Saturday, April 7, 2018

Germany: Asylum seeker in court for assault states: "It wasn't my intention to hurt her,"

(Bad Schlema) In 2015 15 year old Syrian Abdullah arrived in Germany as an asylum seeker, he was placed in a group hostel. Wherehe soon caught the eye of the lady who ran that home 31 year old Beate G and within months he had moved in with her and her 2 girls (aged 11 and 15)

As the only male in the household he quickly asserted his authority making sure the women knew who was boss- and he enforced the claim by the use of physical violence. During the first half of 2017, the local prosecutor's office listed six assaults on Beate G. by Abdullah these were:

  • Because she has "looked at another man," he punched  her in the face and arms.
  • At a youth consecration party as she drank orange juice with sparkling wine – He gave her a good beating.
  • In another incident he punched her in the face and on the eye – resulting in bleeding in the left eyeball.
  • During a dispute, he kicked her several times, breaking the ring finger of her left hand.
  • Because he became upset over a letter from the grandmother to the children, he beat Beate  around the face.
  • Used a belt to beat her at least 15 times resulting in severe bruising
In court Abdullah R. explained that "It wasn't his intention to hurt her and that the finger which was broken  during an assault was just coincidence."

Beate G defended her much younger lover stating that "Everyone makes a mistake," She in turn has lost her job for shagging a youth and after a short break from woman beater Abdullah , she has opened her  heart, home and legs to the young man who likes to beat women again.

In fact the happy couple are looking at getting married. Due to such an happy ending showing that women beaters really can change, the court gave him a years’ probation.  Why do I feel that we will be hearing from these two again in the news.