Sunday, March 18, 2018

UK: Deported Afghan jailed for rape

(Coventry) 27 year old Afghan Masud Wakilki, decided he wanted a  new home, money in his pocket and the ability to play the race card in which to excuse his peccadilloes so he travelled to the Uk in 2007, however the Uk  authorities were having nothing to do with, so they deported his arse back to Afghanistan in 2010. Not one to give up on a chance on much better life funded by Western tax payers 9 months later he moved to Italy where he bided his time until last year to try and claim asylum , they checked his details and found he had claimed asylum first in the UK and so they deported him to a country which has deported him 7 year previous. As the British civil service are so fucking great nobody decided to check why somebody who first claimed asylum in the Uk was reclaiming in Italy and so Wakilki found himself back in the UK living off the British taxpayer.

Last September Wakili cane across a young woman who was drunk in Coventry city centre, offering her another drink, he took her to a stairwell of a nearby block of flats and raped her. Unfortunately for our Afghan rapist his 4 minutes of pleasure (time from when he  left the lift to the time he returned re-buttoning your trousers) was caught on video. He was arrested not long after and last week he was jailed for 8 years (meaning 4) and placed on the sex offenders list for life – but is expected to be deported when he has served his sentence. Get that expected, the civil servants in this country are pathetic and are unable to do the job they are paid to do. Which is how this poor girl was allowed to be raped in the first place.