Wednesday, April 4, 2018

India: Muslims angry at the loss of 13 terrorists take it out on Tourists.

(Srinagar)  The other day the Indian security forces carried out a huge anti-terrorist operation and killed 13 gun totting Pakistani  religious thugs , losing 3 soldiers in the process. The local youths on hearing that their heroes where cornered by the army took to the streets in their thousands in which to try and secure a safe passage for the terrorists. Big mistake as the police and army simply emptied pellet guns into them injuring over 70.

Well not happy at how the army can and will fight back, the Muslim youths went in search of easier targets who can’t fight back and they found it in coach loads of Indonesian  tourists who they decided to attack. Taxis cabs were also attacked resulting  4 females,( 2 from Abu Dhabi and 2 from India) being  hospitalised