Saturday, March 31, 2018

Syria: ISIS thugs complain about their so called lack of human rights

(Qamishli) Two former British citizens who buggered off for a life of Sharia law with ISIS and then formed half of the group known as the Beatles, infamous for how they loved to publically behead people for show (27 known so far) have complained to the media about their lack of human rights.

Alexanda Kotey  and El Shafee Elsheikh 
Alexanda Kotey  and El Shafee Elsheikh have both complained about how the British Government stripped them of their British Citizenships when both immigrants to the Uk, decided to pack their bags and relocate to Syria in which to live in a pure Islamic state, this they (and the rest of them) took to with gusto by murdering their way across the land, and just to ensure that those folks they left behind knew what they were up to they filmed themselves beheading their victims.  In order to show some form of contrition for the cameras (And for the fact they are now under lock and key by the Kurds) they expressed some remorse for beheading so many people.

Kotey stated that the killing of western hostages in Syria was "regrettable" and could have been avoided, adding that many people within IS would have disagreed with the killings. there was "probably more benefit" in those captured being used as political prisoners. "I didn't see the benefit in executing them," he said, before blaming Western governments for failing to negotiate and noting that some hostages were released for ransoms. The pair also said that the removal of their citizenship by the British government was "illegal" and could expose them to "rendition and torture" - "being taken to any foreign land and treated in any way and having nobody to vouch for you,"

So why are these two playing the victimcard and demanding to be returned to the UK?  Because the duty rumour is the British Government is in talks with the US to send these two to Guantanamo bay , personally I'd take them both around the back with a loaded pistol and a shovel.