Monday, April 2, 2018

Kosovo: Locals object to paying Tolls for brand new road

(Pristina) Kosovo is the home to the Serbian holyland, yet years of migration from across the border with Albania saw the local Serbian population soon outnumbered by Albanians , this resulted in the 90s to the Kosovan war, which gave birth to the new country of Kosovo in 2008. As is the norm , as soon as the good peoples of Kosovo gained their independence the first thing they did was emigrate on mass, as they are unable to run the country in a civilised manner.

In 2006, the Albanian government decided to fund the building of a road between itself and Kosovo in which to improve links and economic cooperation , 70 miles long, they decided to introduce a small toll in which to upgrade the road to Motorway status and to pay for maintaining the road.

However like most peoples who live of forging aid, the Kosovans feel this wrong and that like all freeloaders the world over, they have the right to use what other people have paid for free. So yesterday they descended on the Tolls booths and destroyed them. The new road has cut the journey between the 2 countries to under 3 hours.