really there shouldn’t be a problem , should there.

Islam is a political religion and for the past few years  the religious bigots amongst them have used adherence to the faith in which to promote their politico-religious agenda. That is why , where once there were very few girls covering up, it is all the rage now, simply as the Islamic  agitators use the bad Muslim angle all the time as losing face is such a huge thing amongst Muslims, they get their way. This we saw in London the other month when a primary school in the Islamic area of East London with Islamic Governors and an Islamic headteacher  after consulting Islamic clerics banned girls from under the ages of 9 from covering up (In the Koran, agirl doesn’t have to cover up until she reaches puberty and thus according to Sharia law starts attracting men.) and also banned young children from fasting during Ramadan. (Also in the Koran) Yet the hate lobby played the racist card, seeing the Islamic head of governors step down, the Headteacher receive tons of hate mail and the school backing down. That people is how intolerant Islam has taken root within our midst and is replicating the very conditions which saw these people leave their home countries and see shelter in the West, and Political correctness not only allows them to do so, it defends them.