Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sweden: Middle aged Asylum seeker defender, raped by 2 Afghan Asylum seeekers.

(Ljungby) Last December a middle aged social rights champion, who objected to the so called demonization of asylum seekers, and  who belonged to a facebook group which objected to the deportation of migrants, met 2 young Afgans outside a pub.  They asked (at 3am) if she wanted to return with them to their hostel and drink alcohol. She agreed thinking she had nothing to worry about, however once there she was raped both vaginally and anally by Anwar one of the youths, the other Fardin, decided to masturbate over her as she was being raped annually.

After she was let go, she reported the rape to the police who took away these 2 poor innocent children. In court this week  18 year old Anwar was convicted of rape. his sentence was one year and three months in prison followed by his deportation. He will also pay 134,990 SEK in damages to the woman. Fardin (also 18)  the wanker was sentenced for sexual abuse He was fined 23,990 SEK , but he gets to remain in the country.

Anwar and the crime scene.
The irony, a so called liberal who objected to asylum seekers getting deported from Sweden, who due to her naivety saw an Afghan deported from Sweden.