Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lebanon: Hezb-allah strong arms opponents over next months General election.

(Beirut)  In just under a fortnights time (May 6th) Lebanon will go to the polls in which to elect a new parliament and Hezb-allah the pro Iranian puppet in country has already started throwing its weight around in which to ensure that by hook, crook and the odd bout of intimidation they increase their presence on the political front. Which kind of explains Mohamed al-Amin who is an independent Lebanese Shiite candidate running on an anti-Hezbollah platform as is his father Ali al-Amin, within the past few weeks both have been physically attacked by Hezb-allah goons and ended up in hospital.

Last month, an election candidate in the city of Baalbek, in eastern Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, accused Hezbollah of framing him on drug charges and shooting at his driver. The candidate, Abbas Al Jawhari, has since withdrawn from the race.

Ironically Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah has stated that Hezbollah considers combating corruption a priority as their main rallying call. (Other than death to Israel that is)

Funny how the very people who love to exclaim 'it is the will of Allah' in which to excuse acts of violence , have no problem subscribing to the fists of man in which to intimidate their way into power.