Monday, April 2, 2018

UK: London voted in a Human rights lawyer as its mayor, its murder rate overtakes New York's

(London) In 2013 the media rejoiced how under Mayor Boris Johnson London had the lowest murder rate for 42 years and was one of the safest cities in the world.

In May 2016 Boris stepped down and London voted in Labour Politician and Human rights lawyer Sadiq Khan as their new mayor. He won his campaign by promising lots of changes (which funny enough he has reneged on)  However his promise to do all he would do all he can if elected to cut stop and searches as it was racist was seen as a vote winner by the black and Islamic populations of London. 

Almost 2 years after Khan was elected as the mayor of London the city has been plaques by a rise in crime , but especially knife and gun crime. 

and the otherday this headline was all the news:

The sad irony here, is that in an attempt to be as politically correct as possible and pander to those people who love to carry knives and guns on them, the vast majority of people who are dying in their droves on the streets of London are blacks and muslims. The very same people who object to stop and search as they feel its racist.