Tuesday, April 24, 2018

France: Muslims not happy over Anti-Semitism letter

(Paris)  On Sunday over 300 intellectuals published a letter to French Muslims complaining about the rise of Anti-Semitism across the country pointing the finger of blame at "Islamist radicalisation" for what it said was "quiet ethnic purging" in the Paris region, with abuse forcing Jewish families to move out and demanding  for verses in the Koran calling for the "murder and punishment of Jews, Christians and disbelievers" to be removed on the grounds that they are "obsolete". The letter said that since 2006, "11 Jews have been assassinated (and some tortured ) by radical Islamists because they were Jewish". The latest attack rocked France last month when two perpetrators stabbed an 85-year-old Jewish woman 11 times before setting her body on fire, in a crime treated as anti-Semitic.

Well , that hasn't gone down well with the Islamic population in France who rose to anger Monday who said their religion was being unfairly "put on trial". Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, said the manifesto "subjected French Muslims and French Islam to an unbelievable and unfair trial".
 "It creates a clear risk of pitching religious communities against one another,"
Tareq Oubrou, imam of the Grand Mosque of the southern city of the Bordeaux, pointed out that Islam was not the only religion whose ancient holy texts contain anachronistic passages.
 "Any number of holy texts are violent, even the Gospel," Oubrou said, adding that the signatories, who also included celebrities like actor Gerard Depardieu, had misinterpreted the Koran.
Anybody else notice how the faith which is promoted as magnanimous, caring and beyond approach , which demands others change their ways to accommodate their more odious practices ( Misogyny, Racism, Homophobia, Child abuse etc)  plays the victim card when asked to change. Why isn't that the actions of a ...bully.