Saturday, April 28, 2018

Indonesia : Preacher proclaims those who go to Starbucks will go to Hell.

(Jakarta)  Popular Islamic preacher Abdul Somad who has something of a cult following on You Tube has pushed out his latest edict and as it concerns drinking coffee at a very popular chain of coffee shops the message is sugar free.

It appears that Abdul, was answering a question from the public regards drinking at Starbucks . And it appears he objects to the coffeeshop chain as they support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights and so as is the way of the religious bigot he has stated that those people who drink at Starbucks will go to hell:
“In the afterlife the angels will ask the LGBT community ‘How did your community grow so big?’  The LGBT community will respond, ‘Because of the donations given to us 'who gave you the donations?'  'Those who are in heaven.'" God will pull out those who are in heaven and throw them into hell for donating to Starbucks.
I dread to think what he has to say about one of Indonesia most famous exports : Civet cat coffee which is made by processing the berries the little civet cat has eaten than craps out.