Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Syria: Israeli strike on T4 airfield struck advanced Iranian Anti-Aircraft missile system.

(Damascus)  The air strike on the T4 Airbase inside Syria on the 9th of April struck an advanced Iranian Anti-Aircraft missile system which had just been flown over from Iran.

It appears that Iran decided to bolster its own air defences following previous Israeli raids and Israel spotted the transport of the Tor missile defence system which is designed to destroy aircraft, helicopters, drones, guided missiles and other precision weapons flying at medium, low, and extremely low altitudes, in difficult air and jamming environments.

The Tor has radar and missiles based on a single vehicle. It  carries 8 missiles and they are launched vertically. Maximum range of fire is 5-12 km and maximum altitude is 4-6 km,  The Tor has a brief reaction time. It takes only 8-12 seconds from target detection to launch which kind of explains why Iran would want to defend its assets with such a potent weapon system.