Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Germany:Interior minister: Hatred against Germans is increasing in Berlin.

(Berlin) Andreas Geisel, Berlin’s interior minister, said on Wednesday that hatred towards Germans was on the rise in the capital, but cautioned that it was still far from the norm. The interior minister was responding to a long report published by Tagesspiegel on Tuesday which asked whether Berlin was becoming “a place of fear.” The newspaper reported on the individual experiences of various Berliners who had contacted the newspaper to argue that the city was becoming a place of “increased aggression and an intensified feeling of fear towards Berliners, that reported the following:

  • The story of a 18-year-old woman , who whilst sunbathing in a bikini was accosted by four Arab-born young men. They insulted her loudly as a "slut", and then berated her on how could she walk around like that.
  • Then there was the 60-year-old woman walking with her husband in a park and who was approached and asked by a young Arab man, if she would like to have sex with him in the bushes.
  • And it’s not just Non Muslims who are the target of this imported intolerance , a Arabic-speaking man whilst walking with his niece , was regaled to a flood of suggestive and obscene remarks behind him. Why? His niece wasn't wearing a headscarf.
  • And it’s not just women who are targeted, 70 year old Ernst Krüger, the sexton of the Kaiser Friedrich Memorial Church a man of the church, with tears in his eyes stated that he was asked in front of his church by a young Arab, whether he wanted to go into the bushes, "for sex".
And this polarization of the masses is also been witnessed by the very young. At a local school the headmistress relates:
 "We are on the way to the Middle Ages, I have seven-year-old schoolgirls who are wearing head-scarves."
We recently had a case where an Arabian father yelled at an eleven-year-old student:
 "I come to you and make you and your father dead."
Then we had the Arab father, who showed up in a day care centre with his son, saw the children playing and told the kindergarten director: "It is clear that my son does not play with girls."

We pay too little attention to many of the parents. Education to them does not matter, the only thing that does is religion .