Wednesday, March 28, 2018

China: Satellite photo shows 40+ Navy ships escorting Carrier

(Hainan)  The Chinese Navy is currently exercising in the disputed South China Sea (Beijing claims it all for itself) and a satellite photo appears to have been leaked to the media which allows the Chinese Dragon to strut its stuff:

The above picture shows the Chinese Aircraft carrier Liaoning (Just off the centre to the right) being escorted by at least 40 Ships and submarines. 

With one aircraft carrier in service, with another currently being fitted out and another getting built, it appears that China is sending the message early to the neighbours not to mess. Strangely enough this coincides with how a lot of Chinese films over the past few years have centred on patriotism, where the bad guys are always non-Chinese. If this was Western Cinema, the liberals would be playing the xenophobe card.  So whilst the Chinese arms itself to the teeth and brainwashes its people that they are the best, the do-gooders complain about the US, UK and Israel. Funny that.