Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sweden: Government says if re-elected they will force migrants to learn Swedish or lose Benefits.

(Stockholm) Sweden's governing Social Democrats have stated that they intend to make it obligatory for immigrants to study Swedish in order to claim welfare.

If reelected in the forthcoming general election, the Social Democrats say they will bring in a 'language obligation' which would mean both people in the asylum process and those who need to improve their Swedish in order to get a job would have to attend Swedish courses "otherwise their welfare support will be denied". The obligation would be attendance-based rather than based on a language test.

Strange how a Government which has opened the Swedish front door to anybody who wants to walk in and sit down in the front room and demand food, is now seeking the approval of the very people it betrayed in the first place in which to remain in power.  

Funny enough when Denmark and Holland carried out the exact sam,  tens of thousands of their immigrant population buggered off to the Uk, where there is no requirement for them to speak English or even work.