Thursday, April 5, 2018

UK: How Anti-Semitism has become so trendy for the left.

(London)  In the Uk whilst the media loves to talk about 'Islamophobia'  painting the picture that the Uk is somehow a very intolerant place for Muslims they tend to turn a blind eye to an even bigger problem, anti-Semitism.

Currently 'Labour' the official opposition party in the Uk has been revealed to be riddled with...Anti-Semitism and when somebody is found promoting this odious mindset, they ruminate, procrastinate and do as little as possible in which to punish the guilty party. What makes this even worse is how the Party Leader 'Jeremy Corbyn' openly associates himself with groups such as Hamas, and Hezb-allah. Why only the other evening he attended a dinner by leftwing jewish group Jewdas who want to see Israel destroyed. This at a time when he is under the media spotlight for his own anti-semtism. Here is a typical tweet by the group:
Because the leader of the party is such a fan of groups who promote anti-Semitism, of late (virtually on a daily basis) Anti-Semites are been exposed within the ranks of the labour party. Here is one such example from today:

As this is the UK, the above is now demanding an apology for being outed or he will sue:

It isn't hard to see that the growth of anti-Semitism in the Uk has been fueled by the rise in the Islamic population, however anybody who dares mention that in public is instantly character assassinated as a ...racist. Ironically by the left of political centre who by their very ideology should have no time for a such a polarised religion such as Islam, but they do and they see supporting such bigots as not only trendy but the way in which to advance up the political ranks of power.