Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Somali : Troops fight over abandoned Military equipment

(Mogadishu)  Africa has the potential of being one of the most powerful continents in the World, its people, resources if properly utilised could leave Europe, North America and China well behind if the political will to work for the common good could be adopted. However and a huge unfortunate however  that will never happen as long as tribal politics takes central stage. 

On the 11th of April the United Arab Emirates pulled out of Somalia where they had been helping train the Somalian Polcie and Military since 2014, however that all came to an end a fortnight ago after the Somalian Government decided to divest a UAE plane carrying the wages of the Somalian security forces undergoing training at the hands of the UAE of $10 million. Yes that right, the Somali government stole the wages of its own soldiers simply because it can and then had the audacity to say they would take over the paying of its troops.

It appears that Mogadishu wasn't happy how last month the UAE agreed to train the security forces of the Somalia Puntland (A small strip of land which broke away from Somalia in 1998 and has not suffered the violence and bloodshed that the rest of the country has faced) and to build a naval base in the region and then 3 days ago another incident transpired where, UAE troops got embroiled in a standoff in the Puntland with authorities there, when they wanted to check baggage going onto a plane leaving the country.

With the UAE out of the country, Somalian troops, decided to grab some gizz-its (Give us it) from the former UAE training camp by staging their own supermarket sweep, problem was, the camp was manned by Somalian troops who opened fire on their fellow countrymen, in the ensuring gun fight 12 soldiers (6 from each side were killed) The camp has now been secured by the presidential Guard, who no doubt will get the pick of the litter.

The thing here is in the vast majority of Africans countries the same mindset of stealing what the other fellow has is rife and until Africa develops a system of god practice, it will forever be left in the stone age albeit with AK47s.