Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pakistan: Pregnant woman shot dead because she didn't dance when told to

(Larkana)  A 24-years old singer was shot dead while performing at a function on Tuesday near Larkana. Samina Sindhu who was seven month pregnant when she was shot after refusing to dance whilst on the stage.

The singer's husband, Ashiq Sammoo, stated that a man had pointed a gun at his wife and "threateningly ordered her to stand up, dance  and sing". Despite standing up, she stated she was pregnant and could not dance, So he shot her. He has been arrested in connection with the death. Tariq Jatoi (the arrested man) told journalists outside court that he had fired in the air in celebration and a bullet hit the singer by mistake. He was remanded in custody. However footage obtained by the media shows the women being hit thrice by bullets. which seeing as it on video, means that gun happy Tariq is going to have to get used to standing and dancing in the prison showers. (if Pakistani prisons have showers that is). Stupid stupid culture.