Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Germany: Jew openly whipped in public by Arabic screaming thug

(Berlin) Last night 2 Jewish men were walking down the street in Berlin when they were heckled with abuse by a group of Arabic men , when they asked the men to refrain from throwing abuse, one of them took off his belt and started whipping them in public.

21 year old Adam Armush, and a friend were walking down the street wearing kippas when they were sworn at by three unknown men, who assaulted them when they asked them to stop. The video, recorded on his mobile phone and published by Bild, shows a young man viciously beating him with a belt while shouting 'Yahudi' - 'Jew' in Arabic. Why are Europeans so scared to tackle Islamic intolerance be rape, murder or Anti-Semitism?  All we hear is how bad Muslims have it.