Thursday, April 5, 2018

Germany: Walid and friend get probation for robbery.

(Dresden) After countless robbery, drugs and violent offences, Dresden police designated the area around Trompeterstra├če as a crime hotspot and set about to clean the place up .

On Tuesday one of the first cases from that clean up went to court. 18 year old Walid Al-J. and 20 year old Bangal D. (20) were in the dock for robbing two boys (13 and 14). Shirt of cash they decided to use the boys as an ATM and divested them of 60 Euros.

Bangal D.(left) and Walid Al-J.
Walid Al-J. as the driving force received a juvenile sentence of 14 months on probation and 100 hours unpaid work . Since Bangal D. had already been charged for similar offences, he was sentenced to one year probation. In addition, both have to anti-aggression training.  You just know these two are laughing at the system.