Sunday, April 8, 2018

Morocco : Sexual assault caught on video causes outrage (Again)

(Rabat) A video circulating  of a young male sexually assaulting a teenage Hijab wearing  girl in Morocco has sparked an uproar just as the government is trying to fight violence against women. Amid widespread anger, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday that authorities have arrested the alleged perpetrator, a 21-year-old from southern Morocco. The  authorities are still searching for the person who filmed the attack.

One of the aggressors recorded the video, while the other tried to remove the young girl’s clothes and inappropriately touched her, as she kicked at him from the ground. Throughout the video, the girl is heard begging them to stop: “Do not you have a sister!” she screams. Viewers hear only the perpetrators’ laughter in response. This video comes just seven months after the release of a similar filmed sexual assault, in which a group of boys publicly violated a mentally-ill girl on a public bus in Casablanca.

Just what is it about Islamic males and sexual frustration. I mean I am always informed that women who cover up do so as not to inflame the passions of men. So exactly just what is it that causes them to rape anything around including donkeys.