Tuesday, April 17, 2018

France: Muslims riot after Woman told to remove banned Niqab.

(Toulouse) Unrest hit the French city of Toulouse on Sunday and Monday when police on patrol spotted a woman wearing a Nigab (Full Islamic body covering) which is banned. So they stopped her, asked her for ID and to remove the banned garment, she in turn provided a photocopy of her iD papers and refused to comply and was duly arrested, She then started screaming, naturally in an dense Islamic area this drew a crowd of around 30 youths, who proceeded to attack the police who had to draw their weapons and use flash bangs in which to escape.

However, tensions remained high in the area, which were compounded by how news was coming about how a Muslim Inmate from the area had hung himself at Seysses prison near Toulouse, leading to the usual conspiracy theories , so they decided to riot on their own doorstep torching over 25 cars over 2 nights. Police made 18 arrests.