Monday, April 9, 2018

Syria: Air-strikes hit Airbase, Syrians blame US, wrong Israel.

(Damascus)  So this morning somebody decided to strike the T4 airbase inside Syria.

The Russians and Syrians initially blamed the US, or maybe the French, but after both denied any involvement everybody looked at Israel.  Russia hit the headlines running with how a couple of Israel F15s had flown into Lebannon and fired 8 missiles of which 5 were shot down. (Funny enough they say that all the time now, personally I feel they say that just for show)  The remaining 3 struck and killed 14 people mainly Iranians. However something doesn't feel right to me and the publishing of the first pictures of the area post strikes shows very little damage:

Not only that but the weapon of choice for the IDF strikes is the Delilah which has a 30Kg warhead, which you wouldn't use on a reinforced aircraft bunker well especially from the side when the front is open.  I'm not one for conspiracy theories , but could either the Syrians or even Russians have invented an attack in which to confound the UN security meeting which was been held today regards a gas attack at the weekend which 85 people.. I'm not sure, but until we garner more information, this can be placed in the not known file.