Wednesday, April 18, 2018

US: Crazy 71 year old crazy lady booked for attacking 2 Black female soldiers.

(Georgia)  Last Saturday night Stephanie Mitchell and Treasure Sharpe, both captains in the US military popped out or something to eat. As they were parking at Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, they apparently held up another customer as they were reversing into a parking slot.  Abuse was thrown their way and they left and went inside. 

However that wasn’t the end of the story when the family inside the second car approached them inside and started up again, whilst the 71 year old matriarch was busy abusing the 2 female soldiers, her son was throwing abuse such as “dumb bitches and “black lesbians,” and throwing his weight around. At this one of the soldiers pulled out her mobile phone and started recording the incident , where upon 71 year old Judy Tucker went into crazy white bitch mode and started attacking the soldiers. When told by her victim that she was pregnant , she went off on a rant about her husband .
Thankfully the crowd inside the restaurant came to the two soldiers rescue, with the Tucker family forced to leave, and arrested outside by the Police. Crazy white lady has since been arrested and charged with battery on $650 bail. 

In this day and age of where blacks are lamented by some as playing the political victim card over how they are arrested, jailed or even killed , here we see a perfect example of when their protestations turn out to be true. Me, I'd like to see this family of white inbreds charged exactly how a black family would have been. That said the local police appear to be doing just that:
Just for the record this has happened to me on a number of occasions across Europe. Kind of surprised them all when I reply back in prefect English, the last time some bloke in a Chinese was berating me for the colour of my skin, and that everything I owned was in my rucksack. His face kind of dropped when I informed him we own our home then I opened up my rucksack and pulled out my Army uniform stating that I had left my car on camp and walked home as it was a lovely day. Wanker then tried to change the topic about how his grandfather had served. Yeah right.