Friday, April 6, 2018

Gaza: Hamas says it will pay families of protesters killed or injured today which they have called : Tire Friday.

(Gaza) A week after the Hamas implemented Plan A of bolstering its image which saw 17 idiots shot dead for trying to storm the Israeli border. They are today implementing Plan A.2 where they will pay the families of anybody killed or injured in the upcoming 'Lets smoke the jews out' plan where they intend to light car tires (which kind of explains why they have cleared the strip of old tires and started piling them up for burning later on today on what they have named 'Tire Fridaty'

Hamas has said the money will be given:
“as compensation within the framework of the social and national responsibility of the organization.” 
Bereaved families will receive $3,000, while family members of protesters seriously wounded will receive $500. Families of protesters who are moderately wounded will receive $200. Funny enough Hamas tweeted this the other day:
The same Winnie Mandela who came out:
 "With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we will liberate this country."
 That comment, at a rally in Johannesburg, showed Mrs Mandela endorsing the brutal method of "necklacing" - putting a tyre around suspected collaborators, dousing them with petrol, and burning them alive. No wonder Hamas like her.

Expect a cacophony of protests later on this evening from all over the world, regards how evil Israel is and what a guiding light Hamas is for sending children to their deaths. Funny enough all the worlds ecological groups will have no problem blaming the jew, whilst remaining silent on the poisoning of the atmosphere by..Hamas.