Friday, April 6, 2018

US: Blacks complain about Police shooting 'innocent' man, NYPD release video which shows otherwise.

(New York)  On Wednesday The New York police department said it had received calls that a man was wielding a gun on investigating the area, they were confronted by  34 year old Saheed Vassell, who turned around and confronted the police in a shooting stance arms outstretched , he was shot dead Unfortunately for both parties, that gun was a small metal pipe.

In reponce hundreds of people marched through the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Crown Heights to protest against police for shooting an unarmed black man,they blocked the corner of Utica Avenue and Montgomery Street, where Vassell was shot, chanting: “no justice, no peace”. Vassell’s mother, Lorna Vassell, was among those to address the crowd.
“Saheed came from a good family, and they had no right to shoot him down the way they did, because Saheed is no gunman,they murdered my son and I want justice for him.”
 And then the Police did something different, they released a video of the events running up to the shooting. Kinds of explains why Saheed Vassell was shot dead, but as we have all come to accept, the protesters don't give a jot for the truth: