Tuesday, April 17, 2018

US: To hand over US citizen captured fighting for ISIS in Syria to third country.

(Washington) The US Government (under the Trump administration)  first decision on how to deal with citizens caught fighting for a designated terror group (ISIS) , is to turn over the ISIS terrorist,( a dual U.S.-Saudi citizen born in the United States and now held in Iraq)  to an unnamed country as early as late Thursday rather than present him to the U.S. justice system. The two countries the man  could be sent to are either: Saudi Arabia, or Iraq.

The man is the only known U.S. citizen held as an enemy combatant from the battlefields of Iraq and Syria. Last September  the Pentagon confirmed that they were holding him, saying he had been fighting for the Islamic State group and surrendered to the allied Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria . He was then moved to Iraq where he has been interrogated by military and FBI investigators. The International Committee of the Red Cross was given access to him, and the ACLU sued to be able to represent him. In discussions with him, the ACLU says he asserted his habeas corpus rights to be charged under U.S. law or be freed.

Isn't it strange how the very people who renounced the citizenship of the countries they left in which to murder, death, kill for ISIS and its ilk , all of a sudden develop a love for the country they hate the most when arrested and faced with the death penalty in the lands they ravaged Funny enough all of which subscribe to Sharia law.