Thursday, April 12, 2018

UK: Hussain jailed for 23 years for kidnapping and raping a 12 year old.

(Bradford) 35 year old Ibrahim Hussain, has been jailed in the Uk over how he kidnapped a 12 year old and raped her.

Last July Hussain kidnapped the child and kept her hostage for 3 days where he raped her numerous times, then in ab attempt to make some money out of the child he invited over 5 different men who raped her for money. Hussain who was on bail at the time for sexually molesting a 6 year old denied all the charges, however the court was having none of the that and found him guilty with him receiving a sentence of 23 years, with a caveat he must serve half his sentence before the Parole Board consider him for release.

Paedophile  Ibrahim Hussain
Typical of the UK, where a sentence of 23 years means actually means half. What a f-ing joke justice is in the UK.